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Example sentences for "teenager"

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teemed; teeming; teems; teen; teenage; teenagers; teens; teenth; teenty; teepee
  1. A determinedly murderous American teenager can probably buy or steal a handgun far more easily than he can brew fake "napalm" in the kitchen sink.

  2. Long ago Nawin, who at birth was labeled Jatupon, had been a teenager caught in currents and countercurrents of his own.

  3. True, he was much older than the teenager (he glanced at the face; it was a perfect fusion of boy and man; smoking its cigarette and creating a synthetic fog of smoke onto his life).

  4. He thought about how easily a man in these idle hours of a holiday could slip into a specific moment as a teenager or as a child.

  5. That this same teenager got on your bus again?

  6. I think you stated you did not give the teenager any transfer?

  7. The same teenager rode with me the next day.

  8. And the teenager was sitting in what seat?

  9. And you thought he was the teenager whom you described?

  10. Have you ever reported to the police the fact that you have carried as a passenger since November 22d the teenager whom you have now identified as having the name of Milton Jones?

  11. Did the police ask you if any man other than the teenager was on the bus?

  12. But you did have these two men, the teenager and this other young man?

  13. Did you tell them the man, the smaller man, you saw in the lineup, did you tell them that you thought he was the man who got off your bus and got the transfer or the man who was on the bus who was the teenager who was grinning?

  14. But at that time when this man made this statement, there was a teenager sitting in the first cross seat on the right-hand side of the bus?

  15. Could you tell me where on the bus this lady sat who told the teenager it was no grinning matter?

  16. Yes; he had gotten older, and he wanted his way, and he was a teenager then, and like all teenagers, he was very difficult.

  17. The average teenager who was going to school at Beauregard would have probably been in there shooting pool and things like that, but he didn't do that.

  18. We proceeded south on Beckley to Jefferson, and east on Jefferson to Marsalis, where we hit the ground and searched the area at the library for the suspect who was--a teenager had run across the lawn and into the basement of the library.

  19. Jatupon faced a scrawny teenager with glasses who was a year or two older than he was.

  20. The idea of being a teenager free of mother and father had been intriguing to him.

  21. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "teenager" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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