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  1. Anchored to the bank was a large houseboat provided with an all-around, over-hanging rim and on board was a stack of rice straw and other things which constituted the floating home of the ducks.

  2. Houseboat meat shops move among the many junks on the canals.

  3. Foreigners in Shanghai and other cities frequently engage such houseboat service for two weeks or a month of travel on the canals and rivers, finding it a very enjoyable as well as inexpensive way of having a picnic outing.

  4. A family owning a houseboat and living upon it was engaged for the journey.

  5. It showed a side to the boy's nature that Jim had not suspected--in fact, the Gerald Blank who owned this auto was hardly the same boy who had caused so much dissension on the houseboat the summer before.

  6. He made the forward deck and looked around, realizing that the wind direction had changed and that the blast was now coming down the creek, swinging the houseboat around.

  7. It was Rick's pride that his chief possessions had been bought with his own money, and the houseboat was no exception.

  8. Scotty reversed one motor and the houseboat turned almost in its own length.

  9. Scotty swung the wheel instantly, and the houseboat took a new course, leading them closer to shore.

  10. Rick cast off the stern line, pushed the houseboat away from the pier, then put the motors in gear.

  11. He doubted that the houseboat could head into it successfully.

  12. He throttled down and let the houseboat move slowly past the dock while he yelled a greeting to Steve Ames.

  13. The houseboat plowed through a patch of sea grass and emerged over sandy bottom.

  14. Within minutes the houseboat was on its way out of the cove, the two boys acting normally, as though no one was observing their departure.

  15. The houseboat could not be used in the same way, but he was sure he could get its price back by renting it to summer visitors to the New Jersey area.

  16. The houseboat had been impounded by Federal authorities, and recently Steve had mentioned to Rick that it was to be auctioned.

  17. He took the houseboat to the exact center of the cove, as closely as he could estimate, then put the motors in reverse to kill the speed.

  18. The wind caught the houseboat again and drove it backward into the cove while the anchor line ran out.

  19. Just then a head appeared above the water, and a spent but infuriated swimmer struggled up between the houseboat and the bank.

  20. Brown was opposed at first to my going down to this houseboat at all.

  21. Therefore I will close my eyes to all other memories, and endeavour to see only that little white and green houseboat by the ferry, which was the scene of our future collaborations.

  22. That he never succeeded in staving the houseboat in speaks highly for the man who built her.

  23. He arrived drenched to the skin, chuckling hugely at the idea of having come down on a visit to a houseboat in such weather.

  24. Chief Reilly, having had his look around, mounted the wooden steps at the rear side of the houseboat and asked, in his most businesslike manner: "Everything just as you found it last?

  25. He lives on the houseboat down the bay," she quickly whispered to Terry's mother.

  26. Terry tried her best, but the oar slipped to one side, and the boat rammed the houseboat with a little bump that, to the girls, sounded like a crash.

  27. He's been gone for days without taking the car or his skiff, and the houseboat was not even locked," Arden stated and watched the woman closely for her reaction to that statement.

  28. The houseboat was only a few hundred feet away now, in a little cove, down the bay from Terry's house, the distance being about a half mile.

  29. A simple tea on a houseboat and all this to-do!

  30. The dark stranger had evidently come over to the houseboat that night and---- Surely he was responsible for Dimitri's disappearance.

  31. The water of the bay was as smooth as glass as they rowed away, the girls looking back wistfully as they left the houseboat behind.

  32. Terry poled the boat in the shallow water, for the houseboat was tied up at the shore, to the place Dimitri indicated.

  33. He's been gone from the houseboat for days, and nobody has heard from him.

  34. Time hanging heavy on their hands, the girls paid another visit to the houseboat but did not go on board.

  35. From the houseboat came the sound of a feminine voice raised in anger.

  36. Terry came closer and grasped the side of the houseboat that the woman had spoken of as Merry Jane.

  37. Aleck Pop was very much interested in such conversation as he had overheard, and as he had accompanied the boys to the jungles of Africa and on the houseboat trip he was very anxious to be a member of the present party.

