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  1. In such cases there may be only slight fluctuation of the enlargement, but if necessary, an aseptic exploratory puncture may be made with a suitable needle or trocar.

  2. Aspirating needles and all necessary equipment must be in readiness (sterile and wrapped in aseptic cotton or gauze) so that no delay will occur from this cause when the operation has been started.

  3. The wound is filled with this preparation and a quantity of it is poured upon a suitable piece of aseptic gauze or cotton and this is contacted with the wound.

  4. Chiefly, because of the difficulty encountered in keeping the hock joint in an aseptic condition or securely bandaged, open tarsal joint constitutes a more serious condition than a similar affection of the fetlock.

  5. In all cases this operation is done by observing strict aseptic precautions and the legs are, of course, bandaged.

  6. Sprains may be considered as fibrillary fractures of soft structures and since this form of injury is subsurface, and limited to fractional portions of tendons, the inflammation occasioned usually remains an aseptic one.

  7. A quantity of synovia is then aspirated by means of a small trocar and care should be taken to observe all due aseptic precautions.

  8. This is not done, however, without usual aseptic precautions.

  9. There is, unfortunately, a good deal of abominable work done under the names of antiseptic and aseptic surgery, because the simplest facts of bacteriology are not known to the operator.

  10. The proper aseptic precautions must be observed.

  11. It can be prevented by aseptic precautions in operating, and insuring good drainage by extending the incision to the lowest part of the scrotal sac.

  12. Careful aseptic precautions must be observed in operating on colts, as they are very susceptible to wound infection and peritonitis.

  13. That I'm to go back to the madding crowd, mingle with my twenty-eight fellows in aseptic togetherness?

  14. McQueen had preceded us here; and under his direction the Orion Zeta had been made as aseptic as the Big Tank itself.

  15. Cafeteria coffee is aseptic enough for a Lapin to drink, even if there were some way to get a cup of the stuff inside the helmet of a sterility-suit.

  16. We Lapins had a ball, planting the aseptic seeds in the dirtless dirt eagerly as a band of ribbon-hungry 4-H'ers.

  17. The aseptic traumatic fevers, as described by Volkmann,[4] are those which pursue their course with an elevated temperature, but without most of the other febrile phenomena.

  18. Probably the difficulty is best solved by assuming with Genzmer and Volkmann[47] that there is such a thing as an aseptic surgical fever due to the absorption of the products of physiological tissue-changes at the seat of injury.

  19. Even should such a wound be inflicted by an aseptic body, infection would quickly ensue as a result of the wound gathering dirt from the ground, or even from admission to the joint of impure and bacilli-laden air.

  20. It is advisable to first render aseptic the seat of operation, and to sterilize both the needle and the syringe by boiling.

  21. The whole of the foot must then be thoroughly cleansed, and rendered as nearly aseptic as possible.

  22. Open the abdomen with all aseptic precautions, remove kidneys and testicles and transfer to a sterile glass dish.

  23. Open the thorax with all aseptic precautions, and collect as much blood as possible from the heart with a sterile Pasteur pipette.

  24. If it is necessary to introduce a large bulk of fluid into the animal, the cultivation should be transferred with aseptic precautions, to a sterile separatory funnel, preferably of the shape shown in figure 173, and graduated if necessary.

  25. For this purpose several cubic centimetres of blood should be taken in an all-glass syringe from an accessible vein corresponding to one of those suggested as the site of intravenous inoculation--and under similar aseptic precautions.

  26. Remove as much of its blood as possible from the heart under aseptic precautions into sterilized centrifuge tubes.

  27. Every care therefore must be taken to ensure that the virus is introduced into the exact tissue or organ selected; and the operation itself must be carried out with skill and expedition, and under strictly aseptic conditions.

  28. Collect a few drops of human blood, under all aseptic conditions, in a sterile capillary teat pipette.

  29. Under strictly aseptic precautions remove the lungs, liver and other solid organs and transfer them to a sterile double glass dish.

  30. Under aseptic precautions, at the post-mortem, transfer a loopful of heart blood to an Erlenmeyer flask containing 50 c.

  31. The treatment should be the same as that recommended for aseptic periostitis.

  32. Applications of cold water to check the inflammatory processes is indicated for the first few days in aseptic periostitis, followed by hot fomentations to hurry resorption of fluids.

  33. This is best accomplished by keeping the auditory canal aseptic and dry.

  34. If there be abrasions of the canal, a small strip of gauze should be inserted and changed as frequently as it becomes moist with secretion, the meatus, if necessary, being also syringed out with an aseptic lotion.

  35. This can usually be cured by aseptic treatment, but if granulations have already occurred, curetting and the application of trichloracetic and chromic acid may be necessary.

  36. The same care must be taken to get the interior of the mastoid cavity aseptic and dry.

  37. If, however, it be situated more deeply, forcible removal should not be attempted until the sequestrum becomes loose, the wound cavity being meanwhile kept as aseptic as possible.

  38. During this time the eye is open to septic infection and therefore the greatest care should be taken to keep it aseptic when dressing it.

  39. The auricle and surrounding parts should also be surgically cleansed, and afterwards protected by a simple aseptic compress.

  40. When the uterus is attached to the abdominal wall by an aseptic suture, lymph is exuded from the surfaces of the peritoneum in contact with the retaining sutures.

