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Example sentences for "fainter"

Lexicographically close words:
faineant; fained; faining; faint; fainted; faintest; fainteth; fainthearted; fainting; faintings
  1. I have also recorded a prssp like that of the black-poll warbler but fainter and sometimes doubled.

  2. Another note is a fainter tseet tseet, usually doubled and pitched on F-sharp'''.

  3. Late when the sumach's red was dulled and worn, And fainter grew the trite and troublous word Of tristful cricket, that replaced the bird, I sought the slope, and found a waste forlorn.

  4. But his own strong pulse the fainter fell, Like the failing tongue of a hushing bell.

  5. Fainter and less full it grew to human ears, as one voice after another was silenced.

  6. Fainter and fainter grew the sounds; only strengthened for a minute when the higher notes of the chorus supervened.

  7. But as the months passed on, her image grew fainter in his memory, and now, at seven years old, he scarcely remembered her except by name, Ermine having spoken of her to him on several occasions.

  8. And he disappeared hurriedly into the darkening forest, his anxious, whistling call growing fainter and fainter as he was lost in its depths.

  9. The watchers in the cabin by the beach heard the sound of his voice growing ever fainter and fainter, until at last it was swallowed up by the myriad noises of the primeval wood.

  10. They hurried him along, the sounds of battle growing fainter and fainter as they drew away from the contestants until there suddenly broke upon D'Arnot's vision a good-sized clearing at one end of which stood a thatched and palisaded village.

  11. And from the stars none of the planetary orbs of our system are visible at all; nothing but the sun is visible, and that merely as a twinkling star, brighter than some, but fainter than many others.

  12. It is so far off, so obscure, fainter than a dying echo; only the memory of Bernoline is vivid and acute with the power to pain.

  13. During a short time they heard the sound of footsteps, as of some one in pursuit, and then the noise grew fainter and fainter until it finally died away.

  14. The bellowing echoes die away in a fainter and yet fainter cadence.

  15. As the hoofs of the mule sounded fainter and fainter in the distance, Paulus also quitted the senator's courtyard; Dorothea pointed after him as he walked towards the mountain.

  16. Fainter and fainter grew the incident; it seemed to have its right proportions.

  17. Fainter and fainter grew the accents of the fierce, fanatical preacher; his excitement forsook him as the danger became more and more imminent.

  18. And as the Lights ruled by Raven shine stronger, the fog grows fainter and still lighter, until breaks the Day when all mist vanishes and Raven's Creation is seen forever beautiful and perfect.

  19. Should the storm be two or three days off, the ring is wider and you will find fainter shadows inside the main circle,--one for each day.

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