  38. I declare it's like when we went on the houseboat trip.

  39. In addition, if you want to take some of your chums with you, as you did on that houseboat trip.

  40. She and her daughter had gone with them on the houseboat trip down the Ohio and the Mississippi, and Mrs. Laning and Nellie and Grace had likewise accompanied the party.

  41. He declared that he thought the trip on the steam yacht would be even more interesting than the one on the houseboat had been.

  42. But thought runs on from the spectacle of the mere Thames houseboat to the further possibilities of this mode of life.

  43. The houseboat must be a vessel of very easy draught, and also one that can be bought cheap and be easily adapted for the purpose.

  44. Why, then, not live in a houseboat on sea water?

  45. A sea houseboat might be built specially, but that is not the way of wisdom; the cost would be very great.

  46. But then the draught of either is not light, and the occupier of a houseboat might want to lie far up a snug creek, and there even the highest spring tide would not give him the necessary depth.

  47. And so the boat-houseboat turned out to be a house-boathouse after all, and was assessed at L1 a year.

  48. You'll stay over in Europe until you are grown up or married, or something else, and you'll never be a houseboat girl again!

  49. She is going to be a very sensible little houseboat girl before our holiday is over.

  50. For two hours Tom and the houseboat party continued the hunt for the lost child without calling in assistance.

  51. Captain Jules and Tom decided that the simple lock to the houseboat sideboard had been easily broken open.

  52. She was encircled by Miss Jenny Ann and her beloved houseboat chums.

  53. You'll never see your houseboat friends again.

  54. Madge had not felt so gay in a long time as when the other houseboat girls fell to guessing as to why Captain Jules desired her presence at his house.

  55. However, it was Tania who finally saw the two lost houseboat girls on board the elevated train that would take them to within a few blocks of their destination.

  56. I have an idea the child has walked off the houseboat in her sleep.

  57. The houseboat girls and Miss Jenny Ann were overjoyed at Tom's telegram.

  58. While Tania was lost there would be so many persons in and out of the houseboat that Miss Jenny Ann feared something might happen to the valuables.

  59. She found the houseboat entirely deserted and remembered that the girls and Miss Jenny Ann had had an engagement to go sailing.

  60. I am afraid I am very selfish to take you away for a whole year from Mrs. Curtis and Tom and the houseboat girls," said her father, almost wistfully.

  61. Do Uncle and Aunt want us to leave the houseboat and come home at once?

  62. I am afraid we must," said Madge; "we promised to get back to our houseboat by noon.

  63. The houseboat party made the old farmhouse their headquarters while conducting the search.

  64. Later, we may go on down the river in a houseboat of our own.

  65. They are expecting to meet you down the river, in a houseboat of their own.

  66. A houseboat is not exactly a marvel either of comfort or cheapness, but as a joyous experience it is worth the money.

  67. How different are they in the summer, resplendent in blue and white, lined by flowers and vivified by men in flannels and girls in muslin frocks, with parasols like flowers themselves; then the very houseboat seems alive.

  68. Rick made a great swing around Whiteside, pointing out the houseboat to Cap'n Mike as he passed North Cove, and landed off Pirate's Field.

  69. He was sure the houseboat was a part of the plot against the project.

  70. If anyone leaves the houseboat for the Whiteside pier, she'll call us.

  71. I had the Coast Guard pay a visit to your houseboat this afternoon.

  72. The houseboat used a pram as a tender, and the pram had its own low-power outboard motor.

  73. That houseboat is in it, too," Barby stated positively.

  74. The houseboat was putting out from land, swinging on a northerly course.

  75. Can you see the water around the houseboat well enough?

  76. Actually, Cap'n Mike's visit to the houseboat hadn't been particularly productive.

  77. He could drift over to the houseboat and ask for a drink of water, or something, and strike up a conversation.

  78. Rick swam away from the houseboat a few feet and floated, his mind racing.

  79. Instead, Hartson Brant had waited on the houseboat while one of the men brought the pram to the island with a request that someone follow him back in a more comfortable boat.

