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Example sentences for "bonnie"

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bonnes; bonnet; bonneted; bonnetless; bonnets; bonnier; bonniest; bonnily; bonny; bono
  1. Well see I yon bonnie castle, Lies on yon sunny lea, But Ise neer hae nane o your mither's men, Tho I never gat mair o thee.

  2. O here am I, a bonnie boy, Will tak the steer in hand, Till you mount up to oor tapmast, To luik oot for dry land.

  3. When this bonnie boy was brought afore the king, His claithing was o the silk, His fine yellow hair hang dangling doun, And his skin was like the milk.

  4. Atween Leith an Aberdeen Lies mony a craig an sea, An there it lies young Patrick Spens, An mony bonnie boys him wi.

  5. Since you do wonder, bonnie boy, I shall tell you anon; That is indeed the very spot I killed your mother in.

  6. O lang, lang will my lady leuk, Wi the lantern in her han, Afore she see my bonnie ship Come sailin to dry lan.

  7. Whan bells war rung, and mass was sung, And a' men boun for bed, The bonnie bride and the bridegroom In bride's bed they were laid.

  8. I wad,' said the bonnie ladie, 'Amang five hunder and ten.

  9. Word has to the kitchen gane, And word has to the ha, And word has to the king himsell, In the chamber where he sat, That his ae daughter gaes wi bairn To bonnie Johnie Scot.

  10. Gill Morice stood in stable-door, With red gold shined his weed; A bonnie boy him behind, Dressing a milk-white steed.

  11. Whare will I get a bonnie boy, Wha will win meat an fee, Wha will rin on to.

  12. There was nae mean made for that lady, In bowr whar she lay dead, But a' was for the bonnie babe That lay blabbering in her bleed.

  13. Why, they are as green and bonnie as the Broad Hill on the links of Aberdeen.

  14. Bonnie Prince Charlie arrived here on the afternoon of his birthday in 1745, stabling his horse in the church, while the vicar fled from what he described in the church book as "the Rebels.

  15. He join’d the army too, To fight for liberty, Oh, my bonnie, bonnie Jamie Has gone to war to dee.

  16. Where Jamie met me last; While tears fell from mine e’e, But my bonnie, bonnie Jamie Has cross’d the stormy sea.

  17. Bonnie Lesley's had it in her pocket from start to finish, Jerry,' said Jack Raymond, suddenly lowering his glasses.

  18. The five thousand rupees I won off Bonnie Lesley still awaits your instructions.

  19. I'll take twenty to one on Bonnie Lesley!

  20. Illustration: "The Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a Single Star.

  21. As long as the Union was faithful to her trust, Like friends and like brethren kind were we and just; But now when Northern treachery attempts our rights to mar, We hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a Single Star.

  22. Old Dominion State, With the young Confederacy at length has link'd her fate; Impelled by her example, now other States prepare, To hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a Single Star.

  23. Come, brothers, near and far, Come rally 'round the Bonnie Blue Flag That bears a single star!

  24. Hurrah for the Bonnie White Flag, That ends this cruel war!

  25. Then cheer, boys, raise the joyous shout, For Arkansas and North Carolina now have both gone out; And let another rousing cheer for Tennessee be given, The Single Star of the Bonnie Blue Flag has grown to be Eleven.

  26. He turned from the mirror singing sweetly, "And bright blue was her ee, And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'll lay me doon and dee.

  27. Ond was it for sic a goovernment as ye hae noo, that ye gaed up your bonnie lad to dee?

  28. Ye hae na moontains ond bonnie hills hereaboot," he continued, as he looked from the window upon the low-lying fields and meadows.

  29. Let me kiss you, my lassie, ond touch your bonnie hair with my auld stiffened fingers.

  30. The bonnie lassie will receive shortly a gold brooch inscribed with her name and Tommy's.

  31. George has several pictorial satires on the same fertile theme; one of these, Bonnie Willie, depicts the huge man in Highland garb.

