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  1. Time was when small breweries were oftener attached to inns of good repute, and when to taste the ale was a complimentary obligation.

  2. A little way above the first, or Hythe Bridge, a fresh division takes place, and a narrow irregular strip of low island is formed, running under three bridges to the Castle Mill, and below that occupied by breweries for some hundred yards.

  3. There are large market gardens in the neighbourhood, and the town possesses oil-mills, flour-mills, breweries and brick and tile works.

  4. Though possessing a good supply of water-power the county is almost destitute of manufactures; there are a few small cotton, woollen and paper mills, as well as breweries and distilleries, and several corn mills.

  5. There are also some distilleries, breweries and tanneries.

  6. The town has sandstone and gypsum quarries, breweries and woollen mills, and cultivates fruit and vegetables.

  7. Other industries are the manufacture of cellulose, artificial manure, flour and malt; and there are saw-mills, iron foundries and breweries in the town.

  8. Such water has special value for brewing pale ale, and the water used by the Burton breweries is of this character; hence the artificial dissolving of gypsum in water for brewing purposes is known as "burtonization.

  9. The death of the old Boniface who owned his house and bought his beer in the open market was brought about by the amalgamation of the smaller breweries in the country, and the purchase of the bulk of the licensed houses by the big breweries.

  10. Helliwell for conveying into town, from a point high up the stream, the beer manufactured at their Breweries on the Don.

  11. Bay street, as we pass it, recalls one of the early breweries of York.

  12. There are also rope and sail works, iron-foundries, saw-mills, breweries and tanneries.

  13. It is an important railway centre, and has extensive railway workshops, as well as coach factories, breweries and foundries.

  14. In most modern breweries the malt passes, on its way [v.

  15. It was formerly considered absolutely essential that this hot aeration should take place, but in many breweries nowadays coolers are not used, the wort being run direct from the hop back to the refrigerator.

  16. Her father and her cousin had gone to America to see numerous breweries that were situated in different parts of the country, and which it was proposed to combine into one large company.

  17. Breweries and distilleries were placed under charge, and such important commodities as salt, coal, malt, leather and glass were included in the list of taxable articles, but the two last mentioned were soon relieved for the time.

  18. Apart from breweries and distilleries, the excise had little field for its work.

  19. I have been interested in a number of breweries as a stockholder.

  20. No new breweries have been built for many years in Manchester proper.

  21. I would rather have explored any of those breweries than the modern Delft factory.

  22. Wren, who is president of the Connecticut Breweries and owner of one of the largest wholesale whiskey houses in the state.

  23. Five of the largest breweries in the country are here.

  24. This screw is equally applicable for conveying the malt horizontally in the trough K, as slantingly; and similar machines are employed in various parts of breweries for conveying the malt wherever the situation of the works require.

  25. Out of many experiments made with this instrument, I shall content myself with describing a few, very carefully performed at the breweries of Messrs.

  26. Distilleries, breweries and saloons are the axes that cut the fuel that feeds the fire the devil built.

  27. If production should be for use and not for abuse, the existence of breweries and distilleries are without excuse.

  28. Turn saloons into bake shops and butcher stalls, distilleries into food factories, breweries into stock pens, and the country will be a thousandfold better off than feeding its finances by starving its morality.

  29. The average specific gravity of different samples of brown stout, obtained direct from the breweries of Messrs.

  30. The following list exhibits some of the unlawful substances seized at different breweries and at chemical laboratories.

  31. The town has woollen and glove factories, breweries and an agricultural trade.

  32. There is a large cattle market, and the town has a considerable agricultural trade, with breweries and tanneries.

  33. The breweries are generally worked by Germans and are situated chiefly in the south, though there are large establishments in Santiago and Valparaiso.

  34. There are breweries and small manufactories of paper and tobacco.

  35. The largest brewing establishment is at Schwechat near Vienna, and large breweries are also found at Pilsen and Budweiss in Bohemia, whose products enjoy a great reputation abroad.

  36. All these considerations united seem forcibly to recommend giving the breweries of the United States every possible encouragement and extension.

  37. The cellars and coolers of the breweries in this country should have a northern aspect, and the cellars principally ventilated from east to west.

  38. The manufacture of coarse earthenware is also carried on, and there are large distilleries and breweries and some salt-works.

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