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amung; amuse; amused; amusedly; amusement; amuses; amusing; amusingly; amusive; amye
  1. Sometimes, when he was tired of the occupations and amusements offered by his own palace and gardens, he would, instead of sending for Giafer to come to him, mount his horse and proceed to pay an informal visit to the Grand Vizier.

  2. Once more on passing through the streets of his capital the interior of the houses and the occupations and amusements of his subjects were revealed to him.

  3. Notwithstanding his thrift, however, he has never denied himself the amusements of life, but has taken a share in every passing pleasure.

  4. He was decrying these idle nonsensical amusements in times of public distress, when it was every one's business to think of other matters, and to be miserable.

  5. The amusements of the day were under the management of Slingsby, the schoolmaster, who is not merely lord of misrule in his school, but master of the revels to the village.

  6. If our amusements are frivolous, at least they are hearty.

  7. He must have his amusements as well as other people.

  8. A neat little theatre had been destroyed by fire; the Jenny Lind had shared the same fate, until a Mr. Maguire erected a large stone theatre destined for first-class amusements and that had been taken for the city hall.

  9. They passed Russ Garden, one of the public places near the Mission Road, devoted to amusements of various kinds, and thronged on Saturday afternoons.

  10. Religious bodies held their first meetings here, and the early public amusements were given, even political and benevolent assemblies.

  11. He was literally a man without fear; in his few days of peace his chief amusements were wrestling, foot-racing, and shooting at a mark.

  12. Still I gave way to many vanities, and often felt satisfaction in them; but, at the same time, I felt the internal reproach, which did not let me rest until I had withdrawn from many amusements which I was used to seek.

  13. Esteeming virtue her only advantage and delight, she abhorred romances and idle entertainments, shunned the usual amusements of children, and was an enemy to all the vanities of the world.

  14. What if the apparent motion is toward cells to sleep in, and clubs to play bridge in, and amusements for evenings, and a strenuous business life, run on piratical principles, into which the women are drawn as decoy ducks?

  15. The popular sports and amusements still, however, were of the usual description.

  16. The part performed by Canada in making contributions to the list of the world's amusements has been by no means slight.

  17. He became a sharer of her attentions and the amusements she provided.

  18. All kinds of amusements astonished the neighbourhood, and parties of the newest kinds, private theatricals, tableaux, charades, all that taste or ingenuity could devise were in vogue.

  19. This prevented him from falling into the amusements and games of the school; consequently, he gave more time to books.

  20. It is pleasing to see fancy amusements giving birth to works of solid profit, as, under the auspices of Lady Gomm, they are doing in your island.

  21. Your studies must be faithfully attended to, and the greater part of your remaining time I wish you to spend in out-of-door amusements which will, I hope, both give you much pleasure and keep you in vigorous health.

  22. He had only inclination for those amusements which kept him within a stone's throw of Fellside: and Mary knew that this disposition had arisen in his mind since Lesbia had withdrawn herself from all share in their excursions.

  23. He was always fond of society, pretty women, dancing, and amusements of all kinds.

  24. She sheltered herself a good deal under the Fräulein's substantial wing, and took care never to intrude herself upon the amusements of her brother and his friend.

  25. The man who can organize the amusements of the people may very well be trusted to organize a few of their laws for them.

  26. All these soon forgot their other amusements and entertainments in their interest in the little General.

  27. Thus numberless persons, from the one or the other cause, are deterred from frequenting the amusements of the stage.

  28. Gradually, however, it became necessary for the authorities to recognise the fact that the public really did require more amusements of a theatrical kind than the privileged theatres could furnish.

  29. Their only amusements were the dance-halls, the cheap theatres and museums, and the saloons.

  30. These doings include, nowadays, more than amusements and games.

  31. I wished to go there because I wished to see what sort of a country it was, and to enjoy the amusements of which I heard the men talking.

  32. Don't give me any pocket-money, or let me have any amusements which cost money.

  33. The government also provided public amusements for the inhabitants of the capital, with the object of inducing other wealthy families to take up their residence at Copenhagen.

  34. The winter amusements consisted principally of the theatres.

  35. His evenings' amusements are still more disgraceful, since delicacy and sentiment cannot be supposed to dignify such transient gratifications.

  36. At the court, on the contrary, they were so satisfied with the method adopted, that the queen and Struensee actually had drawings made of the childish amusements of their young Emile, which were engraved and published.

  37. The court, yearning for amusements of every description, even resolved to give theatrical performances, in which the king and suite played the chief parts.

  38. Footnote 147: According to Reverdil, these amusements only perpetuated what had been done for a fête given to the Duke of Gloucester, on his paying his royal sister a visit.

  39. We can quite understand how the poor little fellow said once to Reverdil, "The amusements of yesterday considerably wearied my Royal Highness," for never did a child of such illustrious rank enjoy his privileges so little.

  40. After the arrival of the young queen one festival followed another, to which the public were generally admitted, although some amusements were reserved for the court, to which only the élite were invited.

  41. What can be worse policy,' said Clodius, sententiously, 'than to interfere with the manly amusements of the people?

  42. Music and dancing are the great amusements of almost all barbarous nations, and the great accomplishments which are supposed to fit any man for entertaining his society.

  43. Every man is rich or poor according to the degree in which he can afford to enjoy the necessaries, conveniencies, and amusements of human life.

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