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  1. Our modern Heroines might think a Husband a very bitter Draught, and would have good Reason to complain, if they might not accept of a second Partner, till they had taken such a troublesome Method of losing the Memory of the first.

  2. She who shall lead this small illustrious Number of Heroines shall be the amiable Fidelia.

  3. The Queens and Heroines are so Painted, that they appear as Ruddy and Cherry-cheek'd as Milk-maids.

  4. He was a good actor, spoilt by intemperance, who came on the stage sometimes warm with Nantz brandy, and courted his heroines so furiously that Sir John Vanbrugh said they were almost in danger of being conquered on the spot.

  5. Queens and Heroines preserve their Rank in private Conversation, while those who are Waiting-Women and Maids of Honour upon the Stage, keep their Distance also behind the Scenes.

  6. We call now for the heroes and heroines of actual work.

  7. There are living critics who have all Mr. George Meredith's heroines and heroes and oddities at their finger ends, and yet forget that musical name, like the close of a rich hexameter, Clare Doria Forey.

  8. They may please and charm for their hour, but they have not the immortality of the first heroines of all--of Helen, or of that Alcmena who makes even comedy grave when she enters, and even Plautus chivalrous.

  9. For a more serious and life-long affection there are few heroines so satisfactory as Sophia Western and Amelia Booth (nee Harris).

  10. All heroes and the heroines are usually too august, and also too young, to be friendly with us; to be handled humorously by their creators.

  11. Heroes of the house, heroines of the house, stared or smiled from their canvases on the mortal shadows that flitted through the great place till it should be their turn to swell the company of the elect in frames of gold.

  12. Playing at heroine behind bombarded walls was all very well, but greeting of timely gentry who had set heroines free was infinitely better.

  13. This is rather a hard time for the Greys, but we've read lots of storybooks, and we know when the lovely heroines are in mortal danger there's certain rescue on the next page.

  14. Her characters are apt either to want colour, like the heroines of Evelina and Cecilia, or to be so exaggerated, like Mr. Briggs and Miss Larolles, as to approach the grotesque.

  15. Heroes and heroines are theatrical figures; their pathos rings false, their love, though described as passionate, does not spring from the inner recesses of the soul.

  16. See Sheepmeadow's "Heroines and their Diseases.

  17. This charming sentiment, recommended as much by sense as novelty, gave Catherine a most pleasing remembrance of all the heroines of her acquaintance; and she thought her friend never looked more lovely than in uttering the grand idea.

  18. She died in 1910, one of the great figures among the heroines of history.

  19. They identify themselves with the heroes and heroines on the screen?

  20. Surely enough books have been written about heroines in similar circumstances.

  21. But such women are not the heroines of novels.

  22. Taking this private mishap as her basis, she puts into each of her heroines something of herself.

  23. One of Meilhac's heroines says to a man, who declares that he is going to drown himself for her sake, "Oh yes, that is all very fine.

  24. Of all Shakespeare's heroines she knew least of joy.

  25. As I have already remarked in speaking of Desdemona, it was a demand which other heroines of Shakespeare could have met.

  26. They desired the heroes and heroines of literature and drama to be like the creatures and excitements of the soap-bubble worlds bursting conveniently about their hard heads.

  27. Adelaide herself is so feeble a personage, in nothing superior to the heroines of the Leadenhall Street romances of the time, that she fails to win or to exact sympathy.

  28. In the classical heroines of the dull old classical tragedies of the last century, she was wonderfully effective, and her Medea was so peculiarly her own, that Mrs. Siddons herself never disturbed the public memory of it by acting the part.

  29. Heroes and Heroines of the Scottish Covenanters.

  30. Author of "Heroes and Heroines of the Scottish Covenanters.

  31. Many of them were the heroines of her various stories, and few heroines are more charming than some of Miss Edgeworth's.

  32. The authoresses of heroines are often more interesting than the heroines themselves, and Amelia Opie was certainly no exception to this somewhat general statement.

  33. There is certainly a wide difference between Miss Austen's heroines and, let us say, a Maggie Tulliver.

  34. The old rule was for heroes and heroines to fall suddenly and irretrievably in love.

  35. It is not always the exaggerating pen of the author that creates heroes and heroines out of our prosy humanity, and it is an undeniable and stable fact that truth is far stranger than fiction.

  36. Florrie and Carrie Grant were the slighted heroines who had just gone out.

  37. The self-degrading creatures who delineate their fictional heroines as wallowing in unchastity, and who write freely on subjects which men would hesitate to name, are unnatural hybrids of no-sex.

  38. Homer wholly abstains from Attic myths, except for the mention of their heroines in a dubious passage of the eleventh book of the Odyssey.

  39. To explore the relations of Homer and of "saga" to Maerchen, or popular tales, attached to real or fabulous heroes and heroines of the past, would require a volume.

  40. Theseus, and some lines on Attic heroines in Odyssey, xi.

  41. But some of the heroes and heroines write whenever they have occasion.

  42. Attic life, Ionian life, could not produce such women; and Aeschylus and Sophocles fall back on memories of heroines who are not Ionian and are not Attic, in the great majority of cases.

  43. Minos is named as father of Ariadne, whose tale is alluded to in a puzzling way: the other heroines of the passage are Attic, Phaedra (wife of Theseus) and Procris.

  44. She repeated her declaration that she recognised the fallacy of her mother's view of heroines impossibly virtuous and of the importance of her looking out for such tremendously proper people.

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