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  1. The Breviary and the Little Office of Our Lady had belonged to the dead.

  2. The celebrated breviary remained in the family, and was in the count's possession.

  3. Abbé Lantaigne, his breviary under his arm, went out by the little door that opens on the fields and took the customary road in his walks, a dusty track edged with nettles and thistles that follows the ramparts.

  4. However Abbé Lantaigne, head of the high seminary, was passing, with his breviary in his hand, down the broad walk of the Mall.

  5. That breviary of marital Machiavelism will teach you the manner in which you may grow to greatness within that frivolous mind, within that soul of lacework, to use Napoleon's phrase.

  6. He held his breviary under his arm; but he had forgotten his morning lecture, and he advanced dreamily, with bowed head, and without uttering a word.

  7. This man would have impaled Zadig to do honors to the sun, and would then have recited the breviary of Zoroaster with greater satisfaction.

  8. They accused Grandier of having corrupted women and girls, of indulging in blasphemy and profanity, of neglecting to read his breviary daily, and of turning God's sanctuary into a place of debauchery and prostitution.

  9. Before the altar stood Padre Ricardo, with his breviary on the chancel beneath the taper, and chanting forth from his deep lungs the services of the mass.

  10. The padre forgot breviary and beads in his excitement, and as his little pointings were swept away, he forgot, too, the sacred ejaculations he was wont to lard his discourse with, and he became positively profane.

  11. And in the evening, after prayers, he would practice speaking to them, teaching himself the breviary of love.

  12. English college at Douay; also the Sarum Breviary and Missal.

  13. The new Paris breviary mentions that dreadful fires have been sometimes miraculously extinguished by them.

  14. His festival is marked on the 6th of July in the Breviary of Aberdeen and the Scottish Calendars; but in some of the English on the 15th of December.

  15. Constantinople, was employed by the same pope in revising the Roman breviary and its rubrics.

  16. See the Breviary of Leon, of the abbey of St. Meen, &c.

  17. That he preached there is constantly affirmed by the tradition of that church, mentioned by St. Isidore, the Breviary of Toledo, the Arabic books of Anastasius patriarch of Antioch, concerning the Passions of the martyrs and others.

  18. See Prudentius, hymn 4, the new Paris Breviary on this day, the Roman Martyrology, and Bosch the Bollandist, t.

  19. Sinai by Angels, which the Church inserts in the Breviary lessons; (c) the authenticity of relics.

  20. Breviary does not notice that he is giving considerable attention to an inscription or advertisement on an adjacent wall), the distraction is merely involuntary and inculpable.

  21. Another historical work, the Breviary of the History of England, has been claimed for Sir Walter Raleigh.

  22. Sherborne, 164 Breviary of the History of England by R.

  23. England, Breviary of the History of, 182; Archbishop Sancroft and MS.

  24. The Parisian Breviary of 1735 remained in use till the national French service-books were superseded (as they have lately been, generally, if not universally) by the Roman.

  25. Thus of the Sarum Breviary there are at the Museum six early Paris editions, and one from Antwerp, but no London edition before 1541.

  26. The priest gazed blandly down upon the expectant crowd, coughed slightly, used his handkerchief, and finally took from his breviary a sheet of paper.

  27. Battered armour is the worn breviary of the soldier!

  28. This he did when he should have been reading his breviary in the monastery of the Dominicans in the Rue Saint-Jacques.

  29. I pray Your Eminence," she said, "that trick just now with your breviary .

  30. He took his breviary from his pocket and began walking along the flagstones of the terrace in the direction whence the song had come.

  31. His Eminence drew a breviary from his pocket and settled himself more comfortably in the high-backed chair.

  32. His Grace of Wessex, gone to fetch a breviary left accidentally on the terrace-coping, had been gone half an hour, and moreover had not yet returned.

  33. I'll now retire to chapel and read my breviary there until Her Majesty hath need of me for her evening orisons.

  34. The history, or, as it is perhaps more correct to call it, the legend of Adrian the Martyr of the May, is to be found in the Breviary of Aberdeen.

  35. For want of a missal, the priest had laid his breviary on the altar, and a common earthenware plate was set for the washing of hands that were pure and undefiled with blood.

  36. Authority:--The Offices of the Breviary of Piacenza for this day.

  37. He walked to the place of execution without restraint, and with his Breviary hanging from his neck, his eyes fixed on heaven, and his steps so rapid that his guards were compelled to restrain him.

  38. Authority:--An ancient life, part of which formed the lections of the Breviary for the Collegiate Church of Mons, founded by S.

  39. The Roman Breviary celebrates his festival on the day of the translation, which took place in the year 1481.

  40. The Latin Breviary also affirms that his body was afterwards translated to Salerno, where it is said to lie in the church built by Robert Guiscard.

  41. In 1650 he followed this with another work written with a more definite bias, a Breviary of the History of the Parliament of England, in Latin and English, in which he defended the position of the Independents.

  42. They were not allowed to have mass said in the Temple, and therefore commissioned Clery to get them the breviary in use in the diocese of Paris.

  43. Edgeworth's breviary the prayers for persons at the point of death; the two gendarmes were astonished at his piety and tranquil resignation.

  44. He leaped to his feet, picked up the breviary which had fallen from the Padre's fingers, and returned it to him with a slight touch of gentleness that was unsuspected in the man.

  45. At sunset he was in his accustomed seat in the orchard, his hands clasped over the breviary in his listless lap, his eyes fixed upon the mountain between him and that mysterious sea that had brought so much into his life.

  46. In the latter year he presented a Breviary with musical notation to the King, and was then engaged for the great undertaking mentioned above.

  47. Didot strongly urged the probability that Cousin was himself the illuminator of the splendid Breviary or Hours of Claude Gouffier.

  48. In the Grimani Breviary they were thought to be either Croatian or merely ornament.

  49. For surely no judge of art could possibly assert that the miniatures of the Grunani Breviary or of the Brera Graduals as miniatures are inferior to those of the Psalter of St. Louis, the Berry Bible, or the Prayer-book of Margaret of Bavaria.

  50. Letters on the borders of the robes recall the same kind of ornament in the Grimani Breviary at Venice.

  51. Even yet the illuminations of the Grimani Breviary are attributed in part to Hans Memling--and no wonder!

  52. The Greek Menology asserts that it was carried thither by Simon Zelotes, but this is contradicted by the Roman Breviary and the Martyrologists.

  53. He must have carried most of the Chapter with him in his schemes for improvement, for in June 1520 the Breviary used in the Minster was revised by Zwingli and stripped of some blemishes.

  54. The Breviary and the Missal were revised, as Ferdinand had requested.

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