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Example sentences for "demigod"

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  1. And this demigod or monster, as he was alternately named by his admirers and enemies, could be the most impassioned of lovers.

  2. Napoleon was called the latter by Taine after he had been saluted as demigod by his idolatrous contemporaries.

  3. The idea that any mortal should dare to raise a hand on such a demigod did not enter his head.

  4. That Lygian was in their eyes then a demigod worthy of honor and statues.

  5. The French heard these stories with amazement, for they could not understand how this musical demigod could be the same as he who was little better than a witty buffoon.

  6. The eloquence with which these theories were propounded carried the French people by storm, and Rousseau was a demigod at whose shrine worshipped alike duchess and peasant.

  7. Said the demigod of the electrical world, condescendingly: "All this telephone business is done on a mere few hundred horse-power.

  8. Descended from Kusha, the eldest son of the Hindu demigod Rama, this tribe appears to have been once extensive and powerful, traces of them being still found in regions as far distant from each other as; Gwalior and the Northern Doab.

  9. At length arrived the Dasahra, the anniversary of the attack of Lanka by the demigod Ram, a proverbial and almost sacred day of omen for the commencement of Hindu military expeditions.

  10. The one point on which Hotspur is inferior to the Greek demigod is that of free naturalness.

  11. This the demigod effected so successfully as never again to be shaken from her position.

  12. Legends of Maui, a demigod of Polynesia, and his mother Hina.

  13. He may be a demigod of supernatural power, half human, half divine.

  14. Little Shikara, son of Khoda Dunnoo, was waiting for the return of a certain idol and demigod who was even now riding home in his howdah from the tiger hunt.

  15. How inform a bilious, middle-aged prophet of evil that she had not only wedded prosperity and industry but also a glorious young demigod whose tenderness and goodness passed belief?

  16. The introduction of writing into Greece is ascribed by the Greeks to the mythical hero or demigod Cadmus.

  17. The Washington described is not that of the demigod or hero of the first half of this century, but the man Washington, with his defects as well as his virtues, his unattractive traits as well as his pleasing ones.

  18. The march of Columbus through Spain to meet Isabella at Sante Fe, was such as had a demigod appeared on earth.

  19. Bancroft, says, that according to Indian paintings or traditions, the Messiah or Demigod of Pueblo tradition had red or yellow hair.

  20. In his old age, in or about the year 1153, this supposed demigod had a child born to him.

  21. He is "the demigod of their earliest traditions, watching over them from Heaven and waiting to come again to bring to them victory and a period of millenial glory and happiness" (n.

  22. It was a revenge well worthy the eccentric who could rule or ruin half of Europe by a single convolution of his demigod brain; or could screech in impotent fury at a valet for getting the wrong part in his thin hair.

  23. Damn it, demigod or prince, I liked Regis.

  24. The great mythical hero of Polynesia is Maui, a demigod or man of marvellous powers, who lived in the early ages of the world, and whose mighty deeds are the theme of tales of wonder told far and wide among the islands of the Pacific.

  25. Maui is the great hero of Polynesia, known in nearly every group of islands, generally regarded as a demigod or deified man, but sometimes and in some places rising to the dignity of full godhead.

  26. Like a demigod here sit I in the sky.

  27. A kind of demigod attendant on Kuvera, the god of wealth.

  28. Once more Isabel Gilbert floated away upon the wings of sentiment and fancy, into that unreal region where the young squire of Mordred reigned supreme, beautiful as a prince in a fairy tale, grand as a demigod in some classic legend.

  29. The population around this Banyan for many miles being prostrated by diseases, the demigod Mangara and Pattini (goddess of chastity) admonished the villagers to sacrifice a cow regularly, and thus they were all resuscitated.

  30. He is said to have been the twin of the demigod Mangara by a queen on the Coromandel coast.

  31. The demigod is man's appeal from the gods.

  32. But I have no doubt that he thinks this man whom he reckons a demigod worthy of greater respect not only than the heroes, but also than the gods themselves.

  33. In which a god or demigod is torn to pieces and the parts widely scattered and afterward collected.

  34. Savior: "It is doubtful whether there is to be found in the whole range of Greek letters deeper pathos than that of the divine woe of the beneficent demigod Prometheus, crucified on his Scythian crags for his love to mortals.

  35. They seemed out of place in the harsh and every-day earth; they belonged of right to the Saturnian age, and the dreams of demigod and nymph.

  36. In the moment of his vengeance and his power, the self-prized demigod was humbled to his real clay.

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