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Example sentences for "capered"

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  1. The dog capered and barked and made a run or two at Billy, but the goat only shook his horns at him and Fleabite ran under the barn.

  2. He licked her face gently and when she opened her eyes he capered around till the horses in the stalls near by thought that he must have gone crazy.

  3. Billy Mischief and his mother only capered in joy.

  4. He was a sorry looking sight, but the other animals did not have much pity on him, for he was such a mischief and it was fun to see him caught at his own game, so they simply capered around and laughed at him.

  5. The herald bowed to the squire and company and waved his wand, and in capered a queer, uncouth figure in mask and flowing wig and whiskers.

  6. The doctor waved his staff, and in capered the dragon, a sort of hobble horse made of hoops under distended canvas, and worked by an inside performer.

  7. The other elves capered around among the fairies.

  8. Joyously they capered about him, and merrily they sang.

  9. Men howled in fear or supplicated an enemy still invisible; others flew to the bottle, and drank prodigious draughts; some capered like women round and round the fires in a drunken paean of death.

  10. With them were some of those women who cling to the skirts of an army as flies to a pasty, and these hussies capered about the fires in song and dance, while the sorriest music set them whooping like wild men at a fair.

  11. In the brief interval required to accomplish the journey from the door of the Merchants' Exchange to a telephone booth a flock of bright ideas capered through Cappy's ingenious head like goats on a tin roof.

  12. High and then low," was the thought that capered through Mike Murphy's brain.

  13. And here Master Simon jumped and capered about with delight.

  14. I ought to introduce myself," he said, as the horse capered in the blinding white dust.

  15. Two others danced and capered and yelled in insane glee, pointing at Tommy and at Evelyn.

  16. The Ragged Men yelled and capered and howled derisively at him.

  17. Sarka stared at the Gnomes, now in retreat, capering as they had first capered when the two had fallen into their hands, toward the door by which all had entered.

  18. Tommy observed that the nurse had left the room and he jumped from his bed and capered like a school boy.

  19. Away went the three dogs, poor old Gruff forced into a lumbering gallop by the pace of the two others, who capered along, and let the big old dog do all the pulling.

  20. And then they all danced the Buffalo dance, And capered about with ambiguous prance; While they drank to the health of the lovers so true, Brave Whittlesy Whanko and Michikee Moo.

  21. The yelling mass of black humanity capered and shrilled its way down the cleared way to the village and gathered in front of the juju house.

  22. The torchbearers capered more actively, and yelled more excitedly.

  23. The drumming had gone on all day and its hypnotic effect had culminated in a species of ecstasy in which the blacks yelled and capered, and capered and yelled, without any clear notion of why or what they yelled.

  24. Then they quickened their pace, and capered for joy at the thought of the savory banquet at which they hoped to be guests.

  25. Eliza beamed, and told the orphans, who capered out boldly in sight for the first time, and ran after Miss "Lize" to do her bidding.

  26. The brindle bull capered about her as she slid through the wires.

  27. Kennedy's brindle bull, scenting a friend, capered madly for a word from Tess, but the squatter paid no heed to her dog chum.

  28. It was nearly midnight when she passed Kennedy's wheat field in which capered Pete, the brindle bulldog.

  29. Even the Douglass horse seemed to be excited by the display of spirit, for he capered around in a manner very unbecoming one as old and blind as he.

  30. Mahdi, the man-monkey, sniffed about the stump, and capered foolishly.

  31. He capered about the cage and thrusting his face through the bars jabbered excitedly.

  32. The crowd continued yelling, and Nickie broke into a vain-glorious song, and capered like an idiot brandishing a Vienna loaf.

  33. He capered fantastically, and made a foolish attempt to climb a tree.

  34. A long enthusiastic cheer distantly burst from the sailors, and was immediately followed by a howl of delight from the Esquimaux, who capered round their visitors with uncouth gestures and grinning faces.

  35. O'Riley capered somewhat extravagantly as he drew near, partly with the intention of expressing his feelings of good-will towards the unknown, and partly in order to relieve the excitement caused by the unexpected apparition.

  36. As they went, a performing goat and monkey passed them on their way to the ring, and the clown capered behind them.

  37. It was very cheerful and inspiring, and Norah capered gently as she trotted along by her father.

  38. This was especially the case with the old bulls, who capered and careered about within an hundred yards' distance, and sometimes permitted me to approach even nearer.

  39. They curvetted and capered about just as ponies do sometimes.

  40. I, and stepped out into the street where Wildfire danced and capered in the grasp of Tom, my groom.

  41. He gave a shrill little shout of amazement and capered towards Aylmer.

  42. Little John gave a squeal of delight, promptly deserted the toilers, and capered joyously down the beach.

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