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Example sentences for "eventide"

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evenness; evens; evensong; event; eventful; eventless; events; eventual; eventualities; eventuality
  1. Here and there a hawk swooped down from the azure to break the surface and bear off a wriggling fish that gleamed like silver, and at eventide we would see at the brink an elk or doe, with head poised, watching us as we drifted.

  2. At eventide came to lurid and disordered brains the knowledge that the other branch was here.

  3. Nevertheless the storm had scattered the clouds, and by eventide the sky had cleared, and lo!

  4. There she sits at eventide in the garden of her castle, weaving together dreams of a happy future, and her court ladies by her side are making tiny little garments adorned with bright ribbons.

  5. Eventide The day is past and the toilers cease; The land grows dim 'mid the shadows grey, And hearts are glad, for the dark brings peace At the close of day.

  6. I knew we would meet again at eventide at the pasture-bars, for often we do and often on hot days she wears my sun-bonnet until we meet again.

  7. It is there much when he is come home at eventide from work in the woods.

  8. The editor was to be delivered to the Briscoes at eventide and returned by them again at dewy morn; and this was to be the daily programme.

  9. Reflect, O people, on the grace and blessings of your Lord, and yield Him thanks at eventide and dawn.

  10. To recite the holy verses at morn and at eventide k.

  11. Then I said, Surely, O Life, thy name is vanity and sorrow, Thy storms at noon are many, and thine eventide is clouded by remorse.

  12. The robins, long ago deserting the garden neighborhood, feed at eventide in flocks upon the bloody berries of the sumac; and the soft-eyed pigeons dispute possession of the feast.

  13. At eventide we pitch our tent and stack the arms, we hang up the war cap and lay our head on the knapsack, we sleep until the morning bugle calls us to marching and action.

  14. Take heed that you be swift in His service nor delay not for no intent, but be ever at His commandment alike at eventide as in the morning, so shall you not bely your lineage.

  15. He rideth until he cometh one eventide nigh to a castle that was of right fair seeming.

  16. Upon this he left her and returned to the Khan where, as eventide evened, the jeweller came to him and invited him.

  17. About eventide he went home alone, not bringing Kamar al-Zaman with him: whereupon quoth his wife, "Where is the merchant?

  18. Every day he used to go round with this pannier about the town gaining his living and that of his family by showing the snakes, and at eventide he returned to his house and clapped them back into the basket privily.

  19. So they left him where he lay, expecting that others of the wild beasts would flock to him; but, when it was eventide and nothing fell to them, they returned to their abiding places.

  20. Thereupon he took a boat and rowed away, saying as he passed: "Twenty outlaws are at haven in the fiord; with them I fare southward, and ere eventide shall Hiordis be childless.

  21. And meanwhile, Hiordis, do thou cheer thee with these words I heard to-day: "Ere eventide shall Gunnar and his wife be childless.

  22. And oft at eventide Light love to talk beside The hostel door.

  23. But at eventide the lion returned, and couched down at his feet, and all night long he and the lion slept together.

  24. I will take the adventure as it comes,' and early next morning he rode away till at eventide he reached Astolat.

  25. If Paradise at life's eventide shall look as good to me, it will be worth all the cares of the journey to make an abundant entrance therein.

  26. I will take the adventure as it comes," and early next morning he rode away till at eventide he reached Astolat.

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "eventide" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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