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  1. Great black muscovy ducks spattered up from amber pools, and tri-colored herons stood like detached shadows of birds, mere cardboard figures, so attenuated that they appeared to exist in only two planes of space.

  2. In brief intervals of less heavy rain we watched passing herons and hawks, while giant anis bubbled and grunted in surprise at our procession.

  3. But still the whole scene was peaceful; and as the sun grew warmer, young herons and egrets crawled out of their nests on the island a few yards away and preened their scanty plumage.

  4. At the height of the evening's flight there were sometimes fifty herons in sight at once, beating steadily onward until almost overhead, when they put on brakes and dropped.

  5. It seemed as if these tiny islands were magnets drawing all the herons in the world.

  6. And so, initiated by such precedent, I have found it a worthy thing to spend hours in decrepit cabs loitering along side roads in the Botanical Gardens, watching herons and crocodiles, lilies and manatees, from the rusty leather seats.

  7. It was the future to which both the baby herons and I were looking, and for them realization came quickly.

  8. In the evening, great bats as large as small herons swept down the long front gallery where we worked, gleaning as they went; but the vampires were long in coming, and for months we neither saw nor heard of one.

  9. With eyes enlarged to gather together the scanty rays of light, the night herons were slipping away in the path of the vampires--both nocturnal, but unlike in all other ways.

  10. When the height of homing flight of the host of herons had passed, I noticed a new element of restlessness, and here and there among the foliage appeared dull-brown figures.

  11. There occurred the comic explanation of white herons who had crept deep among the branches, again emerging in house coat of drab!

  12. Compared with these, perching herons are right and seemly fruit.

  13. Going back to my chair, I found that neither jacana, nor gallinules, nor herons had been disturbed by my shot.

  14. The Herons haven't been married many years," Roger went on.

  15. He'd been out while the Herons thought he was dressing to dine with them.

  16. There was one thing the Comrades hadn't calculated upon," she said, "and that was that the Herons would be at Albuquerque.

  17. It's the Herons I'm thinking of now," Clo confessed.

  18. The Herons might be tempted to treat with her.

  19. When the plan was made the Herons were at Los Angeles, and expecting to stay there.

  20. The invitation had been sent to the Herons by Roger's firmly expressed wish, but Beverley had not dreamed that it would be accepted.

  21. Old nests of hawks, crows, and herons are frequently appropriated.

  22. The herons and kingfishers were here as well, but not so many of them as on the Danube.

  23. If birds' faces can give any expression of their opinions, it is certain that one of these herons was saying then to the others "Did you ever?

  24. Still it was tempting to go under shady groves when I tried to surprise a flock of herons or a family of wild ducks.

  25. Purple Herons rose at almost every step we took, and each cactus supported the nest of a White Ibis.

  26. I suspect that the herons in winter time that come to the ponds do so for the fish which lie at the bottom on the mud packed close together, that is, when the water is not deep.

  27. It is said that when ice protects the fish herons eat the frogs in the water-meadows; but they can scarcely find many, for though I have been over the water-meadows day after day for snipe, I seldom saw a frog about them here.

  28. It also happens that just before the summer begins the mere is usually at its greatest height; the water is deep almost everywhere, and there are fewer places where the herons could fish with success.

  29. The herons are at the same time the largest and most regular visitors to the mere out of which the brook flows.

  30. In severe winter weather, when the lake is frozen, herons evidently suffer much.

  31. I have seen as many as eight herons standing together in a row on one such narrow sandbank in the daytime, in regular order like soldiers: there were six more on adjacent islands.

  32. The moorhens cannot get at the water; neither can the herons or kingfishers.

  33. At night he heard their loud laughter, and the creaking cries of the herons flying past.

  34. The herons this day (according to their custom as Sophy tells me) sat all in a row in the horse park in solemn deliberation upon their own affairs: the opening of their budget I suppose.

  35. The herons sail about and multiply, the rookery is banished, the reign of tulips now almost o'er, and peonies of many bells are taking their place.

  36. There were four herons standing in a row on one sand-bank, they rose and made off at their approach; Bevis said he must have a heron's plume.

  37. Herons and kingfishers have had them of course.

  38. Several times Bevis fired at herons as they came over.

  39. And those birds, bhringarajas, and upachakras, and herons are pouring forth their notes charming to all creatures.

  40. The same is probably true with respect to the herons of Colombia, the Culebrero and Guacabo, which eagerly search after young snakes for food.

  41. I now find to my surprise that herons do feed sometimes on [illegible] fruit; and grebes on seeds of Compositae.

  42. I especially want to know how this is in the case of birds like herons and waders, which stalk in the mud.

  43. It seems rather hard to kill herons, but anybody who has tried to preserve trout will agree that herons are the greatest enemies with which the trout-fisher has to contend.

  44. The blue herons were winging out to the river, and the doves were weaving spells round and round the dormer-windowed cottage on the hill.

  45. Most of the blue herons flew high or curved widely past Gadabout--long necks stretched straight before, long legs stretched straight behind.

  46. They could now see long, soldier-like lines of herons stretched out along the reedy swales, standing still and solemn, like pickets on duty.

  47. Here for years, almost ages, different species of herons had built their nests in perfect safety.

  48. The moping herons are no longer stupid; the blinking owls are all activity.

  49. Then a line of cranes and herons passed over the island.

  50. Herons of all colors and sizes waded about, or slept on one leg.

  51. The cranes and herons softly swished the air, the teal and canvasbacks whirred by, and the great Muscovies whizzed like bullets.

  52. The farther down the river the boys traveled the more numerous were the herons and cranes and ducks.

  53. White cranes and blue herons stood like statues upon the reedy bars.

  54. In Mr. Waterton's grounds, near Walton, I have watched the Herons feeding in close proximity to each other.

  55. The papyrus runs from ten to fifteen or sixteen feet in height, so that the Herons are at no loss for suitable spots whereon to place their nests.

  56. Darwin deemed it a mucilage voided by herons after they have eaten frogs, and Pennant attributed it to gulls.

  57. Twenty-seven years ago I saw them there, but I have met people who declare there never was a time known when Night Herons did not frequent this spot.

  58. The Storks fly with outstretched neck, whilst all of the great family of Herons fly with their neck doubled up and the head rather tucked back towards the shoulders.

  59. They show less disposition to leave the estate than the herons in the park.

  60. In the evening and early morning a few wild ducks accompany the herons as low as the reach above Hammersmith Bridge, and single ducks have been seen even at midday flying overhead.

  61. Vincent tells me that in 1902 the herons were heard as far down the river as Chelsea.

  62. A pair of snowy herons flapped tamely about among the pines.

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