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  1. The marine boilers were not properly installed to give the best results, and it was seldom possible to work more than four compressors at once, or to keep the air pressure at the power-house much greater than from 70 to 80 lb.

  2. Eight compressors (the six old ones with two brought from Weehawken), were installed in the new power-house.

  3. Rand compressors of the same type and capacity as the others, making the total theoretical steam power available approximately 1,450 h.

  4. In private houses hydraulic air-compressors will be found more convenient.

  5. Electric air-compressors work under the material disadvantage of constant speed on a variable load, but this installation is also a question of economics.

  6. Electrical- and gas- and water-driven compressors work under the disadvantage of constant speed motors and respond little to the variation in load, a partial remedy for which lies in enlarged air-storage capacity.

  7. The larger of these two compressors was driven by two of the motors belted in tandem, and the smaller was belt-connected to a third motor.

  8. The compressors were water-jacketed and had small inter-coolers, the water supply for which was itself cooled in a Wheeler Condenser and Engineering Company's water-cooling tower.

  9. The engraving shows an invention designed to remedy this defect in air compressors and pumps, to provide a device which will enable the compressors and pumps to operate with equal pressure on both sides of the delivery valve.

  10. Air was supplied by several steam-driven compressors at the surface.

  11. The compressors were driven partially by waterpower, derived from the river.

  12. No sound was heard save the vibration of the air-compressors and an occasional shout of a workman at the shaft leading down to the air-locks.

  13. Kennedy and I remained standing, not far from the outlet of the pipe by which the compressed air was being supplied in the tunnel from the compressors above, in order to keep the pressure up to the constant level necessary.

  14. For regular operation the contractor furnished four compressors on each side of the river, each having a rated capacity of 5,000 cu.

  15. For the more remote pumps, air will be supplied by smaller air compressors located within passenger stations.

  16. The low whine assaulting his ears was that created by the air compressors that fed the jets that drove the waters through the rim.

  17. The faint whine of high-speed centrifugal compressors could be heard through the ship.

  18. Once I get that thing up here and the compressors working, life ought to be a little easier for everybody.

  19. With that, I can get compressors working and use Ingersoll drills.

  20. Air was supplied to the bells by means of steam-driven compressors worked in a house erected on the gantry.

  21. Each bell was fitted with loud-sounding telephonic apparatus, by means of which the occupants could communicate either with the men attending the crane or the men looking after the air compressors at the surface.

  22. Two sets of air compressors are fitted on the barge--one set for supplying air to the bell, the other set for working a pneumatic rock drill inside the bell.

  23. One of the air compressors was exceptionally large and at times operated four drills.

  24. The air compressors were taken temporarily from those in use in the repair shops, no special machines being bought for the purpose.

  25. Three cars were fitted up, one for each gang, each car being equipped with a motor-driven air compressor, water for cooling the compressors being obtained from the fire plugs along the route.

  26. Not being able to replace the Straps, the Compressors were useless till late in the cruise.

  27. But experience shows that in firing it is better to rely habitually on the Breeching, and use the Compressors to assist.

  28. In firing to leeward, the Compressors are not wanted, except to secure the gun in its place when in.

  29. It is only necessary to give the compressors a turn, or a part of a turn; this will relieve the nip completely, and time is saved subsequently in compressing.

  30. The compressors are set[33] and Rear Slide-Lever shipped.

  31. Thus, in firing to windward at Sea, the Compressors are always to be set, but only so hard as may be required to ease the shock on the Breeching.

  32. It is generally expected that the Compressors are to supersede the necessity for a Breeching.

  33. The table given herewith contains a summary of trials made by Professor Gutermuth, and are intended to show the comparative results of an extended trial with three kinds of compressors at St. Fargeau.

  34. The results thus obtained were so satisfactory that the designs were prepared for the great compressors to be operated at the new central station on the Quai de la Gare by the 2,000 horse power engines.

  35. F shows the end of one group of boilers; the air supply for the compressors is led from the central raised portion, S, of the roof.

  36. The engravings on page 683 of the same volume illustrate the compressors used in a somewhat older part of the installation; they were made by M.

  37. The Cockerill compressors experimented on at the same time showed a maximum duty of 306 cubic feet of air.

  38. At Fourneaux, works of a similar character had been put in motion; only here the transport of the water for the compressors was more costly and difficult, the water being at a low level.

  39. Though single-acting, the capacity of one of these compressors is about equal to that of the double-acting machine of the same cost of construction.

  40. Hydraulic piston compressors are subject to the laws that govern piston pumps, and are, therefore, limited to a piston speed of about 100 feet per minute.

  41. The maximum strains are reduced considerably below those which exist in compressors that do not compound the air.

  42. The best air compressors give a result about midway between the isothermal and the adiabatic, and the net loss of power directly due to clearance is so small as to be practically unworthy of consideration.

  43. The trade demanded compressors at inaccessible localities, and in many cases it was preferred to sacrifice isothermal results to simplicity of construction and low cost.

  44. Long-stroke air compressors are evidently objectionable on the basis of greater expense of construction.

  45. It is difficult to equalize power and resistance in air compressors with long strokes.

  46. With the best compressors of the dry system one-half of this loss is saved by water jacket absorption, so that we are left with about 11 per cent.

  47. Even in the so-called dry compressors a great deal of moisture is carried over with the compressed air, because the atmosphere is never free from moisture.

  48. Loss in capacity of air compressors by clearance is in direct proportion to the pressure.

  49. In ordinary practice air compressors deliver the air at less than 100 pounds pressure, so that with a properly designed air cylinder the clearance space is so small that the capacity of the compressor is not materially affected.

  50. Direct-acting compressors are liable to center when doing work at slow speed.

  51. The various forms of compressors and general features of the service.

  52. For some tense moments all was quiet but for the purr of the motor and the working of the air-compressors for charging the torpedo-tubes.

  53. The German seamen were at their quarters, the officers at the control stations, the engineers at work with the petrol motors, the gunners at the air-compressors for charging the torpedo tubes.

  54. When he had seen the anchor made fast and the compressors screwed tight, Mr. Spokesly went aft to get his tea.

  55. In compound air compressors the air compressed in one cylinder is cooled before being passed on to the next cylinder, where it is further compressed.

  56. In fact, they are commonly used to drive the air compressors which feed the blast furnaces.

  57. Set the compressors on the ramjets for retrofire and cold-start them.

  58. Core rpm has to be zeroed out before the scramjet geometry modification, since the compressors need to be completely shut down.

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