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ascites; asco; ascribable; ascribe; ascribed; ascribeth; ascribing; ascription; ascriptions; ascus
  1. Pliny ascribes the Roman custom of burning the dead to the belief that was current amongst the people, that their enemies dug up and insulted the bodies of their soldiers killed in distant wars.

  2. The historian of the war ascribes his abstinence to a religious motive, telling us that the auguries were not favorable for the Persians crossing the Tigris.

  3. He was a philosopher, who neither flattered nor vilified the prince nor the people; their common calamities he ascribes to inevitable causes, which had been long working those changes independent of either.

  4. Spiegel (Eranische Alterthumskunde, ii, 144) ascribes to the Eranians the conception of creation out of nothing.

  5. And this work Augustine ascribes to the third day, but other writers to the first instituting of the world.

  6. Because when he has won great victories, he ascribes the glory to God.

  7. Ouseley, does mention Fakhruddin, and ascribes to him the transfer to Jerún.

  8. Génin, from whose account Pauthier quotes, ascribes the poem to an early date after the death of Philip the Fair (1314).

  9. A Mahomedan author ascribes to Bibars the instigation of the attempt on Prince Edward.

  10. The Aín Akbari also ascribes it to a very fine breed in Bengal.

  11. I cannot find any satisfactory corroboration of the claims of supremacy over the Mongols which Polo ascribes to Aung Khan.

  12. Polo ascribes all these virtues to the Khan himself.

  13. A Tartar divination by twigs, but different from that here employed, is older than Herodotus, who ascribes it to the Scythians.

  14. We mean by an anachronism, in common usage, that sort of blunder when a man ascribes to one age the habits, customs, or generally the characteristics of another.

  15. It would require us to suppose that Xenophon is inaccurate, since the opinion which he ascribes to Pausanias is not delivered by Pausanias in the Platonic Symposion, but by Phaedrus.

  16. But Plato was here illustrating the larger doctrine which he ascribes to Protagoras in common with Herakleitus: and therefore the more complicated case of relativity might suit his purpose better.

  17. The reasonings here given by Plato from the mouth of Sokrates, are compared by Steinhart to the Trug-schluesse, which in the Euthydemus he ascribes to that Sophist and Dionysodorus.

  18. Xenophon ascribes one opinion to Pausanias, Plato ascribes another; this is noway inconceivable.

  19. But I think that Steinhart ascribes to the Theaetetus more than can fairly be discovered in it.

  20. But he ascribes to Plato in the Kratylus a mystical and theological purpose which I find it difficult to follow.

  21. The operations, which Plato ascribes to the intelligent mind, are said to be out of the reach of the common man, and not to be attainable except by a few, with difficulty and labour.

  22. The illustration here furnished by Sokrates brings out forcibly the negation of the absolute, and the affirmation of universal relativity in all conceptions, judgments, and predications, which he ascribes to Protagoras and Herakleitus.

  23. But when we examine the language in which Plato describes these forces, we see that he conceives them only as Abstractions and Potentialities;[46] though he ascribes to them a metaphorical copulation and generation.

  24. The ballad-maker here ascribes the victory to the real cause; for the English Borderers dispersing to plunder the merchandise, gave the opposite party time to recover from their surprise.

  25. Here, in every circumstance, is verified the irregularity and roughness which Price ascribes to the picturesque.

  26. Alison, indeed, ascribes the effects of all colors to association.

  27. This is not the mother's only objection to me, or only proof of that frailty she justly ascribes to me.

  28. He indeed, as part of his rendering of character, ascribes the power and modesty of habitual devotion to the gentle and the just.

  29. The name is purely Scandinavian, and tradition ascribes it to the Danes.

  30. Rightly or wrongly, the superscription ascribes this psalm to Solomon.

  31. Hitzig ascribes the psalm to Jeremiah, principally on the ground of the resemblance of the prophet's wish for a lodge in the wilderness (Jer.

  32. There is nothing in the psalm inconsistent with the accuracy of the superscription, which ascribes it to David, when the men of Ziph would have betrayed him to Saul.

  33. The psalmist looks as deep into individual life as he has just done into politics, and ascribes to righteousness lofty powers in that region too.

  34. A Roman writer ascribes to the Athenians the very invention of lawsuits (Aelian, Var.

  35. Ecclesiastical tradition further ascribes to Gregory the compilation of an Antiphonary, the revision and rearrangement of the system of church music, and the foundation of the Roman schola cantorum.

  36. The speeches which he ascribes to the persons of the history are, as regards form, his own essays in rhetoric of the school to which Antiphon belongs.

  37. The importance which the Avesta ascribes to the cultivation of the land, we may regard as a prominent trait of the reform, as an essential part of its ethical importance.

  38. When Herodotus ascribes the introduction of written process at law to Deioces, the tradition presupposes an established and extensive use of writing.

  39. This view is supported by the great importance which the Avesta ascribes to truthfulness, in the decisive value given to this virtue for the purity of the soul, and the identification of purity with truthfulness.

  40. Like all Greeks, Herodotus ascribes the discharge of the religious functions among the Persians and Medes to the Magians, and we find that what Herodotus quotes of their rites agrees with the rules of the Avesta.

  41. Herodotus maintains that the Magians also occupied themselves with soothsaying and prophecy; like Ctesias, he ascribes to the Medes the interpretation of certain dreams and other miraculous acts.

  42. We know what reverence the Avesta pays to the dog, and the importance it ascribes to its glance (p.

  43. The importance which the Avesta ascribes to truthfulness will become clear hereafter.

  44. Dogmas are indisputably 'notional' propositions; that is to say, they belong to that class of truths to which Newman ascribes only a very subordinate importance.

  45. Polybius ascribes it to selfishness and a high standard of comfort, which is doubtless true of the upper and middle classes;[15] but the depopulation of rural Greece can hardly be so accounted for.

  46. Valturius, however, in treating of cannon, ascribes the invention to Malatesta.

  47. He commits in the early part of the chapter the very error which he ascribes to others.

  48. To the circumstance of the drawings being perfectly made on the block, Papillon ascribes in a great measure the excellence of the old wood engravings of the time of Durer and Holbein.

  49. Van, ascribes the Lyons Dance of Death to Holbein, 365.

  50. He denies the intrinsic tendencies, or souls, by which the Aristotelians explained the motion of the spheres, because he ascribes their motion to God.

  51. There had, indeed, come into the Middle Ages an inheritance of scientific thought.

  52. Here Bauer has recourse to the aid of Wilke, who distinguishes our Mark from an Ur-Markus,(93) and ascribes these doublets to later interpolation.

  53. The real difficulty consists in the fact that all the passages which von Soden ascribes to the redactor stand, in spite of their mythical colouring, in a closely-knit historical connexion; in fact, the historical connexion is nowhere so close.

  54. Evil consists in the absurdity that the creature, who apart from God is nothing, ascribes to himself an independent existence.

  55. Whoever ascribes personality and consciousness to this particular being makes it finite; consciousness belongs only to the individual, limited ego.

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