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Example sentences for "ascribing"

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ascribable; ascribe; ascribed; ascribes; ascribeth; ascription; ascriptions; ascus; asepsis; aseptic
  1. Probably no one will hesitate in ascribing to work just described, some extraordinary significance.

  2. But this writer errs in ascribing the game to the Aztecs in honour of their god Huitzilopochtli, as we shall show.

  3. The Duke of Argyle was much disturbed, good-naturedly ascribing it to his having unwittingly recalled, to her remembrance her family misfortunes.

  4. Such closet politicians never fail to assign the deepest motives for the most trifling actions; instead of often ascribing the greatest actions to the most trifling causes, in which they would be much seldomer mistaken.

  5. And is there sufficient ground for so ascribing them?

  6. They think they are ascribing a peculiar sort of agreeableness, analogous to that which they find in some other of the things to which they are accustomed to apply the same name.

  7. It consists in ascribing the character of general truths to all propositions which are true in every instance that we happen to know of.

  8. In ascribing those motions to a general law which obtains between all particles of matter, and in identifying this with the law by which bodies fall to the ground.

  9. The error committed is, I conceive, that of overlooking the distinction between two parts of the process of philosophizing, the inferring part, and the registering part; and ascribing to the latter the functions of the former.

  10. He is seldom offended with any for over-praising him; nor for reverencing or honouring him too much; nor for setting him too high, or for giving or ascribing too much power to him; nor for obeying him before God himself.

  11. If we judge by tendencies, a crowd of objects and of acts to which no mortal ever dreamed of ascribing virtue, contribute largely to the happiness of man.

  12. Rita remembered that Sir Lucien had once described to her the elegant deportment of the Arab women, ascribing it to their custom of carrying water-jars in that way.

  13. Because there is no problem of psychology harder than that offered by a perverted mind, Margaret was misled in ascribing this secrecy to a desire to avoid becoming involved in a scandal.

  14. Let us not sully with Whittier the glory of the federal arms by ascribing to them as their chief triumph the gift of illusory freedom to a few negroes.

  15. This is certainly more mental power than we are warranted in ascribing to a plant.

  16. Respecting English origin, all authorities down to the end of the Eighteenth century agreed in ascribing the first knowledge of chess to the time of William the Conqueror, or to that of the return of the first Crusaders.

  17. White, who refers, to this interesting paper (although by an oversight ascribing it to June 19th) should, while correcting M.

  18. She even blamed him for what had occurred, ascribing the disaster to his vanity in supposing that she would send him a message by the boys to meet her in the tower.

  19. There would appear to be as little reason for ascribing to the Tannin of the Old Testament the significance of dragon, though it is generally so translated.

  20. Christianity had therefore a special reason for ascribing an infernal character to these little idols, which interfered with the popular dependence on the saints.

  21. But this creature prostrating himself under the Sheikh's horse, or under the invisible Sheikh called Allah, and ascribing sanctity to the half-witted, is not Man at all.

  22. Even a Puritan poet might not altogether repress admiration for the dash and daring of a Prince Rupert, to which indeed even his prosaic co-religionists paid the compliment of ascribing to it a diabolical source.

  23. It will be readily understood that these traditions and fables would combine to 'hedge about a king' by ascribing to him familiarity with a monster so formidable to common people, and even investing him with its attributes.

  24. In particular he was the first, and so far as I know the only writer who had noticed the profound error of ascribing a phlegmatic character to the English nation.

  25. I think therefore we are justified in ascribing 10 persons to each Hupa house.

  26. This territory is shown on Foster's map as being within the confines of the Pomo; hence some confusion might arise, were it not that both Barrett and Kroeber are very positive in ascribing the sites to the Huchnom, not the Pomo.

  27. On no other evidence would we be justified in ascribing 200 persons to each subgroup.

  28. Like an old-time geologist, he solved the puzzle of a novel phenomenon by ascribing it to God.

  29. It is no help to beg the question by ascribing the decline of this etiquette to the influence of social custom.

  30. Judaean narrative which tells of the invention of music, ascribing it possibly to a Judaean legendary hero (Gen.

  31. Many Europeans have witnessed a mimic assault, and agree in ascribing a marvellous power of endurance to the women.

  32. According to Mr. Gladstone's theory, these masses of masonry, and the tradition ascribing them to Poseidon and Apollo, are signs of Phoenician influence.

  33. The comparison of these eighteen articles with those from Troy convinces me that Count Gozzadini is right in ascribing no greater age to the cemetery of Villanova than 700 B.

  34. Only when the believers divided into opposite parties, which denied one another, did there appear the necessity for each side to assert its authenticity, ascribing infallibility to itself.

  35. The ancients unite in ascribing to Heraclitus the principle that the totality of things should be conceived in an eternal flow, in an uninterrupted movement and transformation, and that all continuance of things is only appearance.

  36. First, he deduces the conception of rights, and as follows:--A finite rational being cannot posit itself without ascribing to itself a free activity.

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