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Example sentences for "hart"

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harsh; harsher; harshest; harshly; harshness; hartebeest; hartebeeste; hartebeests; harted; hartely
  1. If he become not then as a hart panting for the water-brooks, let him go back to his science and its husks: they will at last make him thirsty as the victim in the dust-tower of the Persian.

  2. But now we dar not shew our-self in place, Ne us embolde to duelle in company, There-as our hart wold love right faithfully.

  3. Now truly, drink ne mete Nede I not have; myne hart for joye doth bete 1090 Him to behold, so is he goodly fressh: It semeth for love his harte is tender nessh.

  4. Bot quhen he saw passit baith day and hour Of hir gaincome, than sorrow can oppres 55 His woful hart in cair and hevines.

  5. Poore masse-book and leud chapelayn, and broken surplice with 65 many an hole; good houndes and many, to hunte after hart and hare, to fede in their feestes.

  6. Than rais sho up and tuik Ane poleist glas, and hir shaddow coud luik; And quhen sho saw hir face sa deformait, Gif sho in hart was wa aneuch, god wait!

  7. Quhen he had hard hir greit infirmite, Hir legacy and lamentatioun, And how sho endit in sik poverte, He swelt for wo, and fell doun in ane swoun; For greit sorrow his hart to birst was boun.

  8. A noble hart may haif nane ese, Na ellys nocht that may him plese, Gif fredome fail'th: for fre liking Is yharnit ouer all othir thing.

  9. As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God.

  10. This morning went to Whitehall to my Lord's, where Major Hart did pay me; L23 14s.

  11. Hither came Major Hart this noon, who tells me that the Regiment is now disbanded, and that there is some money coming to me for it.

  12. Professor Hart of Trinity College, and in the administration to the clergy and a large number of the laity by the Rev.

  13. The steam which a rises from this hoperation, combined with the extra hart required to hide them two black spots in the middle, will make the job come to one-pund-one, independently of the chalk.

  14. Hart has done her best--language must do the rest.

  15. Who can kill a hart of grace five hundred paces off?

  16. I have been in the forest, where I saw a fair hart of a green colour, and sevenscore deer feeding hard by.

  17. So said Robin to his men in the bright May time; and they went into the wood and tried their skill, and in the end it was Little John who brought down the "hart of grace," to the great joy of Robin Hood.

  18. Suffer those secreats that concerne thy life, In the Revealer not to be forgiven too, To be pluckt from thy childes hart with a promise, A nod, a smile!

  19. Will you consider, Madam, yet how much A wounded hart may suffer?

  20. One generous Vagarie, and thou wer't wise, Would breake somebodies hart within a sennight, And then th'art Lord of all.

  21. All feele sencibly, And every noble hart laments their miseries, And every eie, that labours not with mallice, Sees your great services and through what dangers You have raisd those noble speritts monuments.

  22. I shall want language, but not a friendly hart to entertaine you and your noble kinsman.

  23. Tis I forsooth, I heard you groane and I Have not the hart to sleepe.

  24. Your colours to an understanding Lover carry the interpretation of the hart as plainely as wee express our meaning one to another in Characters.

  25. Where were my eies, My understanding, when I tooke unto me A fellow of thy falce hart for a frend?

  26. Hart is a proprietor, & [has] as great a right in the country as any one man.

  27. To his Most Sacred Majesty The Petition of Moses Hart and Aaron Franks of the City of London Merchants In behalf of their Brethren the Distressed Jews of the Kingdom of Bohemia.

  28. And then they all knelt in prayer, old and young, serious and careless; all bowed before the God for whom their souls, whether they realised it or not, panted as the hart for the cooling streams.

  29. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hart" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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