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Example sentences for "booby"

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  1. Any booby might have read upon the young man's face that secret which is written for all,--high and low, rich and poor alike.

  2. How was I to suspect that you loved a provincial booby like me, when you had the choice of so many accomplished gentlemen with titles and estates?

  3. The former is the practical joker; the second, the typical booby found in the popular literature of all peoples.

  4. Robbers come and make a division of their booty under the tree, and the booby lets the door fall, frightens them away, and takes their money himself.

  5. In the other Italian versions the booby takes the door with him, and at night carries it up into a tree.

  6. But she was in no mood for laughing, and the greatest booby in Christendom might have passed muster with her as a parallel to her husband.

  7. She laughed in very scorn of the booby soldiers she had seen.

  8. He joined forces with Puss in making clever fun of the booby Dutch, which Stephen was wise enough to take good-naturedly.

  9. The unpopular man took a sly glance back at the ancient happy hunting-grounds antedating his booby prize days.

  10. I will make the man swallow his words who awarded me that booby prize," he thundered; and he was going the right way about it.

  11. The next time prizes were being handed around his arm would be the longest, and his voice the loudest; and they would not be booby prizes neither.

  12. The booby prize, after all, had been the foundation of his success.

  13. Of the Booby Man Once upon a time in Ashcroft there lived a "gink" who was very much wrapped up in himself.

  14. Among the archives of his past Ashcroft history he found some tell-tale manuscripts, the contents of which had never appealed to him until after the booby prize episode.

  15. Added to this, his booby gait and stupid vacant stare was such that he might have passed muster anywhere for what he pretended to be.

  16. A young clown, finding his time lag heavily in the house with an ugly old maid, for want of something better to do did what makes the booby think himself bound in honour to turn her into his wife.

  17. Who but Mary Brand: and because the love-sick booby carefully avoids her.

  18. The two officers that followed him to the room were strong for sending him to the booby hatch, but I had the presence of mind to slip them each a piece of change and they exit laughing.

  19. Would you believe it, that guy had the nerve to come around the next day and declare that she had pinched the bauble and threaten to land her in the booby hatch if she didn't come across.

  20. Was such an absolute Booby necessary to the purpose?

  21. Touch him upon money, and you touch no booby then.

  22. The reader then acts as chairman, and the company proceed to vote on them for first, second, and booby prizes.

  23. The ballot for booby should be, of course, taken separately.

  24. When she steamed along this way I was well enough to crawl on deck to look at Booby Island.

  25. Taking a departure from Booby Island, which the sloop passed early in the day, I decided to sight Timor on the way, an island of high mountains.

  26. There is a light to-day on Booby Island, and regular packet communication with the rest of the world, and the beautiful uncertainty of the fate of letters left there is a thing of the past.

  27. Of a sudden there came a second thunder-clap, and the booby squires shut themselves up, each in his own domain, unable to comprehend its meaning.

  28. Old de Vaux came cantering over on his pony, followed by a multitude of booby squires, who, grouped in solemn conclave in the banquet-hall of Lorge, sat dumb before the wisdom of the governess.

  29. But for that any booby could manage a ship.

  30. No, in my time we behaved very different--the booby got held naked over a three-legged stool and a couple of men used to go at him with knee-straps!

  31. And when that red-faced booby started to monkey with me, I just couldn't bear it any more.

  32. I don't believe the poor booby found The Sleeping Beauty at all," said Jip, the dog.

  33. The booby father craves a booby son, And by Heaven’s blessing thinks himself undone.

  34. Hochon to Madame Bridau; "the booby is the dupe of a scene which they have been keeping back for the last day of his visit.

  35. The behavior of her booby of a son must have added to the misery of the poor woman so unjustly accused.

  36. On the way up the ship fell in with four merchant vessels, which she convoyed as far as Booby Island, she herself pursuing her way down the Gulf of Carpentaria.

  37. One was rather nervous of "booby traps" in some of them, but so far as our experience went at this time there were none.

  38. How can we know whether they'd leave a rear-guard or booby trap here?

  39. The Bees did some weird and wonderful things with human guinea pigs--what if they've created the ultimate booby trap here, and primed it with conditioned myrmidons in our own form?

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "booby" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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