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Example sentences for "frowned"

Lexicographically close words:
frow; froward; frowardness; frown; frowne; frowning; frowningly; frowns; frowsy; frowzy
  1. Hagen frowned still more deeply; and as he strode away he muttered, "He only wants to betray us, and leave us to die in this trap which he himself has doubtless set for us.

  2. But the dark-browed chief cared nought either for love or hate; and he walked erect, as in the days of yore, and he smiled and frowned alike for both evil and good.

  3. But old chief Hagen frowned darkly as he said,-- "It is little wonder that he can do such things, for the Shining Hoard of Andvari is his.

  4. Verrill frowned at the idea of an intruder.

  5. I frowned at Leander when Cluness was gone.

  6. The Colonel frowned and Mrs. Barclay turned to Dolly with a real tone of reproof.

  7. The officer frowned off his inclination to treat the matter as a jest.

  8. Alan frowned and hung his head for a moment; then he said: "Uncle Ab, do you remember what I told you about Miller's opinion of love and women in general?

  9. Mrs Meg decidedly frowned upon the poor boy's love, and would not hear of giving her dear girl to any but the best man to be found on the face of the earth.

  10. And Emil frowned as if he already trod the quarter-deck, lord of all he surveyed.

  11. His eyes were open, and he frowned a little.

  12. The Pretender frowned and seemed slow to understand.

  13. Marushka, the dear child, didn't know how pretty she was and so she never understood why, whenever she stood beside Holena, the stepmother frowned so crossly.

  14. When Death turned and saw what he had done, she frowned reprovingly.

  15. Now when they called him "Godfather," he frowned impatiently, and whenever he saw any of them he pretended to be very busy for fear they should ask him a favor.

  16. He was glad now in every atom of his being that those more experienced scouts had frowned down upon such a silly proposition.

  17. Up on the hilltop, where the stockade of the Fort frowned out upon the world, the moaning was probably translated into a tense, steady howl.

  18. The dark, forbidding gorge of the Bell River no longer frowned up at the defenders of the plateau.

  19. She frowned at the rows of leather-bound books opposite her.

  20. Being told of her forgetfulness, she frowned with annoyance, and said that Cassandra was demoralizing her.

  21. With a guilty start he composed himself, frowned and looked intently at the fifty-sixth page of his volume.

  22. He frowned a little as he ran his finger reflectively down Felicia's sleeve.

  23. With his finger he turned over the dental plate in the bowl, and frowned again at its incomprehensible presence.

  24. He bent lower and frowned over them, comparing what he saw with the appearance of the neighbouring shoes.

  25. Even your father frowned when I said I was coming.

  26. Infadoos frowned as he answered-- "Nay, I come not; it is not for me to enter there.

  27. Twala frowned majestically; the suggestion did not please him.

  28. The heavens frowned upon them, and the air that surrounded them was one of those chill, wet, thick, dispiriting atmospheres which no other city than London can boast in the month of May.

  29. Wolf Paw, his lips compressed, frowned at him.

  30. Cooper frowned at Greenglove, then at Raoul.

  31. Pierre frowned and seemed about to speak, but he said nothing when Auguste held his empty glass out for more wine to Guichard, who was going around again with the pitcher.

  32. Owl Carver, when he came to the fire, had stared at his daughter, frowned and looked away.

  33. So, watching with inner trembling as Jackson frowned and shook his head, he faithfully translated.

  34. Jackson frowned at Auguste as if he was not sure whether he was being sarcastic, and, indeed, hearing his own words, Auguste was not quite sure how he meant them.

  35. Black Hawk frowned at the leather-bound volume, weighing it in his hand.

  36. Larry frowned and said, “Well, what’s your point, sir?

  37. Larry Woolford frowned at it, not getting whatever was going on.

  38. He looked back at the girl, and frowned his puzzlement.

  39. One of them frowned questioningly, but the other was taken up with the urgency in Woolford’s voice.

  40. His chief took up a report from his desk an frowned at it, his attention already passing to other matters.

  41. Bill Mosely, who didn't fancy Dewey's sarcasm, frowned fiercely and turned again to Ki Sing.

  42. Bill Mosely frowned darkly, and he brought his hand near the pocket in which he carried his pistol.

  43. Verily, the hardening process of the early sixties was a thing that might well be frowned down upon and stamped out, but it took stringent measures to effect it.

  44. He bit his lip and frowned at the sunlit water.

  45. I could kill Langly--" She doubled both pretty hands and frowned at Quarren, then her swift smile broke out and she placed the tips of her fingers on his shoulders and stooping from the top step deliberately kissed him.

  46. The buccaneer frowned a little more heavily as he listened to his prisoner's cool, careless words, and felt the contemptuous tone in which he was addressed.

  47. A dull lurid flush came over the captain's swarthy face as his eyes encountered those of his henchman, and he frowned heavily.

  48. Gans' reply, but he scowled fiercely at the trio as they entered the hotel lobby, and he still frowned as he sauntered stolidly after them to await Yetta in the social hall.

  49. Max asked; and Elkan frowned his annoyance at the interruption, for he had just begun to catch a few words of the conversation in the rear room.

  50. Casting a glance around the room, the magistrate frowned and grew red in the face.

  51. At the sound of her voice he frowned and closed his eyes tight, evidently trying not to listen.

  52. Uncle Richard frowned and looked very serious, but he uttered a low chuckle as he led the way into a snug little room, half-library, half-museum.

  53. Brace frowned as he advanced and took the pistol nearest to him, glancing down at it for a moment to see that it was capped, then drawing out the ramrod, he thrust it into the barrel to feel for the bullet.

  54. But the next moment he frowned heavily, as he said, in a low voice: "Do you know who it was that saved you?

  55. It was a gloomy introduction to his thoughts, that word death, and he frowned more heavily as it oppressed him.

  56. Mr Gurdon smiled and rubbed his hands; but, evidently considering that he had mistaken his position, he frowned the next moment, and nodded condescendingly to the tradesmen and little yeomen present.

  57. The Earl of Stair stepped onto the balcony and at the sight of him there rose a howl of execration; he frowned down on them with the bitterest scorn and turned into the room again.

  58. He frowned at her absently and put his free hand to his sword-hilt.

  59. You are daring—and fortunate,” frowned Mr. Wedderburn.

  60. He drew himself up in the window-seat and frowned reflectively.

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