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Example sentences for "bussing"

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busman; buss; bussed; busses; busshop; bust; bustard; bustards; busted; busters
  1. I have already suggested a connection between the salutation A mon beau Laurier and the kissing or bussing of Paul's stump at Billingsgate, which is situated almost immediately next Ebgate.

  2. Kissing and bussing differ both in this; We buss our wantons, but our wives we kiss.

  3. Kissing and bussing differ both in this, 391.

  4. He also omits the bussing of the bosom, probably for artistic reasons.

  5. In fact, on our way down the bussing and training arrangements were several hours behind the scheduled time-table.

  6. We must refer to the excellent staff arrangements for bussing troops which the French had made.

  7. For the most part these were not very wealthy men, though Augustus Storrs was esteemed such, and Mr. Bussing at one time had a large income.

  8. Bussing was specially interested in the Bethel Mission; at first it was independent, but afterwards became a regular part of Plymouth Church work.

  9. He ground, he thumped, he grew So cunning in his art, He learnt the trade of beating hemp By bussing his sweetheart.

  10. John Drogue hath shown me what is my privilege in this idle game of bussing which men seem so ready to play with me, whether I will or no!

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