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  1. A still more striking instance of the combination of these antagonisms is to be found in our time, in Robert Browning and his wife.

  2. I do not know how to account for this, although wherever race antagonisms have developed, one finds that in certain communities prejudice is very strong, while others are practically immune from it.

  3. There was no school, no church and no synagogue service, and as we coasted down great mountains of snow, piled high by the patient toilers, we forgot the antagonisms to which so early in life we had fallen heir.

  4. It is the one basis of union that remains to us amid the clashing antagonisms of the sects.

  5. It may be very small, almost infinitesimal, in societies with feebly developed class antagonisms and in out of the way places, as was once the case in certain regions of the United States.

  6. But it increases in the same ratio in which the class antagonisms become more pronounced, and in which neighboring states become larger and more populous.

  7. In the Roman Catholic Church the antagonisms of the conflict were as keenly felt as anywhere.

  8. No sooner did the pressure of outside attack abate than antagonisms began pretty sharply to declare themselves.

  9. The antagonisms that were openly enunciated in the German Empire against Catholics have been replaced by expressions of fealty.

  10. It is only in an order of things where there will no longer be classes and class antagonisms that social revolutions will cease to be political revolutions.

  11. We must rather explain this consciousness out of the antagonisms of men's industrial life, out of the conflict existing between the forces of social production and the relations of social production.

  12. It is the antagonisms which are the principal cause of progress (Marx).

  13. To-day the world is invaded by civilization and everywhere is developing that society which lives upon class antagonisms and class domination, the form of bourgeois production.

  14. To the old bourgeois society with its classes and class antagonisms will succeed an association in which the free development of each is the condition of the free development of all.

  15. At the beginning of Anne's reign the attitude of Scotland toward England was hostile, old antagonisms surviving in memory to intensify fresh irritations.

  16. On account of this result, and still more by reason of the hereditary antagonisms which have so long survived it, this battle still retains a peculiar fame in history.

  17. The first of these is the fact that race antagonisms die away and disappear under the influence of liberal and enlightened political institutions.

  18. This proves that such antagonisms are not mysterious attributes of geography or climate, but that they are the outgrowth principally of social and political conditions.

  19. We have demonstrated that racial antagonisms need not necessarily become the basis of permanent hatreds and an excuse for war.

  20. The United States is itself proof that most of the contentions of Europeans as to race antagonisms are ill-founded.

  21. We may well learn the lesson of this story, and apply it to the small antagonisms and comparatively harmless enmities which may beset our more quiet lives.

  22. Two types of teachers are remembered: one to be forgiven after years have softened the antagonisms and resentments; the other to be thought of with honor and gratitude as long as memory lasts.

  23. Wrong concepts of God may leave positive antagonisms which require years to overcome.

  24. Now it is modern industry which lays bare the antagonisms immanent in capitalist production, and at the same time renders their destruction possible.

  25. There were utter antagonisms of taste and temperament which rendered it very certain that she would not suit him for a companion.

  26. There are singular antagonisms existing among even his pet theories.

  27. To reconcile these antagonisms with the conditions and requirements of Holy Writ, she now most faithfully set to work.

  28. But if the inhabitants of the Thirteen Colonies were miscellaneous in their origins and various in their habits and sympathies, they had three very strong antagonisms in common.

  29. C We have given as much attention as we have done to the writings of Machiavelli and to the personality of Charles V because they throw a flood of light upon the antagonisms of the next period in our history.

  30. Indeed, it is questionable whether Judge Tourgee's famous book touched so deftly and yet so practically the real phases of the reconstruction period and the interminable antagonisms of race and section.

  31. Both had vast interests in common; and for a long time neither was conscious of the fatal antagonisms that were developing.

  32. But he may yet be compelled to look with sorrow on the wreck of his idea and pay the default for the antagonisms of his youth.

  33. In the middle of these conflicting antagonisms the real road to national peace, prosperity, and security is missed by those who prefer prejudice to the lessons which reality teaches.

  34. What we now call Renaissance and Reformation revealed still unreconciled antagonisms between Southern and Northern, Latin and German, factors in this mediaeval Europe.

  35. Protestantism arose like a stern reality, plunging the nations into confused and deadly conflict, arousing antagonisms in established orders, unleashing cupidities and passions which had lurked within the breasts of manifold adventurers.

  36. The Reformation called forth a new and sincere spirit in the Latin Church; new antagonisms were evoked, and new efforts after self-preservation had to be made by the Papal hierarchy.

  37. Until the abrupt violation of Belgian neutrality by the German armies on August 3 the political antagonisms of Clericals and Liberals and of Flemings and Walloons seemed to be growing more acute.

  38. He knew of no real Russo-German antagonisms and "had reason to suppose" that the Russian Government was determined to maintain friendly relations.

  39. We individuals exist as such, I believe, for the purpose in things, and our separations and antagonisms serve that purpose.

  40. The antagonisms are primarily of an economic nature.

  41. With war, crime, class antagonisms and property squabbles obliterated, and the management of industry taken from its care, little or no excuse would exist for government.

  42. Other barriers, between upper and lower classes, are thickening, new antagonisms and antipathies that threaten yet much friction and unhappiness and a retardation of moral progress.

  43. The antagonisms and class hatreds engendered by this sort of industrial warfare do infinite moral harm, and retard heavily the peaceful solution of the problems.

  44. Class antagonisms are still fostered; distrust of the impartiality of the government commission would continually be present, and might at any time lead to actual rebellion and violence.

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