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Example sentences for "antagonists"

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antagonism; antagonisms; antagonist; antagonistic; antagonistical; antagonize; antagonized; antagonizes; antagonizing; ante
  1. After an hour of spirited work, our antagonists limbered up and hurried off, leaving us victors in the contest.

  2. Our antagonists got our range at once, and, with their twelve-pound Napoleon guns, poured in a raking fire.

  3. The red nations were then really redoubtable enemies, able to send into the field thousands of well-armed warriors, whose ferocious bravery and skill rendered them quite as formidable antagonists as trained European soldiers would have been.

  4. Moreover, the Seminoles were well armed; and many tribes of North American Indians show themselves, when with good weapons and on their own ground, more dangerous antagonists than would be an equal number of the best European troops.

  5. The principal figure is that of the future Regent, laid out at length on the anatomy table, ready to be operated upon by the dissecting knives which his antagonists are eagerly setting to work.

  6. If one print was severe on the Ministry and their adherents, it was certain to be followed in turn by no less cutting strictures upon their antagonists of the Opposition.

  7. One of the antagonists stakes a carved bowl, the other a cow; and the final effort of each poet is to propound a riddle, upon which the umpire interposes, and declares that the candidates are equal in merit.

  8. The coincidence of opinion between these bitter antagonists is especially remarkable, because others have not been struck with the superiority of the letters of Atterbury.

  9. His personal antagonists had banded themselves together and attacked him upon various ingenious pretexts.

  10. He was rather the peacemaker of the Steering Committee, having the art of reconciling antagonists and of smoothing annoying angles.

  11. Then the two reconciled antagonists embraced and returned to the roadside cross.

  12. With such materials in their hands, more skilful antagonists than Paul III.

  13. Carefully his antagonists at the council-board had watched him for years.

  14. This brought on a general war, in which the Hanseatic League, as well as Sweden, were among his antagonists (1363).

  15. From this time Castile, Aragon, and Portugal were the three antagonists of Moslem rule.

  16. The wholesale massacre of political antagonists in a city was no uncommon occurrence.

  17. On this occasion Stephen repeated the experiment made about sixty years before by his predecessor Victor, and attempted to reduce his antagonists to acquiescence by excluding them from his fellowship.

  18. The three great antagonists of the gospel were the Grecian philosophy, the heathen mythology, and a degenerate Judaism; and Gnosticism may be described as an attempt to effect a compromise between Christianity and these rivals.

  19. The date of the appearance of these parties is also established by the testimony of Celsus, who lived in the time of the Antonines, and who was one of the most formidable of the early antagonists of Christianity.

  20. At first the genuineness of the Apocalypse was undisputed; but, after the rise of the Montanists, who were continually quoting it in proof of their theory of a millennium, some of their antagonists foolishly questioned its authority.

  21. The oxygen-charged vapour he was breathing accentuated his fighting instincts, and mainly through sheer delight at being able to thwart his antagonists he lashed out right and left.

  22. For a few moments it looked as if the madman would be more than a match for his two antagonists till O'Shaunessey's companion, loth to run any unnecessary risk, planted a heavy blow on the point of the madman's chin.

  23. If his antagonists thought him stupid, so much the better.

  24. Our antagonists are not the only people who have capable spies.

  25. It became clear, if the clergy would hold their ground in public estimation against their antagonists the monks, that celibacy must be insisted on.

  26. The aim of the former was to conquer, that of their antagonists to convert, if antagonists those can be called who sought to turn them from their evil ways.

  27. Two of them entered my office today as full of fight as the feline antagonists of Kilkenny.

  28. That was just what the antagonists of Christ desired.

  29. Then five years later he still assures him that among men of letters he may have antagonists but he cannot have enemies--rather a fine distinction, with painfully little truth in it as things happened.

  30. The union of the Principalities would raise up antagonists to the ambitions of Russia more powerful than any that could be bought with money.

  31. As a result the Chinese proposals were rejected and the antagonists began to prepare themselves for the struggle.

  32. Several minutes later the fire of our antagonists ceased and they raised a white flag.

  33. They slowly approached our antagonists and finally were hidden from view behind some sharp hillocks.

  34. Mahomet was a practical man; he realized that the growing state needed skilful administrators, and that such were found in much greater number among the antagonists of yesterday than among the honest citizens of Medina.

  35. The best of his antagonists showed themselves bloodthirsty in word or act; and most of them, not excepting Cicero, were basely ungrateful for his forbearance.

  36. He makes us disapprove the course of his antagonists with the same moderate but convincing statement with which he recommends his own.

  37. It was of course impossible for the antagonists to serve longer in the same ministry.

  38. The armies of the East commenced their battles on the river from which the Army of the Potomac derived its name, and received the final surrender of their old antagonists at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.

  39. The Confederate troops fought well and deserve commendation enough for their bravery and endurance on the 6th of April, without detracting from their antagonists or claiming anything more than their just dues.

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