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Example sentences for "grouped"

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groundwards; groundwater; groundwork; group; groupe; grouper; groupes; grouping; groupings; groups
  1. I pulled up: and the heads came from under the parasols, and grouped round to speak to us.

  2. They were all grouped at the other end of the room, playing at forfeits, and a great deal too busy to notice me.

  3. To Mildred Averill all this made little difference because she had none of the aims commonly grouped as social.

  4. Girls, for the most part pretty and stylishly dressed, sat in the chairs, perched on the arms of them, grouped themselves in corners, in seeming disregard of the purpose that had brought them there.

  5. Besides books, which I love best after tobacco, my shelves and walls hold pipes collected from all nations, and grouped as if they were guns or sabres.

  6. All about were still grouped the tombs of Princes; Edward, the Black Prince, the hero of Crecy, Henry IV.

  7. Headbourne Worthy, granted to Mortimer after the Conquest, was the most important of the three little places grouped here in a bunch which bear that name.

  8. La Harpe was one of the first who appreciated the young woman, around whom were one day to be grouped all the celebrated characters of her age.

  9. His duchess is pretty, but there is a want of aristocratic distinction in her face and bearing; and as to the ladies grouped behind her chair, they are cookmaids in masquerade.

  10. The soldiers on the outside were grouped in great numbers round the foot of the walls: those within were under cover.

  11. The young ladies in their white muslin dresses and pink sashes were grouped under the shade of that grove of flowering locusts that stood near the house--the same grove that had sheltered some of them on the night of the fire.

  12. There was a fine statue of Antoine Watteau, the painter, by the sculptor Carpeaux, with four figures grouped about it representing Italian comedy.

  13. In the town hall, the few faithful ones remained on watch day and night grouped about the mayor.

  14. Migwan squinted her eyes in a calculating manner and surveyed the girls grouped around her.

  15. A number of these old girls were grouped in an adoring attitude around a pretty young woman who talked constantly in an animated tone, and at intervals strummed on a ukulele.

  16. Each group of friends formed a mess, which had its table in some corner of the church, or on the altar platform; and on the floor beds were grouped in rows or square kraals, with their owners' belongings ranged close by.

  17. Each house contained a kitchen and two rooms on the ground floor, as well as an open space in the centre, and three bedrooms upstairs, grouped round a central landing which served as a mess-room.

  18. The party, as we enter, is grouped somewhat thus.

  19. The students grouped themselves according to nationalities, and with their masters held meetings in any available cloister, refectory, or church.

  20. In the latter, the type-bars are all grouped in less than a half circle, which necessarily crowds the type-bars a little closer together, and therefore does not permit of special characters of a large size.

  21. All asset accounts should be assembled in the first section and grouped according to their classification; i.

  22. The trading accounts should be grouped and divided into purchases, in-freight, and sales.

  23. My health is restored and my life is lived among my friends here, who made me their chief," and he waved his hand to the party of islanders grouped about.

  24. There may have been a dozen of the tribe men grouped about the spring.

  25. The wind is thereby forced into a reservoir, whence it passes into the wind-chest, on the sides of which are grouped the pipes.

  26. Baths are usually grouped in a central bath-house adjacent to the cook-house, and have hot water laid on.

  27. Ablution and sanitary arrangements are grouped together on the basement floors.

  28. In the mean time a small circle of admirers had grouped themselves about the Dusenalls' carriage.

  29. The robbers grouped themselves around her; the convict presenting her with a fragment of the wall as a seat.

  30. Then, with difficulty and much consultation, but with perfect reverence of intention, the straight image was lifted on to the great couch; the assistant men being grouped on ladders, and an eager voluble monsignore directing the whole.

  31. I'd always thought of it as a big cave sort of a place, with a lot of miners grouped around the sides pickin' away sociable.

  32. This angered them and after more abuse they sent him out, when the high priest and his abetters grouped and conversed in low tones.

  33. In the spring, 1867, with about fifty teams, we scattered over the south and west planning a rendezvous on the Mississippi River, where we all grouped for about three months.

  34. The ritual associated with the worship of sex then, arose in response to emotions which are grouped around the instinct of reproduction.

  35. The columns consisted of stalks of the plant grouped together.

  36. Do you remember when we were all grouped around that notice--Mefiez-vous!

  37. Loyalty, Dignity, Forbearance, were grouped round the god of war.

  38. When his nag turned the corner of the shrubbery, the little lawyer found those he sought grouped in front of the hall-door.

  39. Faculties of kindred qualities may be grouped together, and their antagonisms represented in the opposite arc of the circle.

  40. These glands consist of numerous follicles, grouped around an excretory duct, which unites with similar ducts coming from other lobules.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grouped" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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