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Example sentences for "gooseberries"

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  1. Perhaps it is best to prune fruit-trees in March or April, but grapes and currants and gooseberries may be pruned now.

  2. It is used as a substitute for the arsenical poisons on plants or fruits soon to be eaten, as on currants and gooseberries for the currant-worm.

  3. Cuttings of gooseberries and currants may be taken.

  4. When there aren't any gooseberries about, he has to be content with the hips and haws from the rose-trees.

  5. Sometimes he wanders down to the kitchen-garden and picks the gooseberries; he likes all fruit, but gooseberries are the things he can reach best.

  6. In an apple-tree a thrush was singing; the gooseberries were overripe; beet-roots were flowering everywhere.

  7. He succeeded better with red gooseberries and the cleft pomegranates with their pulp and seeds sparkling like rubies and delightful to the eye.

  8. In Fruits, a peach, two plums, a small bunch of grapes and some gooseberries are beautifully grouped, as to form and color, on a marble table.

  9. This gentleman bowed and retired, and after a long delay, reappearing, placed before them, with an inimitable gesture, a dish of gooseberries and currants.

  10. The irritated stranger, therefore, sitting down to gooseberries at a "palace" hotel, may be pardoned for unflattering generalizations.

  11. So they sat down in the hedge and ate the ripe red gooseberries that were to have been their dessert.

  12. The "cold-water" is often used in connection with the canning of rhubarb, green gooseberries and a comparatively few other sour berry fruits.

  13. If gooseberries are fully ripe they make finer-flavored jam than do green-as-grass gooseberries.

  14. Some grow on wastes by the roadside, in dry soil, others in swamps; but most gooseberries are covered with thorns, which grow not only on the wood, but on the berries themselves.

  15. Defn: A compound of gooseberries scalded and crushed, with cream; -- commonly called gooseberry fool.

  16. Defn: A genus of shrubs including gooseberries and currants of many kinds.

  17. Defn: A vegetable jelly, resembling pectin, found in gooseberries (Ribes Grossularia) and other fruits.

  18. Put the gooseberries into a jar, with sufficient moist sugar to sweeten them, and boil them until reduced to a pulp.

  19. Stew a quart of ripe gooseberries in just enough water to cover them; when soft, rub them through a colander to remove the skins and seeds; while hot stir into them a tablespoonful of melted butter and a cupful of sugar.

  20. Pick the gooseberries just as they begin to turn.

  21. The raspberries were gone, and currants and gooseberries in full harvest; when there happened an unlocked for and unwelcome variety in Rotha's way of life.

  22. Gooseberries were in great profusion, and currants in multitude.

  23. In an apple tree a thrush was singing; the gooseberries were over-ripe; beetroots were flowering everywhere.

  24. When there aren't any gooseberries about he has to be content with the hips and haws from the rose-trees.

  25. And that ate the gooseberries themselves from off the bush?

  26. It would be hard for them eat strawberries in that time, let alone gooseberries that's full of thorns.

  27. As it was, we felt very genteel with our two glasses apiece, and a dish of gooseberries at the top, of currants and biscuits at the sides, and two decanters at the bottom.

  28. Beat three eggs, and stir them into the butter and sugar, in turn with the gooseberries and bread.

  29. Keep the water boiling round the jar till the gooseberries are soft, take them out, mash them with a spoon, and put them into a jelly bag to drain.

  30. Miss Ruth was at work in her studio, while Miss Deborah sat in the doorway, in the shadow of the grape-vines, topping and tailing gooseberries into a big blue bowl.

  31. It would be hard for them to eat strawberries in that time, let alone gooseberries that's full of thorns.

  32. I can't cook, but I can pick gooseberries with any man living.

  33. And we've had wild gooseberries and cherries since," said Dallas, "and some pie a man gave us.

  34. Champ murmured something about gooseberries and milk and quietly fainted in his arms.

  35. Is one a child of six then, to love gooseberries to this extent?

  36. We were not particularly unhappy: as a matter of fact all the gooseberries in the garden could have been purchased for five francs in Bruxelles.

  37. Green Gooseberries will help to abate the strange longings which sometimes beset pregnant women.

  38. When green and unripe, Gooseberries are employed in a sauce, together with bechamel, and aromatic spices, this being taken with mackerel and other rich fish, as an acid corrective condiment.

  39. In Devon the rustics call Gooseberries "Deberries," and in Sussex they are familiarly known to village lads as Goosegogs.

  40. The juice of green gooseberries "cureth all inflammations," while the red gooseberry is good for bilious subjects.

  41. But it has been said that gooseberries are not good for melancholy persons.

  42. Gooseberries of the common red kind are in abundance and just beginning to ripen, but there are no currants.

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