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Example sentences for "counterfeiters"

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  1. It was hardly the life of a man who could have such close associations with a gang of counterfeiters as to draw upon himself an act of revenge or the necessity of removing him as a matter of protection.

  2. Locating the murderer would undoubtedly bring the counterfeiters to light, and in the same way, locating the counterfeiters would probably disclose the perpetrator of this now unquestioned crime.

  3. Well, that helped me, helped me a lot; for you see some of the boys that quit were working for this bunch of counterfeiters that has Black McCree as its head.

  4. To-morrow they would be in one of those small cities in which Pant had said the counterfeiters would reap their richest harvest.

  5. There used to be some counterfeiters operating around here, in an old cabin that stood where this lodge is, and I guess they was the ones used it.

  6. I wonder if there are any counterfeiters making money anywhere in the neighborhood," Mac mused.

  7. He was engaged in ferreting out a gang of counterfeiters and horse-thieves, who had been circulating bad notes, and thinning out the stables above Chicago.

  8. Shortly after this, I found that the counterfeiters were to have a full meeting in the cave, which I had now several times visited.

  9. It WASN'T destroyed; instead, it shows up in the hands of a gang of counterfeiters that I've been watching for months.

  10. By some it is supposed that most of our counterfeiters come from abroad, but this is not strictly accurate, though many of those who attempt to imitate our silver dollar and the subsidiary coin issues hail from Italy and Russia.

  11. Under foreign governments the handling of counterfeiters is in control of a centralized police organization, which looks after all kinds of criminal offenses against the general governments.

  12. Many devices have been resorted to by counterfeiters to raise genuine bank-notes, as well as to manufacture bogus ones, but one of the most novel has recently come to light.

  13. Brockway, the veteran dean of counterfeiters; Emanuel Ninger, the most expert penman the service ever knew, and Taylor and Bredell, who hold the record as the cleverest counterfeiters in history next to Brockway.

  14. In article first, section eighth, of the constitution, a specific power is granted to Congress to provide for the punishment of the counterfeiters of the securities or coins of the United States.

  15. Congress have power "to regulate the value of money;" yet it is expressly added, not left to be implied, that counterfeiters may be punished.

  16. A raid resulted, and they caught four counterfeiters hard at work.

  17. Somehow I happened to remember that once on a time I read about some counterfeiters who had their nest in an old haunted mill, away up in the country.

  18. Those counterfeiters will have to wait," and he laughed.

  19. Those may be telescopes all right, but if they are, the counterfeiters use them to look and see if the police are coming.

  20. No, those counterfeiters must have come back and shot at us," gasped Bob.

  21. Well, if counterfeiters work here, where are they, and where is some of the false money?

  22. Then the counterfeiters won't know we've been here, and they'll come back to their den, and we can help the police capture them.

  23. That's what they are--telescopes for spying out when the counterfeiters are at work.

  24. And maybe the counterfeiters have been gone a long time.

  25. I'll see if you can carry me a short distance, and then we must find a hiding-place, for whether they are successful in this scheme or not, the counterfeiters will soon be on the hunt for me.

  26. Nobody pretends that he pardoned counterfeiters because they were his political partisans; everybody knows he pardons traitors and public enemies in order to gain their influence and votes.

  27. It seemed that, with Stagers and others, he had formed a band of counterfeiters in the West, where he had thus acquired a fortune so considerable that I was amazed at his having allowed his passions to seduce him into unprofitable crime.

  28. It analyzes documents for authenticity, and its fight against fake cash is still quite lively (especially since the skilled counterfeiters of Medellin, Columbia have gotten into the act).

  29. And at first, the improved security of the well-designed, well-printed federal greenbacks seemed to solve the problem; but then the counterfeiters caught on.

  30. It is believed that the plates and presses from which they are made are right here in New York and the whole secret service force is at work trying to run the counterfeiters to earth.

  31. They are so busy following up the counterfeiters they have no time for us.

  32. There had been a gang of counterfeiters shoving the queer, and they were operating around New York and neighboring cities.

  33. This man, chief of the counterfeiters and outlaws, had long held the country in awe of his desperate gang of gunmen, whom he controlled with an iron hand.

  34. Even Jean Barry, the Marshal's deputy, had been among the counterfeiters and had not become aware that the secret passage led out of the cellar.

  35. I was called in from another case I had been working on, and after long search succeeded in tracing the counterfeiters to this little den I speak of.

