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  1. The Great Bustard was formerly not unfrequent in Britain, but of late years it has become so rare that it is now impossible to describe its habits on the testimony of a living eye-witness.

  2. The Bustard has no hind claw, which is especially worthy of notice; for by this mark and by its size it is sufficiently distinguished from all birds of the tribe.

  3. Perrault, who wrote in 1676, gives an account of a tame Bustard which was kept for a while in summer in a garden, and died of cold in the winter.

  4. Pliny's description of the Bustard is very brief.

  5. The Bustard is now only a very rare visitor to Great Britain.

  6. From these observations the Bustard is evidently fitted more particularly to live on animal food.

  7. The Great Bustard was formerly very common in Champagne, but has now become extremely rare.

  8. The Great Bustard (Otis tarda) is the largest of all European birds; its weight sometimes attains to sixteen kilogrammes.

  9. The mere mention of the Woodcock, Snipe, Plover, Pewit, and Bustard is sufficient to establish their claim upon the epicure.

  10. There are three species of the Bustard--the Great Bustard, the Little Bustard (Fig.

  11. Imagine then that for the last two days you have been hard at work out of office hours loading cartridges with every variety of shot, from the small bullets used for the bustard down to the dust-shot for the quail.

  12. Whilst staying at the next station after the mud volcanoes, I was lucky enough to witness a passage of the strepita or lesser bustard (otis tetrax).

  13. The glade was not large, but, after watching the bustard for some minutes, the hunters saw that it was resolved to keep near the centre, and showed no disposition to feed in the direction of the thicket on either side.

  14. I say running off, for birds of the bustard family rarely take to wing, but use their long legs to escape from an enemy.

  15. Like the grouse, the bustard is polygamous, and of course terribly jealous and pugnacious, at certain seasons of the year.

  16. Before our well-concealed line stood a grand pack, between thirty and forty bustard beautifully "horseshoed," and quite unconscious thereof.

  17. Each pack of bustard has its own querencia, and will be found at certain hours to frequent certain places.

  18. Occasionally a great bustard was shot from the gunboat.

  19. Of course if left alone and out of sight a winged bustard will travel far.

  20. They are strictly monogamous, yet the males "show-off" in the same fantastic way as great bustard and blackcock.

  21. Tardy strokes deceive the eye, and the great bulk of the bustard accentuates the deception--it seems impossible to miss them, a fatal error.

  22. The great bustard maintains a foothold on these arid uplands, but the fauna is best exemplified by the desert-loving sand-grouse (Pterocles arenarius).

  23. When the bustard is the object of pursuit, two men are required, one of whom carries a gun.

  24. The first essential of success in driving wild-geese (and the same applies to great bustard and all large winged game) is to instal the firing-line as near as may be without disturbing the fowl.

  25. On finding bustard on a suitable hill, leave your man to ride slowly to and fro attracting the attention of the game till you have had time, by hard running, to gain the reverse slope.

  26. The full name after the amalgamation would therefore be Cuthcott, Holliday, Kingson, Forsyte, Bustard and Forsyte.

  27. The genius of solitude that brooded over the pile has fled--fled with the shy bustard that once haunted its mystic circles, and with the ravens that perched on the stones.

  28. The Australian, or native, turkey is a bustard (Choriotis australis).

  29. The bustard gives good sport, and often a good run of three or four miles; indeed there is on record a case of an eleven mile point.

  30. Duck and bustard still afford sport to the falconer, but he has to work further afield, and gets less in return than in the olden times.

  31. When he reached the office of Forsyte, Bustard and Forsyte, he found Soames, sitting in his revolving, chair, drawing up a defence.

  32. He had not been told this; he had merely added the fact of having seen old Jolyon with his son and grandchildren to the fact that he had taken his Will away from Forsyte, Bustard and Forsyte.

  33. This part is called Bustard and takes its name from the small Bustard Inn, Headquarters of General Alderson, General Officer Commanding.

  34. We drove our cars down here, each of us hoping that we would never again see Bustard Camp, Salisbury Plain, as long as we lived; it had been our home for five months.

