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  1. But its almost illimitable particular capabilities remained unshown, or shown only in Fielding's half extraneous divagations, and in earlier things like the work of Swift.

  2. As regards the speed and capacity of the 'Victoria and Albert,' her capabilities for long cruises were tested in 1850.

  3. What Cicero did for Latin prose, in revealing the fertility of its resources, in giving to it more ample volume, and eliciting its capabilities of sonorous rhythmical movement, Lucretius aspires to do for Latin verse.

  4. Within their capabilities the Japanese had made their plans and readied their forces, as the American convoy steamed towards Leyte to do battle.

  5. The unit commanders to whom they were attached knew little of their capabilities or limitations.

  6. Of his capabilities as a husband you must decide for yourself.

  7. Of his capabilities as the boss of Frenton's, other people have already decided.

  8. Of his capabilities as a husband you must decide for yourself: of his capabilities as the boss of Frenton's, other people have already decided, as possibly you may have noticed this morning.

  9. But of the immense value to himself of these years of hard training, the discipline, the knowledge of men and of the capabilities of life, even without more than the barest necessities of existence--of this he often spoke.

  10. I speak of it as relative to the habits and capabilities of the people.

  11. From secret sources he received information of the capabilities and prospects of Joseph Mutimer's children, and the items of his will were regulated accordingly.

  12. A man fails when he does not utilize his capabilities to their limit," said Billy, philosophically.

  13. His capabilities may be small or great; if he but use them all, he is a success.

  14. The correct strategy to employ in every case should be consistent with the size of the laboratory and with the capabilities of its staff.

  15. Medium-Sized Computers The capabilities of medium-sized computers are less clear.

  16. By dividing his work up among a group of logical users, a person may take advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of the system in a natural way.

  17. The capabilities of these units must not be overlooked.

  18. There is a tendency not to recognize the full capabilities of modern medium-sized and small computers, which, given intelligent programming, are very powerful.

  19. Egypt is the land whose peculiar capabilities have thus attracted the desires of conquest, and with whom the world's earliest history is intimately connected.

  20. They have bestowed on us an alphabet as practically effective, and as suited to the capabilities of human vision, as any that could have been devised.

  21. Drawing lines in colour overhead upon a ceiling is even more difficult, and is beyond the capabilities of most amateurs.

  22. He was the editor of a theatrical journal and was cordially recommended to me by Belloni, as much for his excellent French as for his exceptional capabilities in other respects.

  23. As to my choice of a translator for the poem of this opera he seemed to entertain grave doubts: he asked whether I had not made a mistake, whereupon I tried to get more definite information about the capabilities of M.

  24. Further, all patients arriving at the hospital will be decontaminated and receive full treatment within the capabilities of the hospital.

  25. Removal of radioactivity absorbed into metals or mixed in lubricants and fuels is beyond the capabilities of unit personnel.

  26. Actions After a Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical Attack All personnel must survey their equipment to determine the extent of damage and their capabilities to continue the mission.

  27. To provide capabilities for others to collect samples/specimens (in the event that they do not have these items otherwise available).

  28. The military capabilities of CIS like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, and Belarus remain formidable.

  29. To maximize the unit's survivability and HSS capabilities and to avoid such contamination, leaders must use-- · Contamination avoidance techniques.

  30. A mass casualty situation is presented when the number of casualties exceeds the capabilities of medical personnel at the location to provide needed care at the incident site.

  31. The capabilities include strategic nuclear and impressive conventional, biological, and chemical warfighting capabilities.

  32. If the samples/specimens cannot be delivered to the CONUS laboratory within this time, then they should be flash frozen to -165°C, if capabilities are available.

  33. Analysis beyond intratheater capabilities will be coordinated by the supporting laboratory, when deployed, or through medical channels in the absence of an in-theater supporting laboratory.

  34. For detailed information on capabilities and functions of TOE HSS units see FM 4-02- and 8-series publications.

  35. For the actual expression of his design he took advantage of the qualities of his material, its capabilities to combine thus and so; these inherent qualities were his medium.

  36. To the shaping of his work he must bring to bear all his conscious power of selection and organization and all his knowledge of the capabilities and resources of his means.

