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Example sentences for "equably"

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eprouvette; epulae; epulis; equability; equable; equal; equaled; equaling; equalisation; equalise
  1. The planet is supposed to move equably in the epicycle, and to be carried by the Sun unequably in the proportion of the distances.

  2. The procedure is not, in so far, unlike surrendering a portion of one's income in order to buy insurance against future contingencies, and thus to render the future course of life more equably secure.

  3. The plains of Russia, for example, lie for the most part on such tracts of equably uplifted strata.

  4. Wherever a brook or runnel crosses or skirts a farm, the question--"Can the water here running uselessly by be retained, and in due season equably diffused over some portion of this land?

  5. On which last notice I would remark that mine was too rapid, and the suffering therefore needlessly aggravated; or rather perhaps it was not sufficiently continuous and equably graduated.

  6. Or is religion equably distributed through the lives of the religious portion of our nation?

  7. Moreover it is easily detached from the context, without disturbing the flow of the chapter, which indeed runs more equably without it.

  8. Guy with so much preparation on hand had no time to worry about the conduct of his father's visit, and after lunch on Thursday he got into the trap beside Godbold and drove off equably enough to meet the train at Shipcot.

  9. I suppose I was not," equably returned Herbert.

  10. If thee are practically engaged in a glove manufactory, thee must wear an apron, gentleman or no gentleman," equably returned the Quaker.

  11. Tres bien," she equably said; "she was willing; only the young ladies must resume their lessons.

  12. After this it is dried equably by three or four weeks' exposure to the air, and in this condition is packed in earthen jars and taken by the native cultivators to the factory.

  13. The heat of the furnace should be most slowly raised at first, but afterwards equably maintained in a state of bright ignition.

  14. The temperature of the kiln should, in all cases, be most gradually raised, and most equably maintained.

  15. L15 0 Thus the price increases equably with the depth and labour of the bore, and the undertaker usually upholds his rods.

  16. It is obviously of great importance that the teeth should be all alike, equably distributed, and equally inclined over the surface of the leather, a degree of precision which is scarcely possible with handwork.

  17. The fire-bricks, upon which the pan rests, are so arranged as to distribute the flame equably along its bottom.

  18. The spinner takes care that these fibres are equably supplied, and that they always enter the twisted parts by their ends, and never by their middle.

  19. But when the sponge has the consistence of thin dough, it confines the gas, becomes thereby equably and progressively inflated to double its original volume; when no longer capable of containing the pent-up air, it bursts and subsides.

  20. The combustion must be so conducted as to be slow and suffocated, to prolong the ustulation, and let the whole mass be equably penetrated with heat.

  21. Thus, a compound is formed which possesses less attraction for water, and dries more equably from the openness of its body.

  22. This fluted roller b, lies across the hopper c, and by its agitation causes the seeds to descend equably through the hopper, between the crushing rollers d, e.

  23. At the two extremities of the furnace are two chimnies E, for the purpose of diffusing the heat more equably over the body of the crayons.

  24. With this precaution, the cooling goes on slowly and equably in every part, for no cooling current can have access to the interior of the oven.

  25. The interest paid by foreign debtors can in no respect compare with the advantages offered by employment of the money in Freeland, those advantages being, as you know, equably distributed among all the members of our commonwealth.

  26. Where, as with us, every increase in production must be equably distributed among all, the problem as to how the saver profits from the employment of his capital solves itself.

  27. But she met Mr. Challis on the esplanade next day, and introduced him to them equably as a friend of her father's.

  28. Handsome Judith," said he seriously and equably as he resumed his seat, "has given up all idea of going on the stage.

  29. I am not sure but I am," equably answered Miss Diana.

  30. I did not quite take Mr. Freeman," he said, turning equably to George, and speaking in careless accents.

  31. I can't say," equably answered the parson.

  32. Not but that his costs could come out of the estate," equably concluded Mr. Daw.

  33. Now it equably speeds, and thoughtfully glows, And its heart is open, never to close?

  34. Look round--what has earth, now it equably speeds, To do with these foul and calamitous needs?

  35. Guy, with so much preparation on hand, had no time to worry about the conduct of his father's visit, and after lunch on Thursday he got into the trap beside Godbold and drove off equably enough to meet the train at Shipcot.

  36. Terga, triangular, equilateral, with the margins slightly curved and protuberant: the basal margin is regularly and equably curved from one end to the other.

  37. It should then be given copiously, enough to well moisten the bed, and it should be soft water heated to a temperature of 80 degrees given with a fine rose, and steadily and patiently applied equably over the whole surface of the bed.

  38. On this the bricks are piled, or placed rather openly and loosely, and covered over with litter, so that the heat may circulate equably amongst them.

  39. The old chap goes on equably trusting Providence and the established order of the universe, but alive to its small dangers and its small mercies.

  40. We have now the sphere filled, through means of irradiation, with atoms equably diffused.

  41. They are equably diffused throughout the sphere.

  42. We thus reach the proposition that the importance of the development of the terrestrial vitality proceeds equably with the terrestrial condensation.

  43. They take no count of rise or fall, but slide equably on their appointed courses from one end to the other of a six-mile street.

  44. III "I trust there is no question of defiance," Louis de Soyecourt equably returned.

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