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Example sentences for "adored"

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adorable; adorably; adoration; adorations; adore; adorer; adorers; adores; adoreth; adoring
  1. Even years ago as a boy he was utterly selfish; but--but Christine loved him then; she thought there was nobody in all the world like him; she adored him.

  2. Christine was pleased; she adored her mother; she was quite happy as they left the hotel together.

  3. He adored her, and she knew it; he would do anything in the world for her, and she must know that too.

  4. You must gom and blay to me at Schlachsenberg," said the kindly-faced Landgraf, whom the world adored and thwarted in about equal proportions.

  5. She adored good music and she was unaffectedly fond of good-looking boys.

  6. Tears were coming into his eyes again, and he paused, feeling that he would once more be overcome if he evoked the memory of that adored and lamented Benedetta.

  7. The celebrated Lorenzo de' Medici was then in the height of power and fame in Florence, adored by Roscoe as the patron of artists and poets, although he subverted the liberties of his country.

  8. Why could he not see the perfections he adored shining in other women, who perhaps had a higher claim to them?

  9. And why was it that Dante, with his great experience, could in later life see the qualities he adored in no other woman than in the cold and unappreciative girl who avoided him?

  10. For the early christians seem to have thought that it was he whom the pagans adored under the name of Pan.

  11. Oh would'st thou sing what heroes Windsor bore, What kings first breathed upon her winding shore, 300 Or raise old warriors, whose adored remains In weeping vaults her hallowed earth contains!

  12. My o'er fond heart adored thy fallacy, I had not, now, been here to bear thy keen reproach; Forsook thee in misfortune?

  13. The girl, who had never seen his like, adored him, thought him a god; the fact was, she had no other.

  14. She thought that it (like the ring) held the spirit of Prosper, and adored him under its bark.

  15. He adored her, but he was angry enough to have sworn in her gentle, uplifted eyes.

  16. On the other hand, no healthy, vigorous young woman ought to unite her destiny with a man, no matter how much she adored him, who is not healthy and able to brave the hardships of life.

  17. Moreover, the adored Columelli was to be her slave of song.

  18. She had seen him speak to the conductor and receive the patron's homage; and who but he knew her adored of operas, or would have had the benevolent impulse to think of solacing her exile from music in the manner so sure of her taste!

  19. That he adored you, and that he could be trusted.

  20. What is the divinity which is adored in those splendid temples of modern Rome?

  21. Mr. Bedard and Mr. Perras had a great love for their Saviour, Jesus; but the Jesus Christ whom they loved and respected and adored was not the Christ of the Gospel, but the Christ of the Church of Rome.

  22. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.

  23. As dreadful as the Manichean god, Adored through fear, strong only to destroy.

  24. They set him upon a marble column in the midst of that temple, and him did they hold in great reverence and adored as their god, what time Paganism lasted in Florence.

  25. I took the opportunity of telling her that if she willed I would be hers, as I adored her, but that I could not sigh for long.

  26. Her husband adored her, and she was very happy.

  27. These words were engraved on her heart; she had adored her husband, and she resolved to leave Berlin to live with his relations.

  28. I said that I adored her and was the most hapless of men, for being a married man I had no hope of ever being able to clasp her to my arms and cover her with kisses.

  29. But, in recompense, the two Indian women adored her.

  30. At sixteen he went to the high school, where he was adored by his teachers because he stood ninety-nine in algebra.

  31. The husband of the inferior creature may be adored, as men are adored by fashionable women who love only themselves, and care only for their own pleasures.

  32. You asserted that I no longer loved and adored you as in former days.

  33. Moritz at once sought out his adored poet, and since then they had been close comrades.

  34. Why should not an empress also write to her some day--to her, the adored of the King of Prussia, and call her "ma cousine?

  35. Men cannot be true; and I am satisfied that Werther, if he had not shot himself prematurely, would subsequently have consoled himself, although the adored Lotte was married, and could never be his.

  36. When she made this reply, Goethe would laugh, and kiss with passionate tenderness the fair hand of the woman who offered him motherly friendship, and whom he adored with all the ardor of a lover.

  37. Nothing in his nature is eternal and imperishable, not even love; not that ardent, passionate love which is only crowned by the possession of the loved and adored object.

  38. Philip loved it, because his adored friend, Goethe, had written it.

  39. You are, and will ever remain, my dear, adored friend, and my love for you will be more enduring than my love for any other woman.

  40. It had seemed so sweet to be adored by this handsome man, and to listen to his tender protestations and entreaties!

  41. You see nothing of him, my dear Williams, but the ruin of that Falkland who was courted by sages, and adored by the fair.

  42. He might have fled; for no one was forward to proceed against a man so adored as Mr. Falkland, or in revenge of one so universally execrated as Mr. Tyrrel.

  43. She has, though her heart bled to do it, wounded that of one whom she loves now next to yourself, and that one, too, the child of her adored Lady Helen.

  44. Madame de Bergenheim, upon learning of this tragic accident, was unable to survive the death of her adored husband, and drowned herself in her despair.

  45. Even after telling her a hundred times how much I adored her, my love still had for her the attraction of the unknown.

  46. The truth is, governor Rutledge was a most ardent lover of his country; and, therefore, almost adored such an unconquerable patriot as Marion.

  47. On me, who almost adored Marion for his godlike virtues, its effects were past describing.

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