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Example sentences for "good word"

  • I never heard him say a good word of any mortal soul, or do a kind action.

  • He walked off to one side and mumbled, "It doesn't cost me much to say a good word!

  • There's no one to say a good word to; no one is worth it.

  • And no one pities him; no one bestows a good word on him.

  • The alterations in the machine will occupy a week at least, and, as I know the commerzienrath, I shall risk my position by this delay, unless there is a friend who will speak a good word for me.

  • You, lucky fellow, are now with him all the time, and you might watch your chance, for the sake of an old friend, and slip in a good word for me.

  • He said Shade was wishful to wed you, Johnnie, and wanted me to give the boy my good word.

  • I'll bet you do; and what's more, I'll speak a good word for ye.

  • I ain't never seen the human yet that she ain't got a good word for.

  • Pope, always bitter and not a little of a snob, was hardly likely to have a good word to say for an architect who had been a working carpenter.

  • The first impression was faithful, and it has been found impossible to convince those who shared it that a good word can be said truthfully for Beccles.

  • Ef ye won't tell who teched it, I'll gin a good word fur ye ter them witches what war inquirin' round fur ye ter-day.

  • I beseech you let me go in with the ladies too; dear Beatrix, speak a good word for me!

  • Here, monster, drink again for thy good news; thou shalt speak a good word for me.

  • It springs from a love of low popularity, from a wish to gain by whatever means the good will and good word of all descriptions of people.

  • And is not acting contrary to law for the sake of any one's good will, or good word, pretty much the same as doing so for a bribe?

  • Be it how it would, I'd take care to have their good word, even if I did now and then order a trifle more than was quite right.

  • Amen, so I had mine: Is not that a good word?

  • To desire this honest Gentlewoman (your Maid) to speake a good word to Mistris Anne Page, for my Master in the way of Marriage Qu.

  • The guilt of conscience take thou for thy labour, But neither my good word, nor Princely fauour.

  • The King was weeping ripe for a good word Qu.

  • Good word that, I'll have a shilling each way on it,' murmured the Ass.

  • Marriage indeed seems to be in the air more than ever in this year of grace; everywhere it is discussed, and very few people seem to have a good word to say for it.

  • Ever since I learnt to read I have been reading attacks on it; apparently no one has a good word to say for it, not even clergymen, yet still it remains in use, unamended, just as it was written in the days of James I.

  • Unless anybody runs him down, she never has a good word to say for him.

  • But she has vanished without even a good word.

  • A "bounty" in this sense is at once an abuse of a good word, and an abomination in point of fact.

  • That,' Bunyan says, 'was a good word to me.

  • We need a Friend to say a good word for us in the Great Court.

  • Other people with larger knowledge all have a good word to say for Frascati's, but all a word of caution as to its prices.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "good word" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    good account; good camp; good conduct; good country; good father; good investment; good looks; good lords; good many; good music; good news; good painter; good price; good profit; good quantity; good republican; good scout; good size; good soldiers; good stead; good story; good taste; good time; good town; good wishes; goodness knows