  80. The men on the houseboat were at the rail now, eyes on the racing plane.

  81. A man and a woman had come out of the houseboat and were watching the plane.

  82. Wouldn't they just row up to the houseboat on some excuse or other?

  83. The houseboat had taken up the ideal position for watching comings and goings from Spindrift.

  84. Through the open portholes a faint breeze sucked at the crimson silk curtains, and ripple to creak, and creak to ripple, the houseboat yearned to the tide and the tide to the houseboat.

  85. Remember, it is not every houseboat that is sufficiently hospitable to afford lunch.

  86. HOW TO ENJOY LIFE ON THE RIVER Get a houseboat and be sure that it is water-tight and free from rats and other unpleasant visitors.

  87. The houseboat with decorations in odious taste, and company to match.

  88. The cuisine of a houseboat is not always limitless, so "chance" visitors are sometimes more numerous than welcome.

  89. Cousin Dorothy was also a guest on the houseboat trip, and she and Nan, who were about the same age, greatly enjoyed themselves.

  90. No, the houseboat will stay at home this trip," her mother said.

  91. The houseboat suited me, but if we can have a trip to the seashore, or go to the country, so much the better.

  92. One side board had been loosened, but this was easily nailed tight, and then the houseboat proceeded on her way as before.

  93. This talk set Tom to thinking, and on the way back to the houseboat he called Sam to his side.

  94. It did not take long to let the rowboat over the side of the Dora, as the houseboat was named.

  95. Soon the broad Ohio River was left behind, and the houseboat started down the Mississippi.

  96. As those who have already read "The Rover Boys on the River" know, the trip on the houseboat started pleasantly enough.

  97. Then Mrs. Stanhope sent a long letter to her friends at Braxbury, stating she would call with some others, and mentioned the houseboat trip.

  98. The houseboat left the town the following afternoon, and the course was now down the Mississippi in the direction of a village called Braxbury, where Mrs. Stanhope had some friends of many years' standing.

  99. After the houseboat was once again in the possession of the Rovers and their guests, there was a general jollification on board, lasting several days.

  100. Mind you, we don't want to tow the houseboat down to New Orleans," said Tom, who was perspiring freely in the warm sun.

  101. The houseboat had now gained a portion of the river where the shore was lined with a beautiful forest, and, as the sun began to set over the treetops, all came out on the deck to enjoy the scene.

  102. By the time they had managed to crawl to the shore through the mud, the houseboat was a good distance out into the stream.

  103. The houseboat was under the immediate command of Captain Starr.

  104. Maybe it is a house," came from Dick Rover, who was standing beside his brothers on the rear deck of the houseboat which was taking them down the Mississippi River.

  105. The boys walked from one end of the houseboat to the other and gazed out on the rolling river.

  106. But they were followed by the Rovers and their friends, and, in the end, the girls were rescued, the houseboat recovered and Lew Flapp was made a prisoner, to be sent East to stand trial for his various misdeeds.

  107. But it was not he who was with you on the houseboat in the creek.

  108. I had experienced one struggle with the Italian at the houseboat on the Tippecanoe and was not anxious to get within reach of his knife again.

  109. There was a houseboat in the mouth of one goodly affluent.

  110. The fellow is interesting, because in him can be seen the genesis of a considerable element of the houseboat fraternity.

  111. Altogether it was a much more respectable houseboat company than any we have yet seen on the river.

  112. She and her "man" own a hundred and fifty acres on the bottom, with three cows and other stock in proportion, and sell butter to those neighbors who have no cows, and to houseboat people.

  113. Both in town and country, the riffraff of the houseboat element are in disfavor.

  114. At supper last night, a houseboat fisherman, going by in his skiff, parted the willows fringing our beach, and offered to sell us some of his wares.

  115. A houseboat lay just within--a favorite situation for them, these creek mouths, for here they are undisturbed by steamer wakes, and the fishing is usually good.

  116. When, at half-past nine, we pushed off, our houseboat neighbors thrust their heads from the window and waved us farewell.

  117. Among our visitors have been two houseboat men, whose craft is moored a quarter of a mile below.

  118. Houseboat people, whether beached or afloat, pay no rent, and heretofore have paid no taxes.

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