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Example sentences for "excites"

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excitedly; excitement; excitements; exciter; exciters; exciting; exclaim; exclaimed; exclaiming; exclaims
  1. Novelty has always some power, an unaccustomed mode of begging excites an unaccustomed degree of pity.

  2. The arrival of strangers at a place so rarely visited, excites rumour, and quickens curiosity.

  3. In civilized countries, however, anyone who places considerations of modesty before the claims of some real human need excites ridicule and contempt.

  4. The Japanese woman, naked as in daily life she sometimes is, remains unconcerned because she excites no disagreeable attention, but the inquisitive and unmannerly European's eye at once causes her to feel confusion.

  5. We have seen how the presence of food in the mouth excites the salivary glands, causing the saliva quickly to flow.

  6. That form of exercise which interests and excites the mind, will yield the best results; but to some persons no kind of exertion whatever is, at first, agreeable.

  7. Each wave of sound that impinges against this delicate membrane causes it to vibrate, and it, in turn, excites movements in the parts beyond.

  8. At first, it excites a pleasurable sensation, but this soon passes into pain.

  9. Cinnabar excites the sensation of red in me.

  10. That which excites horror or dread, or is horrible; gloom; dreariness.

  11. Anything that instructs the intellect, excites the feelings, or molds habits of character; that which nourishes.

  12. Nothing excites frankness like frankness ; and I answered him in return with a case of my own.

  13. Tis strange that two feelings so very opposite as love and resentment should have nearly equal power in inspiring courage for or against the object that excites them yet so it is.

  14. And, in fine, a soul, that excites me daily to attempt things worthy of my birth, and those noble sentiments I inherit from my great forefathers?

  15. The least movement in a coppice excites apprehension, and fills the soul of both the resolute and the timorous with anticipations of danger.

  16. And this again makes my hypothesis very probable, that the vibrios, although of no specific form but a very frequent one, are at least the cause of the rapid increase of the symptoms in warm air, as heat excites them to lively action.

  17. His work excites admiration, but contact with him warms and elevates the heart.

  18. The mutilation is ghastly and excites our horror as an example of barbarian cruelty: but it is not cruel, and need not excite our horror, since the mutilation is done, not before death, but after.

  19. His religion is but a thinly diluted Mohammedanism, and excites the scorn of the true believers from India who witness his devotion, or rather his want of devotion.

  20. The infinite diversity in nature first fixed the attention of investigators; now its infinite unity is the marvel which excites their wonder and admiration.

  21. But unknowableness in itself excites no reverence, even though it be supposed infinite and eternal.

  22. Nothing excites our reverence but a person, or at least a moral being.

  23. When oxygen is taken into a body it excites the elements in the same manner as the negative chlorine attacks the zinc in the battery.

  24. It is founded on that law of human nature according to which the very hate or distrust to which these Preparations testify excites in others a corresponding sentiment.

  25. These words evince the disgust which Trial by Battle excites in our day.

  26. Don't be such an ass as to suppose that what excites uncle is more exciting than what excites Tommy.

  27. Plato excites and strengthens the interior mental wakefulness of the hearer, to judge respecting all affirmative theories, whether coming from himself or from others.

  28. His followers also fail not to produce several texts even from our present copies of the Old and New Testament, to support their master's cause.

  29. And in the same manner, if any one shall have a fancy to employ himself in agriculture (which rustic pleasure may suit the wanton fancy of some), what he shall sow will spring up and come to maturity in a moment.

  30. Men shall have the preƫminence above women, because of those advantages wherein GOD hath caused the one of them to excel the other,p and for that which they expend of their substance in maintaining their wives.

  31. There is nothing that excites so much loathing; and justly so, for there is nothing that does so much harm.

  32. Even Spenser sometimes excites a feeling of positive nausea when he enlarges on some most loathsome picture.

  33. Well, it is precisely that which so excites me.

  34. No, not of admiration, since admiration is a moral feeling, a spiritual excitement, whereas that which I feel influences and excites only my flesh.

  35. It seems that this crime excites the admiration of the magistrates, and was committed with a surprising skill,--undoubtedly by professionals, by Parisians.

  36. Really, I don't know what there is about my hands that so excites men.

  37. The sight of glorious Trafalgar[FN#7]| excites none of the sentiments with which a tedious sail used to invest it.

  38. Everyone talks, and talking here is always in extremes, either in a whisper, or in a scream; gesticulation excites the lungs, and strangers cannot persuade themselves that men so converse without being or becoming furious.

  39. THE Poem begins with the description of an obscure village, and of the pleasing melancholy which it excites on being revisited after a long absence.

  40. If the people composing it really possess intellect and information, and the narrowness of their conversation proceed merely from habit, there is something in the freshness of the stranger's thoughts which interests and excites them.

  41. The misery of the poor excites in many noble breasts sympathy, and the men who thus sympathize wish to better the condition of their fellows.

  42. A theologian is an intellectual mummy, and excites attention only as a curiosity.

  43. He excites the envy of the mediocre minister, and he excites the hatred of the really orthodox, but he receives the approbation of good and generous men everywhere.

  44. They reasoned this way: If the Republican party cannot defend the colored people, why make a pretence that excites hatred on one side and disarms the other?

  45. The edge of the situation, the dawn of this entanglement, excites her mirth.

  46. The press furnishes food for, and excites thought.

  47. They do not tell their doubts--they know that orthodoxy is doomed --they know that the old doctrine excites laughter and scorn.

  48. She moves about exhibiting her brightness and freshness to people she does not know, but whose homage flatters her, while the desire she excites charms her, though she is indifferent to those who feel it.

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