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Example sentences for "heroine"

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heroicall; heroically; heroick; heroics; heroin; heroines; heroism; heroisms; heron; heronry
  1. The Duchesse de Lan- geais is a somewhat transparent fiction; but the castle from which Balzac borrowed the title of his heroine is an extremely solid fact.

  2. In this manner did our lovely heroine pass a day of hitherto untasted bliss.

  3. Our heroine looked as directed, and saw a vessel moving with tolerable rapidity up the river, within a short distance from them.

  4. In short, all her excellences were so evident that nothing was left dependent on innate evidence; and our heroine seldom dwelt with pleasure on any character that did not give a scope to her imagination.

  5. Although these were not the terms that our heroine would have used herself in speaking of this personage, yet she thought they plainly indicated his superiority, and she waited in feverish suspense to hear more.

  6. It did not strike our heroine as being so picturesque as it had her friend; still it had novelty, and that lent it many charms it might have wanted on a more intimate acquaintance.

  7. The figure of Charles was light, and by no means without grace; yet it did not strike the fancy of our heroine as so fit to shield and support her through life, as the more robust person of his companion.

  8. If any thing had been wanting either to convince Julia of the truth of her conjecture, or to secure the conquest of Antonio, our heroine felt that this short ride had abundantly supplied it.

  9. As soon as the question was determined in favour of going, Miss Emmerson and Katherine withdrew, leaving Charles alone with the heroine of our tale.

  10. In the mean time Katherine Emmerson paid her promised visit to her friends, and our heroine was in some degree drawn from her musings on love and friendship.

  11. Thus old Anthon's thoughts wandered to the heroine in history whom he had always so much admired, until her image seemed to stand before his dimming sight, close to his humble pallet in the poor wooden hut in a foreign land.

  12. Clara Novello (Contessa Gigliucci) was one of many women in whom the heroine of the Crimea inspired a passionate admiration, and she begged to be allowed to come and sing to the invalid.

  13. She took measures to let her schemes be made known in England, and the popularity of the heroine led to a speedy and generous response from all classes--from the Royal Family to the humblest printer's boy.

  14. Letters from soldiers in the Crimea had made her known in thousands of humble homes, and she became the heroine of the cottage, the workshop, and the alleys.

  15. Nor was it only the general tone of the book that was suggestive of the heroine of the Crimean War.

  16. They said that "A group of adoring-eyed young men stood about the doorway as the flushed heroine of the afternoon made her brusque entrance.

  17. There was the haughty and triumphant heroine in her studio.

  18. There is a little cluster of islands between Alnwick and Berwick called the Farne islands, on one of which was situated the lighthouse where the heroine Grace Darling spent her dreary days.

  19. I shall show, indeed, how much of its present condition that Fashion owes to the Heroine of these Memoirs.

  20. An amazingly vivid picture of low class life in a New York college town, with a heroine beautiful and noble, who makes a great sacrifice for love.

  21. Katrine, the heroine of this story, is a lovely Irish girl, of lowly birth, but gifted with a beautiful voice.

  22. It introduces the heroine in New York as a little girl of eight, but soon passes over six years and finds her at a select family boarding school in Connecticut.

  23. If I ever write a book I shall make my heroine just that sort of person.

  24. I understand one of those girls played the heroine and stopped the car," said the automobile owner.

  25. But the Lockwood twins looked at each other quickly and that understanding glance made the girl who had played the heroine say: "It doesn't matter which one of us did it, Jess.

  26. But such was the buzz and excitement over her material future, such a fever was worked up round about her that Alvina, the petty-propertied heroine of the moment, was quite carried away in a storm of schemes and benevolent suggestions.

  27. Presumably, the ordinary old-maid heroine nowadays is destined to die in her fifties, she is not allowed to be the long-liver of the by-gone novels.

  28. To read about the struggles with poverty of the irresistible young heroine might be amusing, but I had no special use for them as a personal experience.

  29. The heroine in the novel was the young wife of twenty-seven who had been married five years.

  30. The novelist, who describes her beauty, says that his heroine is a fairy, and HAS NO HEART.

  31. This dear creature is the heroine of the play of "Caligula.

  32. There appears, however, something too nice and fastidious in the critical rule, which exacts that the hero and heroine of the drama shall be models of virtuous perfection.

  33. The simple lives of the peasants, their fine characters and racial traits give a characteristic charm to the story, and the delightful girl heroine will endear herself to young and old readers.

  34. Besides, for a heroine wishing to hide herself, the asylum you offer has nothing mysterious, it is merely a Thebais of a prefecture; and there I am afraid of compromising you.

  35. I am very much amused at hearing her relate my own story without imagining she is talking to the heroine of that singular romance.

  36. The pretty tale has for its heroine a little French girl brought up in an old château in Normandy by an aunt who is a recluse and dévote.

  37. Israelite heroine in the Bible through whose encouragement the Hebrews defeated the Canaanites under Sisera.

  38. The heroine is required to be equally impressible, and the first tender glance from the hero's eye reaches her heart.

  39. The Sanskrit drama is a mixed composition in which joy is mingled with sorrow, in which the jester usually plays a prominent part, while the hero and heroine are often in the depths of despair.

  40. The duchess perceived that he was asking for an introduction to the heroine of the night, and graciously said that perhaps that very prima donna would make amends, to him for his absence on the occasion.

  41. From Cles he despatched a letter to the fair chatelaine at Meran, telling her that by dainty and skilful management of the paces, he was bringing on the intractable heroine of the Fifteenth, and was to be expected in about two or three days.

  42. The Icelandic heroine has nothing shadowy about her.

  43. This heroine exclaims in reference to her father, "He is an old devil, why do you not kill him?

  44. By an easy confusion with Chryses and Chryseis--half set right afterwards in the change from Briseida to Griseida in Boccaccio and Creseide in Chaucer--he made his heroine the daughter of Calchas.

  45. Mrs. Hartland would call me a heroine of romance, and I should be derided, ridiculed, insulted.

  46. The arrival of this lady, who deserves to be the heroine of a chapter, as she was soon destined to be head of a house, at once furnished a subject to animate the genius of our fair undertaker.

  47. The heroine goes through all sorts of tribulations for love's sake, and the hero finally renounces everything for her sake; but that is only in books.

  48. Even in farces, the hero and heroine are seldom made ridiculous, because that would jar upon the sympathy with which we are expected to regard them.

  49. Miss Jocelyn, in keeping up so bravely through scenes and experiences that were perfectly horrible to her, is the heroine of the piece.

  50. Since the children are quiet here," continued Belle, "I'll go back to the house and finish a story in which the hero and heroine are sentimental geese and blind as bats.

  51. I may be a working-woman the rest of my days; so, for Heaven's sake, do not make a heroine out of me.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "heroine" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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