  35. It was so much appreciated that its name was conferred on Bustard Head and Bustard Bay.

  36. They managed to shoot a bustard of 17 1/2 pounds, and Banks says it was "as large as a good turkey, and far the best we had eaten since we left England.

  37. We were all in raptures at the sight of this beautiful creature, which Ernest pronounced to be a female of the bustard tribe.

  38. Francis thought the bird was so large, it must be an eagle; but Ernest ridiculed the idea, and added that he thought it must be of the bustard tribe.

  39. The bustard we loosed, and, securing it by a string tied to one of its legs, led it with us.

  40. Steering North-North-West we deepened the water in eight miles to 32 fathoms, and after rounding the northern extremity of Breaksea Spit, which appeared to be formed of a few detached breakers, steered West by North for Bustard Bay.

  41. This hill was seen 35 miles from the Beagle's poop, and is a good guide for Bustard Bay.

  42. The chain of hills which rises near Bustard Bay, was seen to stretch westward a few miles behind the shore, till it was lost at the back of Mount Larcom.

  43. There was very little wood upon the two sandy isles, nor did they furnish any thing new to the botanists; but they were partly covered with long grass amongst which harboured several bustards, and I called them Bustard Isles.

  44. This is an increase of near 2° from Bustard Bay; and seems attributable to the attraction of the granitic land which lay to the westward, and drew the south end of the needle that way.

  45. Mr. Wales, in deducing the position of Bustard Bay, takes no notice of this observation, and omits the latitude.

  46. The stone of this island is the same as that of the Bustard Isles; and the Indians had visited both.

  47. Of course it rained on the morning of the day that the King came down to review the Division; at breakfast the rain hammered the tin roof of our mess room at Bustard Camp like so many hailstones and the outlook was most gloomy.

  48. In about two weeks I had completed my campaign, and returned to Bustard Camp where I rounded out my course by lecturing to the officers of the various infantry brigades with the exception of the Highlanders.

  49. The first was missed, the second came down and proved to be a Lesser Bustard or boozerat--quite a prize.

  50. Neither the bustard nor the gazelle, that sometimes roams Sidi el Muktar's plains, had anything to fear from those noble creatures.

  51. The eggs of the Little Bustard are more decidedly green, with ashy or dull brown variations.

  52. They have been latterly recommended to be bred as domestic fowls; and, to those who desire novelty, the Bustard seems to be peculiarly an object for propagation.

  53. The Bustard accordingly bears a high price in the Indian markets: in some districts it is called the florikan.

  54. Varlamov rode by on his little Cossack stallion; happy Konstantin passed, with a smile and the bustard in his arms.

  55. They all went up to the bustard and began examining it.

  56. The fact that Bustard was an old schoolfellow of Scrope's had been his introduction to Althea in the early days when she had been conscientiously anxious to associate herself with her husband's interests past and present.

  57. If Mr. Bustard were coming this afternoon she hoped he would come soon, and so be gone before Perceval came in.

  58. Mr. Bustard was short, and his figure was many years older than his age, which was thirty-four.

  59. I will see Mr. Bustard if he comes," she said gently.

  60. Why indeed should she be still out when Mr. Bustard did come?

  61. And it was so kind of Mr. Bustard to get his sister to go away with Althea.

  62. His wife's friendship with Mr. Bustard did not escape Perceval Scrope's ironic notice.

  63. Bustard was a simple soul, but blessed with an unformulated, though none the less real, philosophy of life.

  64. Unfortunately the one offensive epithet was soon exchanged for another; in allusion doubtless to some historical personage of whom Althea had no knowledge, Scrope began to call Bustard her fat friend.

  65. He says, "yesterday I had a cock Bustard sent me from beyond Thetford.

  66. The presence of a gular pouch in the Bustard was first demonstrated by James Douglas, a Scotch Physician, in 1740, and it appears to be fully developed only in the adult male bird, and at the breeding season.

  67. Bustard is mentioned as in season from October to May.

  68. A momentary halt here--to give the men a rest--afforded a chance for cameras to click, and then we left the road and marched across the grassy Downs to the Bustard Inn.

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