  37. Architecture uses as its language the structural capabilities of its material, as wood or stone, bringing all together into coherent and serviceable form.

  38. The way in which he handled his vehicle toward the construction of the hut, availing himself of the qualities and capabilities of his material, might be called his technique.

  39. Port Essington, it is not uninteresting to learn that Cape York presents many natural capabilities for a settlement.

  40. He well understood the advantages of a judicious division of labour, according to the several capabilities of artisans.

  41. First, feasibility of the requisite technical capabilities needs to be established.

  42. This may not even be the right type of capabilities one might want.

  43. Among the best all-weather capabilities of any type of sensor, the role for and capabilities of radar have steadily increased since the Second World War.

  44. Closer interagency cooperations and coordination between military and law enforcement activities and capabilities must be established.

  45. Joint force commanders today benefit from the wide array of capabilities available to the joint warfighting team.

  46. This inertia can freeze our land, sea, air, and space capabilities at current or near current levels, but may prove inadequate to carry out new strategies.

  47. Rapid Dominance must have capabilities that can be applied swiftly and relatively faster than an adversary's.

  48. Closer interagency cooperation and coordination between military and law enforcement activities and capabilities must be established.

  49. Rapid Dominance expands the art of joint combined arms war fighting capabilities to a new level.

  50. In other words, where decisive force is likely to be most relevant is against conventional military capabilities that can be overwhelmed by American (and allied) military superiority.

  51. If added space capabilities had been needed, there was almost no capability for the timely launch of a satellite.

  52. Cycle time to field new generation capabilities is lengthening and performance, especially in computer and information systems, is often obsolete on delivery.

  53. Four general categories of core characteristics and capabilities have been identified that Rapid Dominance-configured mission capability packages must embrace.

  54. Orsino did not imagine that he had exhausted the world's capabilities of happiness.

  55. There is an enormous business before you, with considerable capabilities in it.

  56. His prospecting had indicated that in the course of the half hour he had planned to take up with a presentation of his capabilities this executive would be interrupted often by telephone calls and the entrance of subordinates.

  57. You can work out pretty well the practical knowledge of psychology you must have in order to sell ideas about your capabilities most effectively.

  58. In order to succeed, you must not only be qualified for some particular service work, but you also need chances to demonstrate your capabilities and preparedness for effective service.

  59. Sidenote: Ordinary Way Of Getting Job] But when the unskilled salesman of his own capabilities seeks a situation, he usually neglects to make careful, detailed plans to reach his prospect in the most effective way.

  60. There is something about yourself or your capabilities that you can put into headlines.

  61. If you have brought your best capabilities for sale to a prospective employer, you need to know whether or not he is getting clearly all the ideas you present.

  62. From the very beginning of his career, Ty Cobb has used masterly salesmanship to get across to the world true ideas of his best capabilities in his chosen field.

  63. Complete success in life is not assured when the original sale of one's best capabilities is closed successfully.

  64. Therefore prospect your fields of opportunity to learn what capabilities are principally needed.

  65. Before calling, he would do some prospecting to discover just what capabilities were needed to fill the position advertised.

  66. This successful salesman of true ideas of his best capabilities is now a vice-president of the great financial institution.

  67. Remember that your capabilities and your deficiencies are on trial.

  68. It is not easy to gain the initial chance to present your capabilities to the one man with whom you have chosen to be associated.

  69. Notwithstanding the eminent capabilities of steam when applied to coast navigation, or to the fluvial navigation of the interior, it has failed to make the same triumphs in the carriage of freights and passengers upon the ocean.

  70. The peaceful influences and the civilization of the times are but another comment on the capabilities of steam.

  71. And this species of trade constitutes one of the best capabilities of steam power applied to navigation.

  72. I wish I could begin to learn something of the capabilities of these people.

  73. I've been developing my capabilities a little.

  74. As a schoolgirl she was somewhat tom-boyish and a recognised leader in the mild forms of mischief open to the limited capabilities of young ladies' academies.

  75. Reg had studied mineralogy thoroughly and was able to give a pretty accurate forecast of the capabilities of a mine, and he was often sent to report.

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