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  1. Osborn points out that in the Cambrian period there was already a colonisation of the shore of the sea, the open sea, and the deep waters.

  2. It is practically certain that the colonisation was due to littoral animals which followed the food-d├ębris, millennium after millennium, further and further down the long slope from the shore.

  3. Second colonisation of Virginia begun; Raleigh's first colony in Virginia was founded in 1585.

  4. It was decided to partition the whole coast into feudal fiefs, each proprietor undertaking the expenses of colonisation and being given virtually sovereign powers in return for a tax on the expected production.

  5. The news of Cabot's expedition, and its failure, stimulated the Portuguese to undertake the colonisation of the east coast of South America.

  6. Royal Letters, Charters, and Tracts Relating to the Colonisation of Nova Scotia and the Institution of the Order of Knights Baronet of Nova Scotia; Kirke, The First English Conquest of Canada.

  7. Let us note in conclusion the Malay-Indonesian migration towards Madagascar, and the European colonisation begun in the seventeenth century.

  8. With the expansion of European colonisation the characters of the Latin alphabet become more and more prevalent; in Europe even, they tend to relegate to the second place the other characters (gothic, cyrilic, etc.

  9. Of all the schemes which were suggested to this end the most extraordinary was the project for the colonisation of Madagascar.

  10. Still under the influence of his Devonshire training he strongly insists on State colonisation as a means whereby sources of weakness may be turned into strength.

  11. In 1788, six years after the recognition of their independence, she decided to use the new continent for this purpose, and the penal settlement of Botany Bay began (under unfavourable auspices) the colonisation of Australia.

  12. Nor can anything in the history of European colonisation surpass the heroism of the French missionaries among the Indians, who faced and endured incredible tortures in order to bring Christianity to the barbarians.

  13. For the greater enterprises of trade in the East and colonisation in the West, the French relied almost wholly upon government assistance, and although both Henry IV.

  14. But the main object of colonisation was, on this view, the systematic draining-off of the surplus population of the older lands.

  15. There is no part of the history of European colonisation more full of romance and of heroism than the early history of French Canada; an incomparable atmosphere of gallantry and devotion seems to overhang it.

  16. The great apostle of this body of colonial theory was Edward Gibbon Wakefield; and his book, A View of the Art of Colonisation (1847), deserves to be noted as one of the classics of the history of imperialism.

  17. Many of the political writers in seventeenth-century England, indeed, regarded the whole movement of colonisation with alarm, because it seemed to be drawing off men who could not be spared.

  18. Systematic and scientific colonisation was thus being studied in Britain during this period as never before.

  19. Seeing that Uruguay is a pastoral rather than an agricultural land, the system of setting apart a certain proportion of a private estancia for the purpose of colonisation by crop-raising tenants is almost unknown.

  20. Indeed, the battles that have reddened the soil of the Banda Oriental since its first colonisation are amazingly numerous.

  21. It is likely enough, too, that the system of private agricultural colonisation referred to above will in the future be seriously undertaken.

  22. Colonisation in no ordinary sense, however, can explain these facts.

  23. Although colonisation was very local--the reason possibly for so many distinct languages in the group--the islands now exhibit a state of transition, due to intercrossing.

  24. Herodotus probably alluded to this colonisation by Crcesus, when he said that the Mysians of Olympus were descendants of Lydian colonists.

  25. In the early months of 1684, four vessels left La Rochelle, in France, for the colonisation of the Mississippi, bearing two hundred and eighty persons.

  26. This town was formerly the readiest point to which goods could be brought overland from the States to Mexico; but since the colonisation of Texas, it is otherwise.

  27. The government became anxious to establish new settlements in these countries, and Finn was induced to commence the work of colonisation by the gift of the "Lost Prairie.

  28. The essential motive of his system of colonisation in Ireland was the wish to establish the Church, by the aid of which he designed to subjugate or to suppress hostile elements.

  29. It was still their intention, in virtue of the privileges assigned them by the Pope, to exclude all others from the colonisation of America and from commerce with the East Indies.

  30. Still I do not shrink from saying and writing that the account of their colonisation given by Aristotle is truer than that of Timaeus.

  31. Sidenote: The traditions of the colonisation of Locri Epizephyrii agree with the account in Aristotle, rather than with that of Timaeus.

  32. Excluding the shore of the Mediterranean, the best part of Africa, considered from the view points of colonisation and commerce, is what is now known as "British South Africa.

  33. Until in recent years colonisation as understood in Anglo-Saxon communities has scarcely been attempted in South America at all.

  34. On this view the time necessary for the development of the arts of civilisation and of extensive colonisation would not be great.

  35. De Roberval could not go to make a permanent colonisation in America without abundant firearms, artillery, and munitions of war.

  36. You are about to settle a new world for France," he had said to Roberval; "our right of colonisation is firmly established there, and the sword and the cross will make us strong.

  37. On the Colonisation of Egypt, and its Probable Consequences to Europe).

  38. To the north-east, Greek colonisation penetrated as far as Kertch and other places in the Crimea, known to the ancients as Panticapaeum and the Bosphoros respectively.

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