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Example sentences for "grouper"

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  1. The grouper banks lay out in the gulf from eight to eleven miles from shore, and it wouldn't do for a small boat to be caught out there in a heavy squall.

  2. We had twelve hundred pounds of grouper and six hundred pounds of grunts, twenty dollars' worth in all," Charley announced, proudly.

  3. I hardly think a grouper would attack anything as large as a dog out in the open sea.

  4. On the south-east coast, Indian River Inlet, under the mangroves, and Jupiter Inlet, both afford good grouper fishing.

  5. THE SCAMP (Mycteroperca falcata phenax) The scamp is a grouper that resembles very much the gag.

  6. THE RED HIND (Epinephelus guttatus) This beautiful grouper rivals the rock hind in its gay and varied coloration.

  7. THE ROCK HIND (Epinephelus adscensionis) This grouper is one of the most bizarre and gayly colored in the family Serranidae.

  8. A grouper saw them coming and ducked into his hole in the coral.

  9. The grouper shot out of the cabin with a flick of his powerful tail that raised the silt around them.

  10. Under Scotty's prying, a timber suddenly gave with an audible crack, and a huge grouper that must have weighed nearly three hundred pounds rushed past Rick, startling him half to death until he saw what it was.

  11. The grouper had returned to his home, and frightened by the light that suddenly probed his hide-out, he flashed out and caught Scotty by surprise.

  12. Rick followed, half expecting to see Scotty and the grouper meet head on, but the fish hadn't returned.

  13. The wreck of the Maiden Hand was just as they had left it, and the grouper was back in his comfortable cabin.

  14. Oh, oh, de wery day we hab dat beautiful grouper wid claret sauce at Massa Whiffie's.

  15. Three other boats came out across the reef, ventured a little way in the Gulf Stream, and then went back to grouper and barracuda.

  16. This happened to be near the reef, and as we were going out I hooked a big grouper that tried out my small tackle for all it was worth.

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