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Example sentences for "equalisation"

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equable; equably; equal; equaled; equaling; equalise; equalised; equalising; equalitarian; equalitie
  1. After the analysis, in a former chapter, of the import of names, many examples are not needed to illustrate the import of propositions.

  2. In the application of this general theory of Ethics, Hoeffding maintains the radical-conservative and individual-social position already stated.

  3. It has sometimes been assumed that the whole duty of man could be summed up in Individual Ethics.

  4. The Childers Budget of the year before had aimed at an equalisation of the death duties on real and personal property by means of an extension of the account duty, but it contained no element of graduation.

  5. Their interest was clearly, and their intention was notoriously, to play for an equalisation in party strength by supporting the weaker side at the dissolution.

  6. Moreover, the imposition of protective duties on the nations that hold back is held in reserve as a means towards the equalisation of social policy.

  7. An internationally uniform advance towards this end by the equalisation of laws affecting the age of compulsory school attendance, would certainly be desirable.

  8. The principles which authorise the proposed dreadful equalisation will as justly entitle the idle or unsuccessful of future days to strip the possessor of his advantages, and things must ever remain on their savage level.

  9. Thus, if only the two bodies are available for engines to work between, the motivity is the measure of the energy lost when conduction brings about equalisation of temperature.

  10. Of course equalisation of temperature may be obtained by conduction, and in this case the energy which might be utilised is lost.

  11. And since silvered glass gives back considerably more light than speculum metal, the stage of equalisation with lenses is reached proportionately sooner where this material is employed.

  12. The difficulty of reconciling democratic equalisation with natural inequalities constitutes one of the most difficult problems of the present hour.

  13. It will thus be seen that the finance of 1853 is not responsible either for a permanent peace income-tax upon Ireland, or for the present equalisation of the spirit duties.

  14. Scotland, and laid it down that the equalisation of the duty in the three countries would require a reduction of the duty of 8s.

  15. Effects of Wealth and Equalisation of Labor.

  16. And this feeling must increase, till there is such an equalisation of labor, as will afford all the time needful for every class to improve the many advantages offered to them.

  17. Here, the tendency of every thing is to the equalisation of labor, so that all classes are feeling, more and more, that indolence is disreputable.

  18. He suggests that the cause is a present tendency towards equalisation of the earth's temperature.

  19. Therefore most of the great thinkers since Plato who have mapped out systems for the equalisation of fortunes, have logically insisted on the community of wives.

  20. Two thousand two hundred years ago, when in Athens the idea of the equalisation of fortunes had come to the front, Aristotle wrote: "Whoever would regulate the extent of private fortunes must also regulate the increase of families.

  21. Anarchy is the harmonious functioning of all autonomy resolved in the complete equalisation of all human conditions.

  22. We do not insist upon the ineptitude of the expression "the economic and social equalisation of classes;" the General Council of the International dealt with that long ago.

  23. Because I demand the economic and social equalisation of classes and individuals, because, with the Workers' Congress of Brussels, I have declared myself in favour of collective property, I have been reproached with being a Communist.

  24. It can only be an instrument of equalisation as far as it takes from one party to give to another, and then it is an instrument of plunder.

  25. Here, again, we see the equalisation of fortunes by law, that is, by force.

  26. This great increase was due to the equalisation of the spirit duties in the two countries, and the extension of the Income Tax to Ireland.

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