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  1. There is as much difference between the two as between a young guardsman in full dress at the opera and the night cabman huddled up in the multitudinous capes of his great-coat.

  2. Between Capes Villaret and Latouche-Treville is a bay formed by very low sandy land, slightly clothed with a stunted vegetation.

  3. With the exception of two intervals, one of which is to the west of Cape Missiessy, and the other to the east of the Bancs des Planaires, the French saw the coast between Capes Missiessy and Keraudren, but at a great distance.

  4. Between Capes Conway and Hillsborough the flood-tide comes from the north-eastward, but is very irregular in the direction of the stream.

  5. Rothsay Water is a very considerable arm; and was conjectured to communicate with Prince Frederic's Harbour, and, if so, would insulate the land between Capes Torrens and Wellington.

  6. Between Capes Londonderry and Van Diemen it varies between 1/4 and 1 degree East.

  7. There were a few forest-runners dressed as we were, numbers of riflemen in green capes and gray wool shirts, and rangers in brown and yellow deer-skins, with thrums dyed scarlet or purple.

  8. In surveying coasts, and ascertaining the true position of capes and head-lands, it reaches the utmost degree of practical exactness.

  9. The entrance of the bay is six leagues wide, the two capes bearing from each other due east and west.

  10. The crossing is made between Capes Tormentine and Traverse, where the Strait is only nine miles wide.

  11. A trip by the capes in winter is certainly an unique experience.

  12. This storm blew them off their intended course to two capes which appeared guarding a huge bay.

  13. The two Capes were named after the Secretaries of the Admiralty.

  14. I'll jump overboard outside the capes before I'll put you in wrong," asserted Mayo, with deep feeling.

  15. However, I'd rather be inside the capes in this blow.

  16. As we passed the sweep of coast between Capes Martyr and Hotham, and were making the chord of the curve, our captain called my attention to a point of the coast line about six miles off.

  17. We were now in a great sea, surrounded by consolidated floes, and away from salient capes or shore-bound ice.

  18. Alexander who was ordered to conduct the ship beyond the capes that conveyed Benjamin Franklin to France.

  19. On arriving at the capes the small pox became general among the other crews--disease obliged the fleet to run into New London.

  20. During the ensuing August the British fleet entered the capes for the purpose of chastising the rebels of the Old Dominion.

  21. With the more than doubtful reputation of the lady of the title-role Mr. Capes has taken some additional liberties, but only with a view to helping it to a kindlier estimate than it perhaps deserved.

  22. Often these capes are formed by the alluvial plains, through which we may be sure a river will be found flowing.

  23. June 17 Wednesday Names the Colombiers, Bay St Julien, and Capes Royal and Milk.

  24. Jutting headlands and outlying capes must have alternately appeared and disappeared on the western horizon.

  25. The two sandy capes or rather bluffs are about 20 miles from Elephant Bay and are so remarkable that I think no person could be well mistaken in them.

  26. We then stood on for the sandy capes or bluffs and by half-past 9 A.

  27. Not a few, wearied with the day's work, while still clinging to their bridles, wrapped the capes of their overcoats over their heads and threw themselves down in the snow, and fell asleep.

  28. Like a body of spectres they moved silently across the snow in the moonlight, cavalry capes drawn over their heads, the only sound the crunching of horses' hoofs breaking through the crust.

  29. Scattered pellets of snow in the air lashed the faces of the troopers, who rode steadily forward, the capes of their overcoats thrown over their heads for protection.

  30. It is probable, therefore, that Penn dated his arrival from the time he came in sight of land or passed the Capes of Delaware.

  31. The niƱos, using a mask for the bull and the capes of red and yellow which are sold on the stalls, go through the whole pantomime of the bull-ring with a vivid and quite grown-up delight in the sharp appeal made to their sensations.

  32. A line of gendarmes, in capes of vivid red, march in advance to clear the way.

  33. With another night the sloop will be far up the Bay, while now from where we are anchored, we could be beyond the Capes by daybreak, with the broad ocean before us.

  34. Another is that coast line west of us doesn't contain a dozen white settlements between the Capes and Florida, and you are just as liable to be hungry on land as sea.

  35. At whatever cost to myself, or others, the Santa Marie should sail in between the Capes to the waters of the Chesapeake.

  36. The capes at the entrance are about fifteen miles apart.

  37. At length she was reported below; and at this period the river Delaware suffered much, in comparison with the river Hudson, owing to the tediousness of its navigation from the capes to the city.

  38. But how charming it is--the soft sea air, the low capes yonder, the sails in the opening shining in the haze, and the peaceful old fort!

  39. Ponchos and overcoat capes were much in evidence on every side as the men broke ranks, scattered to their tents to stow away their dripping arms and belts, and then came streaming out to stare, unrebuked, at headquarters.

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