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Example sentences for "dazzled"

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dazedly; dazing; dazling; dazu; dazzle; dazzlement; dazzles; dazzling; dazzlingly; dchen
  1. The ruddy light in the arena dazzled them and they half closed their eyes as if dazed.

  2. But in the moment when it opened, that light so dazzled her that she could see nothing distinctly.

  3. But the word Prince," adds she, "whose nullity is well known to everybody on the Continent, dazzled my stupid countrymen.

  4. Each of the separate panes of glass in the huge Gothic windows cost twelve pounds sterling, and the eye is dazzled with velvet, silk, and gilding.

  5. But the brilliant gallant who had dazzled her eyes?

  6. Without warning was I wrested from my place, hurled onto the stage, and before my dazzled eyes could accustom themselves to the footlights, I found myself enmeshed in intolerable drama.

  7. Perhaps this luncheon at Hartwell had been pleasanter to her than to him, though even she had an aftertaste of disappointment in it, because Lady Latimer no longer dazzled her judgment.

  8. Her girlish imagination was dazzled by the name of a lord and the splendor of Umpleby.

  9. At this moment she was dazzled by a series of surprises.

  10. Franz, at once dazzled and enchanted, followed her at a sufficient distance.

  11. He is not ambitious to make his name the theme, the gaze, the wonder of a dazzled community.

  12. About sunset a sudden flash dazzled his eyes, and ere he grasped its vividness the walls were rocking silently, and a second after a roar as of a thousand thunder-claps deafened his ears.

  13. When the sun shone on their glasses, as it did now through a western window, they dazzled the eyes.

  14. The crude Celtiberians, gathered to witness the festival, remained silent in astonishment at the procession which dazzled them with its glitter of arms and jewels and the multicolored confusion of costumes.

  15. He dazzled the world, without seeming to care for its praise or its censure--dazzled it, as it were, because he could not help shining.

  16. Observant of his son's character, from infancy upwards, he is said to have foretold that, carried away and dazzled by popularity and its vain promises, he would perish in an attempt to upset the kingdom.

  17. She seemed fairly dazzled by these latter, and gazed at them fixedly in a sort of ecstasy--having evidently never seen anything like them before, and probably thinking they must be of immense value.

  18. He was so overwhelmed by your surpassing grace, so dazzled by your exquisite beauty, that he was struck dumb, and when he tried to pay you pretty compliments, did nothing but stammer and blush.

  19. Grant fell backward from the step, dropping the reins; and while the others stood dazzled by the flash, the terrified animals backed the vehicle with a crash against the stable.

  20. With face fiercely set and the perspiration dripping from him, he held on, scorched and partly dazzled by the glare.

  21. Her piquant prettiness and her charm of manner dazzled him.

  22. So does every child of fancy regard the world of which he knows nothing, the world of the great and famous, where to dazzled fancy all the beautiful things, words, and thoughts for which he has been sighing all his life are to be found.

  23. There is indeed evidence that when one awakens in a brightly lit room out of vivid dreaming, one feels less dazzled than on waking from dreamless sleep.

  24. It is well known that if the eye has become adjusted to darkness it is dazzled if suddenly exposed to light, even though the light be of no more than quite ordinary brightness.

  25. You rarely, in looking at her face, could get beyond these eyes and teeth; for they so dazzled and blinded you that they defied you to criticise the doubtful little nose, or the width of the smiling mouth.

  26. I look into the crystal, and I behold a youth stretching his arms in freedom, rubbing, with unfettered hands, his eyes dazzled by the light of day.

  27. The young man, when he saw the King's daughter, was so dazzled by her great beauty, that he forgot all danger, went to the King and offered himself as a wooer.

  28. The bridegroom sat in the midst with the Princess on one side and the waiting-woman on the other; and the false bride did not know the true one, because she was dazzled with her glittering braveries.

  29. I was dazzled with the freedom of her language, the boldness of her sentiments, and her apparent knowledge of the world.

  30. The glittering baubles which dazzled me withdrawn for a time, I saw, not without alarm, the great realities which she presented to my mind.

  31. Dazzled by the false spirit, indicated by the magnitude of his loss, and pleased with the cause to which vanity ascribed it, I had half pardoned his late neglect, when I that evening met him at Mrs Clermont's rout.

  32. The public read only the history of an ideal world and of creatures of exquisite beauty, told in language that alike dazzled their fancy and captivated their ear.

  33. Venetia turned the jewel; her eye was dazzled with its brilliancy.

  34. Down yonder, through the branches, I saw, like patches, bits of the Mediterranean gleaming so that they fairly dazzled my eyes.

  35. Indeed, accustomed as Oliver had been for a brief period to the court of Castile, the scene now presented would, under ordinary circumstances, have dazzled his eye and raised his wonder.

  36. Clasping your cross, you burn, you bleed, only soon to behold in the mire that which had dazzled you.

  37. Now when a man turns his gaze on his own divinely illumined heart he is dazzled by the blaze of its beauty, and the expression "I am God!

  38. If even one of the cherubims wished to contemplate His essence, he would be dazzled and frustrated by His glory.

  39. His heart palpitated; his dazzled eye caught a hasty glimpse of a tall magnificent figure and a throne.

  40. Mr. and Mrs. Tag-rag talked together very fast for nearly a couple of hours, sleep long fleeing from the eyes dazzled with so splendid a vision as that which had floated before them all day.

  41. Can France forget that she had once a court and a throne that dazzled the world?

  42. France was peopled with a generation that never knew the Bourbons, and which was dazzled with the genius of Napoleon, and the splendour of his imperial government.

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