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Example sentences for "escorting"

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esclaves; esclavos; escocheon; escort; escorted; escorts; escribano; escribir; escript; escrire
  1. In escorting guests to their seats an usher gives his right arm to a lady.

  2. After escorting a lady on the previous evening the gentleman should make a call upon her the following day, if possible.

  3. They were escorting a train of Mexican wagons, as far as the boundary line between the United States and New Mexico.

  4. They were escorting a large train of wagons to New Mexico.

  5. Russell was escorting our second load of freight across the High Divide, he discovered a band of seven buffaloes lying in the head of a deep ravine.

  6. The party escorting Waite reached the town in the evening, and in the following gray dawn, the adventurers forded the river, and mounted on fresh horses and fully equipped, headed forth into the sand hills.

  7. Lindenberg did us the kindness of escorting us as far as Rifahia.

  8. At Kisyl Gedjid, 1 1/2 hours short of Airan-Pounar, the eight brigands joined the gendarmes escorting the convoy and had a long conversation with them.

  9. On the road between Marash and Aintab the Mohammedan population of a village wanted to distribute water and bread among a convoy of 100 families, but the soldiers escorting the convoy prevented this.

  10. The zaptiehs escorting them told us then that, since the massacres, the Armenians had cherished such hatred against the Turks that the latter had always to go in fear of them.

  11. The lower escorting planes, which many times had come close to destruction, immediately followed.

  12. I certainly feel like one to-day, escorting two fair damsels through the College Yard.

  13. At the gate through which Josephine was to arrive, a brilliant cavalcade of horsemen had gathered for the purpose of welcoming the lady of the great French chieftain, and of escorting her as a guard of honor.

  14. Six horses--four footmen on the box, and a whole squadron of lancers escorting him!

  15. It is the state treasure which those hussars are escorting from Vienna to Presburg, because the government deems it no longer safe here.

  16. Then I lose track of the two for a minute, because Judge Ballard comes in escorting his sister from South Carolina, that's visiting them, and invites every one to take something in her honour.

  17. And one day he become so inflamed with evil desire that Ellabelle, escorting a bunch of the real triple-platers through the mansion, found him with his coat off learning how to rub down a hardwood panel with oil and pumice stone.

  18. Pray allow me," he continued, offering his arm to Magdalen, and escorting her to a dirty little horse-hair sofa.

  19. You have only to say whether I shall return to London for the purpose of escorting you to this place, or whether I shall wait here to receive you.

  20. After completing the last entry, a circumstance revived in my memory which I had noticed on escorting the ladies this morning to the railway.

  21. The dead silence was presently broken by the roll of the drum, announcing the approach of the procession escorting the doomed man, and a moment later the head of it rounded the flank of one of the faces of the great hollow square.

  22. The return journey from the first was much molested by hostile fire, many of the native bearers bolting, and leaving the doolies to be carried by the escorting Europeans.

  23. The wedding is being celebrated in the grandest manner when a voice from heaven is heard saying, 'Kansa, the eighth son of her whom you are now escorting will cause your destruction.

  24. A few days later, Udho returns to Mathura bringing with him milk and butter as presents to Krishna from Nanda and Yasoda and escorting Rohini, Vasudeva's other wife and Balarama's mother.

  25. A man who is escorting two women in the street should not walk between them, but on the outside of both near the curb; at the theater or at any place of amusement or at church, he should sit nearest to the aisle, at the side of one of them.

  26. Why, I suppose, that since you are going on to the prairie, you will leave the recua of mules you are escorting at the Rancho of San Jacinto, which is the extreme point of the Mexican possessions on the desert border.

  27. I have no reason for concealing the road I purpose following; this recua of mules I am escorting does not affect me in any way, and I propose leaving it to-morrow or the day after.

  28. I am sure of it; they perceived the bivouac of Mexican soldiers escorting a conducta de plata, and are naturally trying to get hold of it; it was partly to that fortuitous circumstance I owe my safety.

  29. I believe, escorting the coach--to think of all six running away, and from one man!

  30. Madame, may I have the pleasure of escorting you?

  31. Cassion approached me with excessive politeness, waiting until the last moment, and escorting me to the shore.

  32. There are many references to their calling, escorting her to parties, etc.

  33. She declined his proffered arm, but he persisted in escorting her through the mob.

  34. The escorting warships were the Sydney, her sister, the Melbourne, and a Japanese cruiser, larger and with bigger guns, but slower than we.

  35. Who wants the task of escorting a machine in a box to Khabul?

  36. While here, he got in tow with a young lady of Hythe, whom he was in the habit frequently of escorting about the barracks and the neighbouring heights.

  37. The confusion attending a general breaking-up had covered this little by-scene, and when the party escorting them turned back, it would have been impossible to discover that one or two hearts throbbed wildly at the parting words.

  38. In spite of the biting cold next morning, all the male members of last night's company insisted on escorting our friends over the first few miles of the road.

  39. He returned to the lowlands to the triumphal chant of an escorting army three hundred strong, the Mahratta vaccinator close at his elbow, and the rudely dried skin a trophy before him.

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