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Example sentences for "excitements"

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excitatory; excite; excited; excitedly; excitement; exciter; exciters; excites; exciting; exclaim
  1. Another preliminary assumption in the theory of the impulse which we cannot relinquish, states that the bodily organs furnish two kinds of excitements which are determined by differences of a chemical nature.

  2. The hardy and healthy portion of the emigrants, under the stimulating excitements of the novel circumstances of their situation, seemed to revel in the exuberance of animal spirits.

  3. The intellectual excitements which were offered as a substitute have not been found to answer the desired purpose.

  4. I cannot imagine that this resolution can add any thing to those excitements which it has been supposed, I think very causelessly, might possibly provoke the Turkish government to acts of hostility.

  5. These are excitements to duty; but they are not suggestions of doubt.

  6. It gave to civilized man not only a new continent to be inhabited and cultivated, and new seas to be explored; but it gave him also a new range for his thoughts, new objects for curiosity, and new excitements to knowledge and improvement.

  7. The first excesses of his language were in him but the excitements of the tribune; he was desirous of tasting the popular applause, and it was showered upon him beyond his real merit.

  8. A nation does not change in a day, or in fifty years, from revolutionary excitements to monarchical repose.

  9. The tedium and distrust proper to a disintegrated society began to drive him to artificial excitements and superstitions.

  10. To the worldling those heavenly joys were nothing but a continuation of the pleasures and excitements of this life, serving to choke any reflections which, in spite of himself, might occasionally visit him about the vanity of human wishes.

  11. Familiar as you have been with the discussions of this subject in all its aspects, and under all the excitements it has occasioned for sixty years past, I may not be able to present much that will be new to you.

  12. The negro loves change, novelty, and sensual excitements of all kinds, when awake.

  13. With the elder Booth, subjected to the varying fortunes and excitements of the early American stage, the evil influence gained sad ascendency, and his finest renditions grew "out of tune and harsh.

  14. The habits of the Californians accorded with their own, with just difference enough to furnish them with novelties and excitements such as gave a zest to their intercourse.

  15. Rendezvous with all its varied excitements being over, this important brigade commenced its march.

  16. In the same way all passionate excitements are to be eliminated and sexual life to be wisely regulated.

  17. His healthy body, steeled in the palaestra, felt no fatigue after the sleepless night passed amid so many powerful excitements when he retired to his chamber and committed himself to the hands of his slave.

  18. Many protections and excitements to population were laid in the framework of this new religion, which, by its new code of rules and impulses, in so many ways extended the free-agency of human beings.

  19. They are exactly the sort of excitements all of us have felt on being introduced to people and places and pictures we have dreamed about from our youth.

  20. He makes us share these excitements simply by telling us how excited he was.

  21. Henry James is, as I have already said, his own greatest character, and his portrait of his excitements is one of the most enrapturing things in the literature of autobiography.

  22. The day had been such an incredible one, with its succession of excitements and almost unreal pleasures, that they had actually forgotten that the night must come.

  23. The Fugitive Freshman "A mysterious disappearance, a wreck, the real thing in a game of baseball are but a few of the excitements it contains.

  24. The disturbances of the 1st of January here were answered by similar excitements in Leghorn and Genoa, produced by the same hidden and malignant foe.

  25. At morning this boating was very pleasant; at evening, I confess, I was generally too tired with the excitements of the day to think it so.

  26. These excitements vary constantly in their various renewals, and occasionally take such a form that the soul is surprised by the inward vision of an unexampled beauty.

  27. We do not enjoy the expression of evil, but only the pleasant excitements that come with it; namely, the physical stimulus and the expression of good.

  28. Spontaneous syntheses arise in it which are not mathematical averages of the images it receives from sense; they are effects of diffused excitements left in the brain by sensations.

  29. As she gave me no hint to leave, perhaps she thought backgammon might divert the count's mind and quiet those fatal nervous susceptibilities, the excitements of which were killing him.

  30. Madeleine went with her mother, and the next day I heard that the countess had been seized with nausea, caused, she said, by the violent excitements of that day.

  31. Too keen a sensibility increases the play of the sympathetic nerve; these excitements of feeling keep the mucous membrane of the stomach in a state of constant irritation.

  32. In harmony with this reposeful life, and without other excitements to emotion than those arising in the family, this scene conveyed to the soul its own serenity.

  33. Many of these peculiar excitements have been political.

  34. The result of it all naturally, as far as his patients were concerned, was marked excitements and hysterias.

  35. I must inevitably follow Mrs. Isabel thither, though I do it at the cost of the reader, who suspects the excitements which a long description of the movement would delay.

  36. It seemed as if I personally were sharing the excitements as well as the hazards of the escape, though in my case there was no sense of guilt to lie heavy on my conscience.

  37. And yet, when he sought to compose himself to rest after all the excitements of the past four-and-twenty hours, he found himself unable to sleep.

  38. He thirsted for adventure, for the excitements and perils which he had experienced of late.

  39. For a moment her mind was a welter of confused excitements and speculations.

  40. Her faithful heart dwelt with apprehension upon a future spent apart from Joe, apart from the excitements of the shop, a future of small things and small people.

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