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Example sentences for "capers"

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  1. I cut no capers in the blanket," returned Sancho; "in the air I did, and more of them than I liked.

  2. Serve with a sauce made of court bouillon, strained and thickened, with a few capers and a little anchovy sauce added.

  3. Pour the sauce over the balls, sprinkle with capers and minced parsley, and serve very cold.

  4. Add a tablespoonful of capers or tarragon vinegar, pour over the fish, and garnish with slices of hard-boiled eggs.

  5. Broil carefully and serve with a Cream Sauce to which capers have been added.

  6. CAPER SAUCE--I Add half a cupful of capers to two cupfuls of Drawn-Butter Sauce.

  7. Serve with Drawn-Butter Sauce to which chopped olives and capers have been added.

  8. Serve with Drawn-Butter Sauce, seasoned with capers and catsup.

  9. Reheat in a Cream Sauce, add a few capers and serve very hot.

  10. Chop one tablespoonful of capers and four hard-boiled eggs.

  11. In this engagement Colonel Capers led the attack, and for his courageous and skillful management of this affair he was commended in general orders.

  12. It was now growing dark, and the lieutenant-general in person rode up and congratulated Colonel Capers on the success of his regiment.

  13. Gist's brigade, and eight days later, while commanding the regiment in the battle at Jackson, Lieutenant-Colonel Capers was wounded.

  14. Early next morning, October 16th, Colonel Capers was ordered to march back with his regiment, and hold Ship's gap until ordered to retire.

  15. It participated in the battles of Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge, and in the former Capers was again wounded.

  16. Colonel Pettigrew and Major Capers returned to the city and made their report to the governor and council who were in session in the council chamber of the city hall.

  17. At the battle of Secessionville, the Twenty-fourth was again engaged, and Colonel Capers was praised in orders.

  18. Lieutenant-Colonel Capers executed the change of front and directed the fire of the Twenty-fourth in reply.

  19. Learning soon after that a force was moving around to get in his rear, Colonel Capers conducted his regiment to the rear by the right flank, each company firing up to the moment of marching.

  20. The assault was ordered, and while leading it Lieutenant-Colonel Capers received a serious wound in the thigh, his horse was disabled, and the little brigade was repulsed.

  21. Forgive me, Master Edward, for all the pretty little capers you cut up.

  22. My son, I forgive your capers in the garden, but I have a more serious charge against you.

  23. Sprinkle on a few imported capers (the smaller they are, the better), with a little of the luscious juice, and dust lightly with Sapsago.

  24. Among the Methodists who directed their attentions to mission work among Negroes no one was more prominent than Bishop William Capers of South Carolina.

  25. When Bishop Capers died in 1855 he saw his work, according to his plan, very well done.

  26. A few olives and capers will add to the decoration.

  27. Let this boil a few minutes, add a little vinegar and sugar; strain this sauce through a wire sieve and add a few capers and a wineglass of white wine and let it boil up once again and thicken with the yolk of one egg.

  28. Mask each portion with a tablespoon of dressing and garnish with capers and grated egg yolk.

  29. Stir in at least a tablespoon of drained capers and serve with fried or broiled fish.

  30. Next day lay the herring in a stone jar with alternate layers of onions cut up, also lemon cut in slices, a few cloves, whole peppers and a few bay leaves, some capers and whole mustard seed.

  31. He cut innumerable capers as he laid this supper at the feet of Honey-Bee.

  32. Yet while cutting their most foolhardy capers they preserved an unalterable gravity of demeanour, to such a degree that it was quite impossible to make out their real characters.

  33. The Pole is known by his violent dancing; "he strikes and flutters like a cock, he capers in the air, he kicks his heels up to the stars.

  34. Garnish your dish with a few capers and slic'd lemon.

  35. Take two large table-spoonfuls of capers and a little vinegar.

  36. Let it stew slowly for four or fire hours, and then add a dozen very small onions roasted and peeled, and a large table-spoonful of capers or nasturtians.

  37. Serve it up with a sauce-boat of melted butter into which a tea-cup full of capers or nasturtians have been stirred.

  38. They scampered over our pillows, and jumped upon our faces, squeaking and cutting a thousand capers over the floor.

  39. He never gives over his eccentric capers until he has broken his own knees, and the borrowed carriage and harness.

  40. The men went back to the field, leaving Malachi to amuse those who remained in the house; and we certainly did laugh our fill at his odd capers and conceits.

  41. The poor old lady smirks and capers and ogles, until one becomes sick of this sexagenarian agility.

  42. What a terrible reaction must have been the lot of this old lady, after all the capers she had cut in these passages from her autobiography!

  43. Already have you in your sapient brain More than most aldermen--and gumption more Than some, who capers cut on Congress floor.

  44. Chop up a dozen capers with a few tarragon leaves; strew over the salad; serve with a plain salad dressing.

  45. Chop up three salt anchovies with a dozen capers into very small pieces; strew over the salad; add a plain dressing and toss lightly before serving.

  46. Put into the centre of the dish a head of cabbage-lettuce, cover it with red mayonnaise (see Lobster Salad), and sprinkle a few capers on top.

  47. He isn't; he is merely a trifle literal, and far too intelligent to see any humour in the silly capers Sam and Harry cut.

  48. All this, however, is of no great interest, and I cannot help wondering what meaning can have been attributed to cutting capers and spinning round.

  49. Cut cold chicken and salmon into thin slices, arrange in a salad dish and mix with finely cut cooked asparagus heads, carrots and cauliflower, a few capers and a little caviare.

  50. We have scripture for it, that he began his capers with the apple; then, why not go on with the brandy, which is but the fiery juice of the apple?

  51. He must cut fewer capers in ermine than in plaid trousers.

  52. Owing to his youth, he has not much wind as yet, but he nevertheless cut a few capers very gracefully.

  53. When such capers were cut at Whitehall, we may imagine what the revelry was in the Bankside taverns.

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