  32. I'll gie ye my bonnie black hen, Gif ye will advise me to marry The lad I lo'e dearly, Tam Glen!

  33. Now go and soothe your bonnie burd, And banish Lanthorn Jawley.

  34. I wunner ye could be sae cruel as to kill that bonnie wee cauf!

  35. Agnes, still more moved,--"a bonnie lad like him!

  36. Or cam ye out o' the wally west Our bonnie bride to see?

  37. I hae nae hope o' our good success at a', an it warna for that bonnie Delany.

  38. The Bonnie Lassie stood, smiling but anxious-eyed, behind his shoulder.

  39. The Bonnie Lassie made a gesture of annoyance with the modeling tool which nearly cost her latest creation its head.

  40. The Bonnie Lassie, who is an inveterate romanticist, was delighted.

  41. At first she just sat and twinkled at him, and the man does not live who can resist the Bonnie Lassie when she twinkles.

  42. Many of the Bonnie Lassie's outlander guests passed Cyrus the Gaunt that night, but none other identified or noticed him.

  43. And the Bonnie Lassie tripped over to her newest guest, leaving her next-to-newest quite busy with thought.

  44. Neither did I, beyond scratchy, sketchy blobs, until the Bonnie Lassie told me.

  45. Thenceforward, it appeared to Cyrus the Gaunt, the Bonnie Lassie exhibited an increasing tendency toward invisibility.

  46. This was part of the Bonnie Lassie's strategy.

  47. Meeting her neighbor in Our Square one day, the Bonnie Lassie hinted at the ten-dollar check for the Legal Aid Society.

  48. I've sate under it mony a bonnie summer afternoon, when it hung its gay garlands ower the poppling water.

  49. And there she spied the great Argyll, Come to plunder the bonnie house of Airlie.

  50. Aft hae I roved by bonnie Doon, To see the woodbine twine; And ilka bird sang o' its luve, And sae did I o' mine.

  51. O waly, waly, gin love be bonnie A little time while it is new!

  52. Bonnie Lesley O SAW ye bonnie Lesley As she gaed o'er the Border?

  53. There cam a knight to be their wooer, By the bonnie milldams o' Binnorie.

  54. And laid her down by the bonnie burn-side, Til they plunder'd the castle of Airlie.

  55. But he scowled when the clerk hurried back to report that Jennings, with Bonnie in the biggest automobile, had left for the office almost an hour before.

  56. Bonnie told me she'd call for me with the car at five o'clock.

  57. He would gladly have thrown them all aside rather than have the slightest harm come to his Bonnie; for her mother had died when Bonnie was only a baby, and the little girl was all Bruce had left in the world.

  58. Still clasping Bonnie tightly to him, her father got into the automobile.

  59. Still the mill owner sat before the fire, Bonnie on his knee.

  60. Dixie," followed by "My Maryland" and the "Bonnie Blue Flag.

  61. At twilight two or three bands on the court-house hill and other points began playing Dixie, Bonnie Blue Flag, and so on, and drums began to beat all about; I suppose they were rallying the scattered army.

  62. And, dear, you mustna think of dreary things when you look out upon the snow, for it will be a long time before we see the green grass and the bonnie flowers again," and Graeme sighed.

  63. And hae you nothing to say, my bonnie wee lassie?

  64. It makes me think, of how full the air will be of bonnie white angels at the resurrection-day.

  65. But, Graeme, it looks cold and dreary, and all the bonnie flowers are covered in the dark.

  66. My bonnie wee Rosie, what shall I ever do without you?

  67. There are no flowers to be covered now, and the earth is weary with her summer work, and will rest and sleep under the bonnie white snow.

  68. These and several others, like "There Was a Bonnie Lass," could be made into an album of songs that would delight a whole suite of generations.

  69. It was that of John Sevier and the "bonnie Kate," famous to this day for leaping stockades and six-barred fences.

  70. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bonnie" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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