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Example sentences for "braided"

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braggarts; bragged; bragging; brags; braid; braiding; braids; braik; braikfast; brailed
  1. Her violet lids fluttered, and she lay back from the gold-braided shoulder to her pillow, but smiling.

  2. He placed his hand on the gold-braided shoulder and smiled down.

  3. Her long auburn hair parts over her virginal forehead and the two long thick strands into which it is braided reach almost down to the ground.

  4. Her blonde hair, braided in plaits, crowns her lovely face, on which, thanks to a happy mixture, playfulness is combined with gentleness and firmness.

  5. Her coif of orange color, with its flaps gently turned above her ears, exposes the strands of her black hair, which are braided with a thread of pearls.

  6. Lady's tresses (the orchid Spiranthes) is so named from the curious twisted or braided arrangement of the flowers.

  7. My favourite is lady's tresses (Spiranthes), so called from the spiral twist in its inflorescence, which suggests braided hair.

  8. Drawing back his head and gazing far from beneath his vailed eyelids he saw the bright fawn skin shine in the glare, the braided drums.

  9. Molly had that elephantgrey dress with the braided frogs.

  10. Exhausted, breathless, their shaken heads they laid, braided and pinnacled by glossycombed, against the counterledge.

  11. Wrist through the braided jesse of her sunshade.

  12. It does not adorn the braided hair of kings nor the snowy necks of girls, nor yet shine in the jewelled buckles of warriors’ belts.

  13. Hyperionio Solem de semine nasci Page 321 locks, is braided round her head and secured by a Cyprian pin, and a brooch cunningly fabricated by her spouse Vulcan supports her cloak thick studded with purple jewels.

  14. These fellows had rough hair braided into queues tied back with bandanas.

  15. His rough hair was braided into a queue and tied back with a bandana.

  16. A strong braided wire about 75 inches long was run through the eyes and securely looped at each end, so that a little more than an inch of wire on each side passed through the eyes.

  17. In place of the braided steel wire, which may be needed for large pictures, a single brass or copper wire is much to be preferred for those of lighter weight.

  18. On his approach, the sentinel, recognizing in the dusk the commander's cloak and braided hood, presented arms.

  19. She brushed her hair with a worn brush, braided it, tied it with a bit of shoestring, and climbed into bed.

  20. The holes in the rag carpet, the cheap, cracked mirror, the braided mat in front of her washstand, and the broken pitcher all contrived to reassure her.

  21. The records were not tapes or flats or reels, but were spools of intricately-braided wire.

  22. Into the right room; into the right chest; along miles and miles of braided wire carrying some of the profoundest military secrets of the ancient Masters.

  23. He was lying in a full suit of broadcloth, with a white vest and smart blue neck-tie, fastened with a pin, in which was some braided hair under a crystal.

  24. Then she looked at her own slender wedding ring, and that made her think of the circle of braided grass; and the locust blossoms; and the field--and the children who were to come there on the wedding anniversaries!

  25. We have Miss Frick's sworn evidence to the effect that she herself wore the braided costume between five and six o'clock, and only made a present of these clothes to the accused at about six o'clock.

  26. After a short pause he violently pulled a bell rope, which hung beside his chair, and the captain of the yacht entered, with his gold-braided cap in hand.

  27. Witness: "She had on a green hat with a feather in it, and a jacket braided in front and at the back.

  28. The hussars wore sky-blue jackets braided with white, yellow breeches, high boots, and tall caps with a white plume at the side.

  29. The people of that quiet little town opened their eyes in surprise when the dashing French hussars, in their tall black caps and their brilliantly braided jackets, came galloping in over the muddy country roads.

  30. She was in flowing, lacy garments, her hair in freshly braided plaits hanging over her shoulders, her eyes clear and bright with the invigoration of the night's rest.

  31. Her hair was loosely braided and hung down her back in a long, dark plait.

  32. Illustration: The braid for easily made rugs and baskets] "I saw a beauty basket once made of corn husks braided in the same way.

  33. There are yards and yards of rags cut all the same width and sewed together and then they are braided and then the braid is sewed round and round.

  34. They're made just like the braided rugs you find in farm houses in New England.

  35. What's the matter with making baskets of braided crepe paper?

  36. At first I noticed nothing about her except the braided splendor of her glorious hair.

  37. A kind of hard- twisted or braided cord, sometimes used for making whiplashes.

  38. The lash of a whip, - - usually made of thongs of leather, or of cords, braided or twisted.

  39. Sometimes while the maid or Els braided her hair she could read a book of devotion which the abbess had given her.

  40. Her hand trembled as she braided her young mistress's hair and sometimes, with a faint sigh, she stopped the movement of the comb.

  41. She lay quite naturally and happily in her own bed, in her lace-frilled night-dress, with her bright hair braided as she used to braid it for the night.

  42. Jean was lying on the bed in her lace-frilled nightdress, with her bright hair braided in long braids, as she wore it for the night.

  43. These wreaths are made of deer hair that they had braided with the roots of a sort of green herb.

  44. Near by stood two blue-coated, gold-braided Casino footmen, as if keeping guard; and suddenly Mary remembered that these or other footmen were always hovering at that spot.

  45. Her navy blue cloth dress braided with black that had threads of gold here and there was made to show her form to the best advantage.

  46. After Sally had splashed in the tin basin and had combed and braided her hair, she hesitated for a long minute over the two new dresses that had mysteriously found their way into the equally mysterious new tin trunk.

  47. He was sitting on the barren ground, and stringing the flowers to his braided hairs; when the beauteous princess approached before him.

  48. The hoary locks of hair on the braided head of Hara, were entwined as with a white lace, by the snow white stream of Ganges, whose billows and waves as clusters of flowers on the hair-band.

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