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Example sentences for "luggage"

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  1. You see, it's the luggage they bring," said the mate, slowly refilling his pipe.

  2. The two cabs drove up almost at the same moment while they were below, and Mrs. Bunnett's cabman had no sooner staggered on to the jetty with her luggage than Mrs. Fillson's arrived with hers.

  3. Because we want to take our luggage about with us.

  4. The remainder of my luggage was left in charge of Mr. H.

  5. Stupidly enough, and relying on the Christianity of the people, I had not burdened myself with the extra weight of my revolver; I had left it with my heavy luggage in the small Japanese tea-house where I had put up, nearly a mile away.

  6. I gave my luggage to a railway employe, who undertook to bring it back to Shibetcha, and I started on foot for Lake Kutcharo.

  7. Their luggage consisted of two big trunks, a guitar and violin (in their cases), and music-books bound together by a rope.

  8. They arrived at Blankenberghe, and, leaving their luggage at the wagonette station, went in search of lodgings.

  9. Barty went after them all over the little town, but did not find them; he heard they were last seen marching off with guitar and fiddle in a southerly direction along the coast, and found that their luggage was to be sent to Ostend.

  10. In a few moments my luggage had come upstairs, and when they who brought it had finally disappeared, I went to the window again and looked out.

  11. He was out for a short time at the station and returned with the luggage which he had left there.

  12. The boys carried the luggage ashore and pulled the boat up into the bush with much noise and laughter.

  13. I therefore made my preparations and got my luggage ready.

  14. One day the Marie-Henry, a large schooner, arrived, but my luggage had been forgotten.

  15. I left most of my luggage behind, and the schooner of the French survey party was to bring it to Port Olry later on.

  16. I had been in Port Olry for three weeks, waiting anxiously every day for the Marie-Henry, which was to bring the luggage I had left behind at the Segond Channel.

  17. The luggage and the passengers having been successfully stowed away, the lumbering vehicle rolled down the narrow streets, and we were soon outside the gate that opens upon the old Aurelian Way.

  18. We were soon inside the fortifications, which have been so outgrown by the city that one hardly notices them; and, after the usual luggage examination, I found myself in an omnibus, and once more on the Boulevards.

  19. Clothing is at least one third cheaper in Europe than it is with us, and any deficiency can be supplied with ease, without carrying a large wardrobe around with one, and paying the charges for extra luggage exacted by the continental railways.

  20. I can never forget the measureless happiness of seeing my luggage ticketed for Paris, and then taking my seat with the consciousness that I was leaving Aix (not aches, alas!

  21. Still the bulk of luggage was very large; and the boys, who had now left off their farming and carpentering lessons, worked at home at packing-cases, and had the satisfaction of turning their new acquirements to a useful purpose.

  22. Tide was fortunately high, and the boat containing the Hardys and the lighter portion of their luggage was able to get up to the landing place without the carts being called into use.

  23. The heavy luggage was to follow in a sailing vessel upon the following day.

  24. I sombrely, and began to search my luggage thoroughly for my missing inheritance.

  25. I followed my luggage to the best inn, and it was very splendid, fit to be a bishop's palace.

  26. When I reached for them in the proper place in my luggage they were gone.

  27. For my place and luggage to this place I paid twenty-four livres.

  28. By a well-timed rap upon the knuckles of one of these marine functionaries, we prevented our luggage from sharing the same fate.

  29. At the Bureau, we paid twelve livres and a half for our places and luggage from Havre to this town.

  30. But we will tow her alongside another vessel and make her fast, where she will remain safe enough till I have conveyed you, Mynheers, and your luggage to the shore.

  31. You can tell Miss Blake you've brought a little of your luggage to do for to-day, and the rest will follow from town to-morrow morning.

  32. I brought nothing at all in the way of luggage with me.

  33. I will meet you with my broker and lawyer at ten o'clock at your office, Weiss, and if I make up my mind to go to Europe, my luggage will be on the steamer by that time.

  34. Virginia had simply told the cabman, who had taken her and her luggage away, to drive along the Strand toward Charing Cross.

  35. The professor's luggage was rather voluminous, and various boxes, bags, and portmanteaus bore the labels of many journeys.

  36. Then the door flew open, a maid appeared, the luggage was carried into the hall, and Mr. Hayes came hurrying out to meet his guest.

  37. The porter who wheeled our luggage was stopped again and again to answer questions concerning his fantastic employers.

  38. The disposition of one's luggage is very simple when once it has been mastered.

  39. We did not mean to wait at the station; having left our luggage there, we had intended to explore the town.

  40. Our luggage was transported to the deck of the frigate immediately.

  41. My luggage was not heavy; my notes, nothing more.

  42. Manning smiled at Astro and hopped nimbly onto the slidewalk after McKenny, leaving his luggage in a heap in front of Astro.

  43. Carrying Manning's luggage as well as their own, they finally stepped on the slidewalk and began the smooth easy ride from the monorail station to the Academy.

  44. He was lounging idly against a pillar, luggage piled high around his feet.

  45. Astro and Tom immediately began to pile Manning's luggage to one side of the slidestairs.

  46. When all our luggage is down, we'll climb down ourselves.

  47. After all, our luggage isn't going to bother us half so much, going down the mountain this way as it would if we went down by the regular trail.

  48. Cabman in velveteen (pointing to a wheelbarrow, to which is consigned the luggage of a despairing mother, including three babies).

  49. Luggage to be charged according to weight, at the same rates demanded by the Parcels' Delivery Company.

  50. Crowds of wrecked passengers and piles of luggage slowly accumulate around her, and gradually conceal her from the eye.

  51. Her luggage is appropriated by the united efforts of two Porters, who are bearing it off.

  52. At four o'clock our conveyance arrived, and would you believe it--both the driver and the station master allowed me to lift my own luggage into it as well as I could?

  53. At the end of that time, I was set down with my luggage at the gate of a small log hut, with a little garden in front, bordered with beautiful pink and green stones, the like of which I had never seen before.

  54. Pa and me moved our luggage into Johnstone's trap and got inside with Mama and hunkered down so, you couldn't see us from outside.

  55. I dragged my luggage up with me, bumping it on the stairs, and rapped on the door.

  56. At the various stations in England there were lively scenes, the company demanding for luggage excess, and Burton vigorously protesting but finally paying.

  57. Here he clothed himself like a backwoodsman, taking care, however, to put among this luggage a silk hat and a frock coat in order to make an impression among the saints.

  58. Presently we were boarded by a Custom House officer, and for some time longer I was engaged in getting out our luggage and in bargaining with the captain to put us on shore.

  59. If the Deil did have any luggage aboord the ship, I'm thinkin' it was nane ither than that same!

  60. My journey is all mapped out, and my luggage ready.

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