  41. It is also suitable for large, recently made, fairly aseptic wounds in the globe.

  42. It is sufficient to irrigate the wound with some mild aseptic lotion and afterwards to repack it lightly.

  43. Before doing this, the wound should be made as aseptic as possible and a fresh set of sterilized instruments used.

  44. These bottles can be kept in an aseptic solution so as not to soil the hands of the surgeon.

  45. Although apparently a trivial matter, it is of the utmost importance to render the auditory canal as aseptic as possible in order to prevent secondary infection of the tympanic cavity from without.

  46. Dudley bore early testimony to the efficacy of aseptic surgery.

  47. Thus they discovered two greatly good things--antiseptic surgery first and after that aseptic surgery.

  48. I have practiced both antiseptic and aseptic surgery on little Tom to-night, so his case will serve to illustrate both.

  49. In the hospitals, where all conditions can be controlled they do this aseptic business completely.

  50. Aseptic surgery aims to keep all evil germs out of the wounds that the surgeon must make.

  51. As to the aseptic nature of the injury, it will be well to first consider the question of the sterility of the bullet.

  52. The tendency of simple wounds such as are above described to run an aseptic course was very marked, and, given satisfactory conditions, deep suppuration and cellulitis were distinctly rare.

  53. Section of the entry segment of an aseptic Mauser wound removed a little over forty-eight hours after its infliction.

  54. I ascribed this to slow separation of aseptic sloughs, a point which has already been mentioned under the heading of wounds in general.

  55. If aseptic sponges or pads are not available, boiled squares of ordinary lint may be employed for the belly, and towels wrung out of 1 to 20 carbolic acid solution used to surround the field of operation.

  56. The religious dress and its anticipation of aseptic needs.

  57. In all the methods employed, the preparation of the parts is the same as for any aseptic operation.

  58. The methods of rendering the ulcer aseptic have already been described.

  59. The aseptic method for the treatment of wounds admits of the use of germicidal solutions and heat upon the field of operation, upon the hands of the operator and of his assistants, and upon the instruments employed.

  60. An aseptic wound heals without any of the clinical signs of inflammation and without reaction.

  61. After this, in an aseptic wound the dressing need not be changed for days.

  62. In the modern aseptic operating room germicides and antiseptics do not play so important a part as they formerly did.

  63. Sterilization of a wound, or of the substances coming in contact with it, may be accomplished by using the aseptic or antiseptic method; by combining these two methods we obtain the best results.

  64. This should only be resorted to under the strictest aseptic precautions, as the conditions are favorable for microbic growth.

  65. Ability to be rendered aseptic by boiling.

  66. This operation, though simple, requires every aseptic precaution, and should never be performed in the presence of any acute symptoms.

  67. To arrest hemorrhage the bleeding point must be controlled by digital pressure until ready to be grasped with forceps; it is then caught up and tied with catgut or aseptic silk.

  68. Aseptic conditions in the synovial membrane seldom extend to the other joint structures (see "Arthritis") and heal with or without impairment of the joint, depending on the degree of inflammation.

  69. If blebs or an area of threatening necrosis of the skin exist, they should be freely dusted with powdered boric acid and a few layers of aseptic gauze applied.

  70. If the wound is infected, dress with antiseptic gauze; with aseptic or antiseptic gauze if it is not infected.

  71. Aseptic wounds could probably be made to cicatrise more rapidly.

  72. She is dressed in what appears to be white linen, with a long veil of aseptic gauze.

  73. The importance of the changes wrought by the adoption of aseptic methods requires no emphasis, for the marvels of modern surgery are even more impressive to laymen than to the medical profession.

  74. It is but a short step from antiseptic operations to our own era of aseptic surgery, and that a step in the direction of simplicity.

  75. As they are ignorant of aseptic precautions, their manipulations must necessarily contaminate the site of operation; for this reason and others as well women who attempt to perform an abortion upon themselves imperil their lives.

  76. Formerly much larger amounts were considered normal, and, therefore, it is probable that modern aseptic treatment of child-birth has lessened the subsequent loss of blood.

  77. The danger is scarcely less when abortion is induced unlawfully by incompetent operators; for lack of skill, the need of secrecy, and the desire of haste all interfere with necessary aseptic technique.

  78. A doctor, who was called in, carefully washed the wound, applied an aseptic dressing, and at once sent the little sufferer to the Hospital.

  79. Aseptic foreign bodies, especially bullets, may remain embedded in the brain without producing symptoms.

  80. The treatment consists in reducing any deformity that may be present, ensuring efficient drainage, and keeping the mouth as aseptic as possible.

  81. Moreover, this operation is in direct controversion of the basic principles of aseptic surgery, the legitimate aim of which is to remove from the organism the products of disease, but never to introduce them.

  82. The prime aim of the modern surgeon is to make every wound aseptic and to keep it so.

  83. And as if to cap the climax of his stupidity and inconsistency, he performs the operation under "aseptic precautions.

  84. French Hospital, with its up-to-date modern operating theatre for tackling the wounds in a strictly aseptic and scientific way within a few hours of the men being hit, are a tremendous help.

  85. But, of course, there are a great many of the seriously wounded that no amount of aseptic and skilled surgery or nursing can save.

  86. We shall all forget what aseptic work is by the time we get home.

  87. But Lister himself took enormous pains to keep his antiseptic as remote as possible from the tissues to whose vitality he trusted, and went half-way to meet the aseptic doctrine.

  88. This was due to the introduction of the so-called aseptic theory so widely prevalent to-day, of which the chief prophet in 1885 was Professor von Bergmann of Berlin.

  89. It is then too late for aseptic precautions, as the wound may already be teeming with bacteria.

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