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Example sentences for "antagonise"

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answeryd; ant; anta; antacid; antae; antagonism; antagonisms; antagonist; antagonistic; antagonistical
  1. There was another power that Canute could not afford to antagonise or even ignore: no mediaeval monarch could long flourish if he overlooked the needs of the Church.

  2. Of the character of his government we have no information; but the good-natured, easy-going son of Earl Eric was not a man to antagonise the Norwegian aristocracy.

  3. On the other hand, there is reason to believe that the products of certain organisms antagonise one another--for example, an attack of erysipelas may effect the cure of a patch of tuberculous lupus.

  4. But had Barral's desire been to antagonise all the daughters of Raymond Berenger he could not better have succeeded, and when the Archbishop took his seat a glance at the face of Queen Eleanor told des Baux that he had lost the prize.

  5. It might strike a wiser man in your situation that it would be worth while not to antagonise a friend who has come to serve you.

  6. She knew that this attitude, as well as her statuesque appearance, would antagonise the men reporters but enchant her loyal friends, the women.

  7. Whatever the faults of the deceased, they were not of a nature to antagonise permanently the erring members of his own sex.

  8. Practical considerations do not count with him when they antagonise his ideals.

  9. On the contrary, he does them scanter justice than even the capitalist, who, however he may antagonise them, at least pays them the sincere compliment of fearing them.

  10. Livingston might drive him into a fierce retort, and that he would antagonise the convention if he did not also weary it.

  11. They could rely with certainty upon his support to antagonise Clinton, but he declined to join a party whose character and principles did not promise such companionship as he had been accustomed to.

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