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Example sentences for "eve"

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  1. The Hagmena songs are sometimes sung on Christmas Eve and a few of the preceding nights, and sometimes, as at Richmond, on the eve of the new year.

  2. As sung at Richmond, Yorkshire, on the eve of the New Year, by the Corporation Pinder.

  3. The needle's eve That doth supply The thread that runs so true; Ah!

  4. It was the duty of every lover to go into the woods on the eve or early morn of May-day, and bring thence boughs and garlands, which he either planted before the door of his mistress, or affixed thereto, according to local custom.

  5. It was an ancient habit for the young men of a village, on the eve of the holiday, to go into the forests and select the tallest and straightest tree which could be found.

  6. Here ceased that awful voice, and soon I felt The cloudy curtain of refreshing eve Was closed once more, from that immortal fire Sheltering my eyelids.

  7. At dark, on the Eve of the Epiphany, the Befana begins.

  8. England seemed on the eve of a conflict the issue of which no one could foresee.

  9. England, to all appearance, was now on the eve of a bloody and desperate war.

  10. I followed Adam to the door, and between us we took the white creature from the elephants, and carried her to the chamber we had just left, the women preceding us, Eve with the light, and Mara still carrying the hand.

  11. My Eve longed after the child, and would have been to her as a mother to her first-born, but we were then unfit to train her: she was carried into the wilderness, and for ages we knew nothing of her fate.

  12. I threw myself on my couch--blessed as never was man on the eve of his wedding.

  13. We passed Eve with Lilith in her arms, and went farther in.

  14. Then Eve came out to me where I sat with Lona in my bosom.

  15. You shall not go to the Shadow," I heard Eve say, as we passed them.

  16. Adam stood on one side of me, Eve and Mara on the other.

  17. Here again, in a villa of the Suburra, at a supper on the eve of setting out for Naples, Death was the unseen guest.

  18. Once before we have seen him supping at a villa of the Suburra on the eve of setting out for Naples, and we know the tragedy that followed--a tragedy which he has been accused of having brought about.

  19. Thus had the Pope disposed; but the Borgia family stood on the eve of the darkest tragedy associated with its name, a tragedy which was to alter all these plans.

  20. So Eve comes to the table and receives a red-cheeked apple from her husband's hand in requital of her predecessor's fatal gift to our common grandfather.

  21. At length, in a refrigerator, Eve finds a glass pitcher of water, pure, cold, and bright as ever gushed from a fountain among the hills.

  22. On as fruitless an errand our wanderers next visit a Hall of Legislature, where Adam places Eve in the Speaker's chair, unconscious of the moral which he thus exemplifies.

  23. Roger and Philip Van Reypen were to go up on Tuesday for the Christmas Eve celebration; and the rest of the house-party were already at the Kenerleys'.

  24. That liberty was now on the eve of its peril.

  25. To her prayers, while she lived, Garibaldi believed that he owed his safety in so many perils, and after her death the soldiers used to say that on the eve of battles he walked apart communing with her spirit.

  26. It looked as it might on the eve of some great fair.

  27. It was Friday night at the Old Synagogue, but the cheery voices of Sabbath Eve were not there.

  28. He felt like a girl on the eve of her wedding day.

  29. This little Eve gathered grape leaves and sewed them carefully into an apron, the needle holes pierced with a thorn and held together by fiber stripped from long-stemmed plantain leaves.

  30. When Eve sewed fig leaves she probably improvised some implement for the process, and every daughter of Eve, from Eden to the present time, has been indebted to that little implement for expression of herself in love and duty and art.

  31. He was fabulously reported to be a hundred and twenty years old; and there was little doubt that he, and also his wife who sometimes accompanied him, were on the eve of celebrating their centenary, if they had not already done so.

  32. Such was the countenance of my venerated mother, on the eve of threescore years.

  33. THE sudden death of Thackeray on the Christmas eve of 1863 was a painful shock to Dickens.

  34. Christmas Eve down in that desolate valley, in the quiet depths of the forest, away, miles away, from human habitation of any kind?

  35. It seemed absurd, but Christmas Eve it was nevertheless, there as everywhere else.

  36. On Christmas Eve the peasants were invited to the big house.

  37. As Christmas Eve approached, poor Erik grew more and more anxious.

  38. He also wanted to spend Midsummer Eve with Greta and Nils.

  39. The pagans who lived in ancient times used to worship the sun, and the Swedish celebration on Midsummer Eve is as joyous and natural as those festivities which took place many years ago.

  40. This punishment of Herr Banker's would mean that he could spend Midsummer Eve with Greta and Nils.

  41. It meant nothing to him that Midsummer Eve was fast approaching.

  42. Christmas Eve would be a good time, thought Erik.

  43. Midsummer Eve will soon be--" But the chorus of voices shouting, "Please!

  44. Midsummer Eve is one of Sweden's most festive occasions, for then the sun is at its highest.

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