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Example sentences for "burnings"

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burnie; burnies; burnin; burning; burningly; burnish; burnished; burnisher; burnishers; burnishing
  1. The burnings go on, and though they say that one or two incendiaries have been taken up, nothing has yet been discovered likely to lead to the detection of the system.

  2. Of this class were those who committed the burnings and devastations in London in 1780, and of this class were those who carried the heads on iron spikes in Paris.

  3. Sad and sorrowful, yet full of strange music, was the sound of this singing, while the smoke went up from the burnings and while the censers were swung to and fro by the priests to send out upon the air their clouds of sweet odors.

  4. That the burnings for the kings formed part of a heathen custom was rightly perceived by Renan (Histoire du peuple d'Israel, iii.

  5. M133 The great burnings for Jewish Rabbis at Meiron in Galilee.

  6. And the people shall be as the burnings of lime, as thorns cut up shall they be burnt in the fire.

  7. Some have a mansion prepared for them in heaven from the foundation [of the world]; others are sent away as cursed into everlasting burnings prepared for the [devil and his angels].

  8. There were great Pope burnings in the country; and when some were put in pillory for riot at these bonfires not a hand was lifted against them.

  9. Mormon property, the exchanges to be conducted by a committee of both parties; and that they be subjected to no more house burnings nor other depredations while they remained.

  10. The local newspapers of the day contain accounts of occasional burnings during the winter, and of murders committed here and there.

  11. The fusion was not accomplished without heart-burnings on the part of some unsuccessful aspirants for nominations.

  12. Mormon party," was held to protest against such acts as burnings and the murder of a Mormon, ten miles south of Warsaw, and to demand adherence to the agreement entered into.

  13. Sabbathless Satan,--he who his unglad Task ever plies midst rotatory burnings For wrath divine has made him like a wheel In that red realm from whence are no returnings.

  14. Whatever heart-burnings he may have had because certain people refused to come to his balls, he was in Newport to remain.

  15. Evidently one of our millionaire privates who have aroused such burnings in the heart of the French poilu, with his five sous a day!

  16. Mr. Ives is triumphantly marching down the aisle, escorting the celebrity of Brampton to the platform, and quite aware of the heart burnings of his fellow-citizens on the benches.

  17. What heart-burnings they had caused, what hatred and what strife!

  18. Camps of the natives were frequent, and fresh burnings and fresh mussel-shells showed that they had been lately at the lagoons.

  19. These burnings were not connected with camping places, where the fire is liable to spread from the fire-places, and would clear the neighbouring ground.

  20. But, on the river, the camps were older and not so numerous, and no burnings had lately taken place.

  21. Smoke from the natives' fires was seen from the range in every direction, and their burnings invariably led us to creeks.

  22. The fresh grass of recent burnings extended over all the plains, and even near our waterle encampment, where its bright verdure made us believe that we approached a fresh water swamp.

  23. From the frequent burnings in the Saga we know that such houses were of highly inflammable materials which would soon perish.

  24. The auto da fe of Spain and Portugal, the burnings at Smithfield, and the whipping of women in Massachusetts, were the outcome of a cruel, false, and antichristian policy.

  25. A most diabolical custom of the church made these burnings a holiday spectacle.

  26. At Bamburg, Germany, an original record of twenty-nine burnings in nineteen months, 162 persons in all, mentions the infant daughter of Dr.

  27. The courts might have been content with punishing only those who took a part in the murders and burnings in London.

  28. It invented Purgatory, to escape the awful burnings of an everlasting hell of physical sufferings.

  29. What priest in that age would dare resist his spiritual monarch on almost any point, and especially when disobedience was supposed to entail the burnings of a physical hell forever and ever?

  30. They had nothing to fear from imperial troops, for these, always in sympathy with their movement, already had begun to co-operate with them in their killing of Christian converts, their burnings and their lootings.

  31. The burnings of Legatt at Smithfield and of Wightman at Lichfield for heretical opinions are sad blots on the King's memory; for it would seem that he personally pressed the bishops to proceed to this extremity, in the case of Legatt at least.

  32. Practically, too, they had thrashed the custom out of existence, for there were very few such burnings afterwards.

  33. Spain, dressed in black, with a rosary hanging at its girdle, assisted at the burnings and, girt with the green scarf of the holy office, honoured itself by undertaking the duties of alguacil at the bonfires of heretics.

  34. But things which are changed all of a sudden, and only gradually and with difficulty return to their own nature, have effects in every way opposite to the former, as is evident in the case of burnings and cuttings of the body.

  35. Inflammations of the body come from burnings and inflamings, and all of them originate in bile.

  36. Besides the New Orleans case, a history of burnings in this country is given, together with a table of lynchings for the past eighteen years.

  37. It is true that some burnings of captives occurred in the Iroquois villages; still it is some satisfaction to think that the calamity as a whole was not on the scale that tradition has represented.

  38. It is seldom a flag-captain has not some heart-burnings on account of his superior, and most sincerely do I beg you to forget and forgive any I may have occasioned yourself.

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