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Example sentences for "artistes"

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artis; artisan; artisans; artist; artiste; artisti; artistic; artistical; artistically; artistry
  1. Casimir Delavigne began its downfall by making the two eminent artistes appear together in the same play and on the same day.

  2. The age of artistes is ever a problem that is never solved until after their death.

  3. Some artistes have failed, instead of having passed through their careers with distinction, because of faults which genuine criticism might have pointed out or hissing punished.

  4. But that would have taken too long: the First Consul was impatient to pay his addresses and, admitting the weakness artistes have for flattery, the débutante was probably in no less hurry to receive them.

  5. An hour after their arrival, the thirteen artistes were duly installed.

  6. The artistes of the Variétés Amusantes played there then, and for several succeeding years.

  7. I shall give your address in Shamrock Street to the very next of our lady artistes who calls here, and she will doubtless come to see you.

  8. Then ask the doorkeeper for some addresses, and he will tell you where the artistes stay when they are engaged at the hall.

  9. Every part was so splendid--practically all were star-parts--that the artistes who had the good fortune to appear in them would soon be tempted away from him by London managers.

  10. The artistes engaged at the Festival were: Madame Caradori Allan, Miss Rainforth, Miss Maria B.

  11. Two musical artistes who afterwards achieved much local celebrity, Madame de Belleville Oury (pianist to H.

  12. Seurat and Signac first met at the Salon des Artistes Independants in 1884, and their discoveries were at once mutually appropriated.

  13. From that time, therefore, the War Diary contained every item of interest to the Battalion, including such details as the names of the members of football teams and the artistes at Battalion concerts.

  14. Colonel Warrender thanked the artistes in his most delightful style and expressed the sentiments of all ranks when he said that it was the most enjoyable concert that had ever been given to the Battalion.

  15. At the Salon, Artistes Français, 1902, this artist exhibited a "Portrait of M.

  16. Member of the Société des Artistes Français and the Union des femmes peintres et sculpteurs.

  17. Member of the Société des Artistes Français and of l'Union des femmes peintres et sculpteurs.

  18. At the Salon des Artistes Français, in 1902, Mme.

  19. At the Salon of the Artistes Français, in 1902, Mme.

  20. At the Salon des Artistes Français, 1902, this artist exhibited the portrait of M.

  21. Mavis was conducted by Mr Poulter to a table set apart for the artistes in the room in which the lightest of light refreshments were served to his patrons.

  22. Now, if only Mr Baffy would come, you artistes could get to work," remarked Mr Poulter pleasantly.

  23. Artistes have always a touch of vulgarity in their natures, or they wouldn't make their appeal.

  24. The space available for the artistes was very small.

  25. Les efforts et les travaux de cet Americain meritent qu'on les examine avec attention, et qu'on les recommande a l'appreciation des artistes et des savans.

  26. The better class of artistes took rooms at the artiste hotels, and the people they might expect to get had not much to pay with.

  27. The artistes generally have their dinner at this hour, and she's probably there.

  28. When the last of the artistes came home from their café, he was often sitting working by the light of his shoemaker's lamp.

  29. The Newmans' favorite neighborhood restaurants include Rikyu and Genghiz Khan's Bicycle on Columbus Avenue, and the Cafe des Artistes on their own block.

  30. A Westsider since 1975, he names the Ginger Man and the Cafe des Artistes as his favorite dining spots.

  31. So the English artistes found Parisian playgoers warmly enthusiastic, eagerly demanding new emotions to take the place of those they had just experienced.

  32. Everybody has become familiar with Trente Ans; everybody has seen it played by the two artistes I have just named.

  33. As the titles indicate, the life in the earlier story was stationary: in the latter it is nomadic--the characters are artistes in a travelling show.

  34. Let's all go and have something to eat at the Duke's," thereby indicating a well-known club usually patronized by higher class artistes than this trio.

  35. As we see, the great critic did not appreciate sign-painters and their works very highly; and in this respect he only shared the general opinion of the public, which liked to poke fun at these "artistes en plein vent.

  36. Disputes over dressing-rooms will be arranged between the artistes concerned.

  37. Artistes will submit for approval not later than the 10th December the details of their songs and dances.

  38. Meanwhile the worn-looking artistes were dropping off one after the other in their outdoor coats.

  39. Thereupon the curtain rose again; the artistes reappeared hand in hand.

  40. Bare whitewashed brick walls; at one side, two canvas cabins for the Lady-Artistes to change their costumes; near them a deal table, with a jug and glasses.

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