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Example sentences for "comprised"

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compressive; compressor; compressors; compris; comprise; comprises; comprising; comprize; comprized; compromise
  1. A wooden porringer, filled to the brim with new milk, in which oatmeal was stirred, a rasher of salted mutton, and a large cake of coarse bread, comprised the delicacies of their morning repast.

  2. His earth comprised simply the Persian Empire, Italy, Egypt and the borders of the Black and Mediterranean seas, besides his own country.

  3. Each plane table sheet comprised one-half of an atlas sheet, cut along a parallel of latitude.

  4. The area surveyed by the mixed method comprised 3000 sq.

  5. Johan Carvaio stayed there with fifty-three [537] of our men, while we comprised forty-seven men and thirteen Indians.

  6. The Spanish force sent comprised six squadrons of cavalry and six companies of infantry, and was accompanied by one thousand Indian archers.

  7. The region comprised upon the map is chiefly that of Samaria and Galilee.

  8. Palestine in the time of our Saviour was comprised in three distinct provinces--Judea, Samaria, and Galilee.

  9. This extempore composition was usually comprised in five stanzas.

  10. As soon as man was created everything was complete, including the upper and nether worlds, for everything is comprised in man.

  11. The district probably comprised the small but fertile tract of country lying to the westward of the Hughli river, from Bardwan and Kalna on the north, to the banks of the Kosai river on the south.

  12. On the evening of the 26th they reached the plain west of the mountain, watered by the Malade, the Boisee, and other streams, which comprised the contemplated trapping-ground.

  13. If the reader will cast his eye upon a map, he may form an idea of the contempt for distance which a man acquires in this vast wilderness, by noticing the extent of country comprised in these projected wanderings.

  14. It appears to be essentially the same as the second of the two charts referred to as comprised in the Royal Swedish Archives.

  15. The most interesting points in regard to Cook's explorations about Bering Strait are comprised on the chart (vol.

  16. Therrenate and Macazar As for the relief expedition which goes every year to Therrenate, the one which went this year of 43 comprised two galleys, a galleon, and a patache.

  17. The following six chapters are comprised mainly of accounts of the Chinese missions, and the lives of certain Dominicans.

  18. The exports which comprised live stock, logwood, lumber, fish and the products of the field and dairy, amounted to ten thousand pounds a year.

  19. As an aid to commerce the Colony granted the control of the shores of all the waters comprised within a township to the town itself.

  20. There is much, I think, comprised in that short sentence, "I shall avoid all history and make no reflections.

  21. Her letters of that period, of course, cannot be comprised within the period embraced in this volume.

  22. In the time of the republic, as has been stated above, the province of Gelderland comprised the three first-named "quarters" only.

  23. Of the memoirs in pure mathematics, comprised for the most part in vols, ii.

  24. The evils to which I allude are--comprised in--a life of dishonor!

  25. They comprised generally the richest families, and had monopolised the entire government of the city, together with the right to administer its various sources of income and to consume its revenue at their pleasure.

  26. The Russian demands comprised fifteen paragraphs, or points, as follows: 1.

  27. The Rheims region comprised the left flank of the German attack.

  28. They comprised only a few companies fighting as platoons among the Australians; but upon them rested the honor of the United States in the adventure.

  29. It is said that one regiment comprised 1,400 free colored men.

  30. The Bible, Psalter, spelling-book, and perhaps a volume or two of sermons, comprised the library of the intellectual people of those towns.

  31. They comprised cooks, stewards, canteen-servers, and the like.

  32. Reference has already been made, in comments upon letters comprised in previous sections, to this Declaration, the demerits and history of which are more fully dealt with in section 10, infra, pp.

  33. Although no permanent settlements had been made north of the Potomac, the Virginians regarded all the territory comprised within the old charter limits as still belonging to them, and objected to having it partitioned.

  34. It will be seen that Maryland, as originally defined, comprised all of the present State of Delaware and a large part of what is now Pennsylvania.

  35. These, with the settlements mentioned as having been begun under the Dutch administration, comprised all which for some years attracted immigration from other quarters.

  36. The lowest bracket, however, in this new system of taxation comprised more land than a poor peasant would actually own, and this was a heavy blow to the small peasant-owners, who in the past had paid a proportion of their produce.

  37. State and Court Secretariat", in which the whole executive was comprised and unified.

  38. The area under more or less organized Shang control comprised towards the end of the dynasty the present provinces of Honan, western Shantung, southern Hopei, central and south Shansi, east Shensi, parts of Kiangsu and Anhui.

  39. There were eight hundred acres at first, but more were added, until the estate comprised twenty-three hundred acres.

  40. Here they comprised a kitchen, dining room, medicine room, a little parlor, and two small sleeping rooms, one for the doctor and one for myself.

  41. The scientific personnel of my party comprised an officer of the army engineers, one of the navy, and a photographer.

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