  36. Others that were close to the operations of the chief of counterfeiters were taken in turn.

  37. The counterfeiters were discovered and taken, but not by me.

  38. For some time the penetration of certain Washington officials had been baffled by the clever devices of a gang of counterfeiters who had inundated the western portion of Massachusetts with spurious Treasury notes.

  39. It doesn't make any difference if he has to round up a half dozen counterfeiters at the point of a single revolver--as Tommy Callahan once did--or break up a gang of train robbers who have sworn never to be taken alive.

  40. But the others--they make life worth living, particularly for members of the Secret Service, who are apt to be a bit bored with the monotony of chasing counterfeiters and guarding the President.

  41. The counterfeiters had separated, and were searching in all directions for him.

  42. The counterfeiters pounced upon Adam Adams, and by the time he had recovered his senses, he was again a close prisoner.

  43. All counterfeiters get caught sooner or later.

  44. He felt that the farther he got from the counterfeiters the better off he would be.

  45. The counterfeiters were a gang who would stop at nothing to keep their secrets.

  46. I once exposed a gang of counterfeiters in Maine and I found that the chief, Bill Davidson, was getting the lion share of the returns.

  47. The counterfeiters were having an animated discussion over something, but they were on their guard so that not even their prisoner might hear.

  48. As soon as the counterfeiters were sure the coast was clear outside, they would turn again to the prisoner and settle his fate.

  49. One of the counterfeiters came in, looked him over in silence, and then passed out again, this time closing the door more tightly than before.

  50. Then all of the counterfeiters gathered around a table, to dictate and sign a certain letter some outside party had demanded.

  51. The counterfeiters had started to draw lots, to see who should be the one to do the detective to death.

  52. The counterfeiters were still at work over the letter, and another angry discussion was in full sway.

  53. Both of the counterfeiters leaped into the passageway.

  54. The counterfeiters sat on all sides of the room, and each had a pistol where it could be gotten at with ease.

  55. For a moment he thought to rush past the counterfeiters and try to gain the regular entrance to the den, but then he realized the foolishness of such an attempt.

  56. The counterfeiters were taken by surprise, but they did not give up at once.

  57. An' there's generally rewards when counterfeiters are captured--mebbe sheriff'll give us a share.

  58. The captain had heard of the capture of the counterfeiters and was surprised to learn that the Rover boys had been the ones to aid in the round-up.

  59. You are the young fellows who helped to round up that gang of counterfeiters at Red Rock ranch.

  60. But I am sick enough of being here, among such rough men as Sack Todd and Gasper Pold and that crowd of counterfeiters that was captured.

  61. Through a government detective the counterfeiters were rounded up, only one man, Sack Todd, escaping.

  62. The counterfeiters who had escaped from the battle had taken to their heels, and they were not captured.

  63. Last night, after we both seemed to be asleep, Big Gabe told his companions just where this hidden cabin of the counterfeiters is located.

  64. It is said that the queen of this gang of counterfeiters is a beautiful young girl, who does not look to be more than seventeen years of age.

  65. The counterfeiters had one," was the laconic reply, "and we geezled it.

  66. The counterfeiters had evidently crossed over from the American side of the Rio Grande in a rowboat, for one was found in a little bayou near the point of meeting.

  67. Miss Kathleen, I have something very urgent to say to you before them two counterfeiters upstairs commit any affidavits or sworn statements.

  68. There's three dangerous counterfeiters down there, Miss," said Eliza.

  69. What I should have done was to accept Burke's offer - surround the house with a posse if necessary, last night, and catch the counterfeiters by sheer force.

  70. It was long past the time when the counterfeiters should have arrived if they had started on any reasonable train.

  71. Again the counterfeiters had escaped from the hand of the law.

  72. It was a good "haul," but where was the vast spoil the counterfeiters had accumulated?

  73. Evidently Kennedy had figured out that the counterfeiters would have to come into town for some reason or other.

  74. Here," he began, "we have the finger-prints of a man who was one of the most noted counterfeiters in Great Britain.

  75. Counterfeiters all use the bookmakers, only since racing has been killed in New York they have had to resort to other means here.

  76. And the two counterfeiters seemed to know it.

  77. The two counterfeiters planned to make a big strike here with the shipyard workers.

  78. It is evident," said Mr. Moyne, "that the counterfeiters get a bunch of the fake tickets and sell them in large lots to some men.

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