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Example sentences for "frowns"

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frown; frowne; frowned; frowning; frowningly; frowsy; frowzy; froze; frozen; fructification
  1. The author will without doubt find both smiles and frowns on the faces he would regard.

  2. His sweetness for those frowns no subject finds: Seas are the field of combat for the winds: But when they sweep along some flowery coast, Their wings move mildly, and their rage is lost.

  3. He has, it is true, fled from the frowns of an indignant country; but he was not alone.

  4. While he smoked behind the passion vines on the veranda, he thought his way slowly from frowns to a smile of satisfaction, and finally called a peon scurrying across the patio to stand humbly before him while he gave a calm order.

  5. Not the prayers of all the padres can save them from the blackness of their fate, since Don José Pacheco frowns and will not take their hand in friendship!

  6. But now her looks are coy and cold, To mine they ne'er reply, And yet I cease not to behold The love-light in her eye: Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are.

  7. Warriors and chieftains pursued the duties of their vocations with dour faces, and little knots of them were collecting here and there and with frowns of anger discussing some subject that was uppermost in the minds of all.

  8. A fragment of an oak, struck off by lightning, struggles with the current midway down; while the shattered trunk frowns above the desolation, majestic in ruin.

  9. Earth frowns below, Heaven weeps above, And man is hate, but God is love!

  10. By the by, Klesmer frowns a good deal," said Deronda, "but there is often a sort of smile in his eyes all the while.

  11. Nicholas, his angry spirit flashing in his face, as in an attitude of defence he presses his right hand into his bosom, and frowns defiantly upon the intruders.

  12. I have tasted of Christ's judgments and mercies, and of the world's frowns and reproaches: I rejoice in my experience, and dedicate it to thy service in Christ.

  13. No temptations shall gain us, no frowns shall scare us from Christ's cross, and our blessed self-denial.

  14. Instead of kind admonition, I was to endure the frowns of one, whose sympathies could neither be reached by the prayers and cries of his slaves, nor by the entreaties and sufferings of a sister's son.

  15. It is assumed by slaveholders, that 'public opinion' at the south so frowns on cruelty to the slaves, that fear of disgrace would restrain from the infliction of it, were there no other consideration.

  16. They would be placed above the frowns of the world the hour they married, and Travice could turn amateur astronomer at will.

  17. Were it possible that he could marry Lucy, they'd not wait for my death to be placed above the frowns of the world.

  18. From the tapestry that adorns these walls, the immortal ancestor of this noble lord frowns with indignation at the disgrace of his country.

  19. How Should this be--if the lion's imperial seed Life not against his sire as brave a brow As frowns upon his mother?

  20. God's thunder were less fearful than the brow That frowns not on thy friend found false to thee.

  21. Though from those objects frowns arise, Some kind of frowns become black eyes, As pointed diamonds being set Cast greater lustre out of jet.

  22. Each angry look appears to me As witness of her modesty; And blustering storms do but forerun The lustre of a brighter sun; Which when appeased, I'm full possess'd Her frowns are but in jest.

  23. She frowns at the prompter and a bell is heard to ring.

  24. On the other hand, her elder sister, Miss Prendergast, is completely wrapped up in a sock for one of the poorer classes, over which she frowns formidably.

  25. The servile suitors watch her various face, She smiles preferment, or she frowns disgrace, Curtsies a pension here--there nods a place.

  26. A week ago I should have told Orrin what I had seen, but I had no desire to behold the old frowns come back to his face, so I determined to hold my silence with him.

  27. When she smiles you feel like rushing forward; when she frowns you question yourself humbly what you have done to merit a look so out of keeping with the playful cast of her countenance and the arch bearing of her spirited young form.

  28. And let none other but yourself warm it; study its temperature as the lover might study the frowns and smiles of his beloved.

  29. Over Julienne or bisque frowns are smoothed away, and guests who sat down to table in monosyllabic gloom will plunge boldly into epigrammatic or anecdotic gaiety ere ever the fish be served.

  30. Youth should attend when those advise Whom long experience renders sage): While music charms the ravished ear, While sparkling cups delight our eyes, Be gay; and scorn the frowns of age.

  31. The bonnie bush bloomed fair in May, Its sweets I'll aye remember; But now her frowns make it decay-- It fades as in December.

  32. Nae mair your smiles can cheer me, Nae mair your frowns can fear me; For the Flowers of the Forest are a' wede away.

  33. When Trouble frowns upon our way And still we bravely overcome, The griefs besieging us each day; Desirous as best we may, To bear the duties burdensome.

  34. No frowns of men can hurtful prove To souls on fire with heav'nly love; Though men and devils both condemn, No gloomy days arise for them.

  35. Where the company of inquirers, whom no frowns and no flatteries can induce to relinquish the pursuit?

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