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Example sentences for "hypocrisy"

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  1. Arrogance on one side, hypocrisy on the other.

  2. Hypocrisy is not a virtue, and, as a rule, lies are less valuable than facts.

  3. The result was that hypocrisy swayed the sceptre of authority, while honesty languished in the dungeons of the Inquisition.

  4. Against him every slander that malignity could coin and hypocrisy pass was gladly and joyously taken as genuine, and every truth with regard to his career was believed to be counterfeit.

  5. That book fills the world with bigotry, hypocrisy and fear.

  6. But as long as the people persist in voting for or against men on account of their religious views, just so long will hypocrisy hold place and power.

  7. The result of all this is that we reward hypocrisy and elect men entirely destitute of real principle; and this will never change until the people become grand enough to allow each other to do their own thinking.

  8. He felt that if he lost a moment, the house would be alarmed, and his miserable hypocrisy exposed.

  9. The only difference then between Sister Liz, the respectable girl, and Mrs. Warren, is hypocrisy and legal sanction.

  10. It is inevitable that the Salvation Army, like all other religious and charitable institutions, should by its very character foster cowardice and hypocrisy as a premium securing entry into heaven.

  11. Conventional morality was hypocrisy and therefore a vice.

  12. Where there is no religion hypocrisy becomes good taste.

  13. Hypocrisy is not the parent's first duty.

  14. How many instances came back to her of hypocrisy before her father or mother, hypocrisy which, strangely enough, she at the time believed a merit, though perfectly aware of her own insincerity!

  15. Religious hypocrisy is in our day a very rare thing; so little is to be gained by it.

  16. It would be the merest hypocrisy if I said anything else.

  17. Footnote 217: The Author must now add with regret, that even hypocrisy has been within these few last years laid to Henry's charge most unsparingly; with what degree of justice will be shewn in a subsequent chapter.

  18. Their greed and inhumanity--their ferocious determination to secure for themselves the good things of THIS world--were conclusive proofs of their hypocrisy and infidelity.

  19. Unconsciously each of these two parties put in some splendid work for Socialism, in so much that each of them thoroughly exposed the hypocrisy of the other.

  20. The hypocrisy of such a saying in the mouth of a man who was drawing a salary of five thousand pounds a year did not appear to occur to anyone.

  21. At the same time he did not fail to rebuke and proclaim the hypocrisy of the men who were the prime movers in this unholy crusade, carried on, professedly, in the interests of morality.

  22. In a letter to Hill Pope complained of these lines, and had the hypocrisy to say that he never thought any great matters of his poetical capacity, but prided himself on the superiority of his moral life.

  23. Her son, however, who possessed a greater restraint upon his feelings, and was master of more profound hypocrisy and cunning, requested her to conceal the attachment of Alice to his brother, as a matter not to be disclosed on any account.

  24. That he should model his features into such an expression is by no means strange, when we reflect with what success hypocrisy can stamp upon them all those traits of character for which she wishes to get credit from the world.

  25. It is, however, the hypocrisy of the thing on your part that startle?

  26. For this indiscriminate belauding of the love of music leads to an almost unimaginable hypocrisy among those who do not think.

  27. Possessing to an unusual degree that rare temperament which we call culture, he entered joyously into all that life offered to him, impatient only of hypocrisy and what he called "the copiously pious.

  28. I protest against this nasty slime of hypocrisy which is befouling every part of our intellectual and national life.

  29. He had been born, it is recognised, not only to sing the loves and joys and sorrows of his fellow men and women, but to purge their lives of grossness, and their religion of the filth of hypocrisy and cant.

  30. But he had done his part in the series of satires of this year to expose the loathsomeness of hypocrisy and to purge holy places and the most solemn ceremonies of what was blasphemous and grossly profane.

  31. Lord altogether, lest by their hypocrisy Judah also should be seduced and infected.

  32. It is under such conditions that the strong man of right intent rebukes the sloth and hypocrisy of his time.

  33. Would you not take it for granted, if any one began such a conversation, that it was hypocrisy or enthusiasm?

  34. I am clamoring against the flimsy hypocrisy under which half the people of the civilized world live in regard to marriage, and who pretend to shudder and feel ill when you profess that you cannot look upon marriage as a sacrament.

  35. He was the uncompromising foe of cant and hypocrisy in literature and the stanch defender of realism.

  36. The hypocrisy of a priest who, under the cloak of sanctity, had got his sister with child, was discovered by the wisdom of the Count of Angoulême, by whose command they both were visited with punishment by law.

  37. Say rather," said Hircan, "what a foolish and witless mother to be led by hypocrisy into allowing so much familiarity to those who ought never to be seen except in church.

  38. The hypocrisy of a priest who, under the cloak of sanctity, had lain with his own sister, is discovered and punished by the wisdom of the Count of Angoulême.

  39. At this hypocrisy the gentleman could not refrain from laughing and saying to her-- "You are not always so stern, madam, as you are now.

  40. But when greed and sinfulness fastened upon heart and honour, they drove out God and love, and in their place set up selfishness, hypocrisy and deceit.

  41. It was indeed," said Oisille, "great daring and extreme hypocrisy to throw the cloak of Godliness and true Christianity over so enormous a sin.

  42. How a little chalk-mark revealed the hypocrisy of a lady called Jambicque, who was wont to hide the pleasures she indulged in, beneath the semblance of austerity.

  43. I greatly fear that, if once your hypocrisy be found out, you will no longer receive the bread of poor children, earned by the sweat of their fathers.

  44. That is my retort to your hypocrisy and historical mendacity.

  45. But this hypocrisy, this fallacious representation of historical facts and persons, this hypocrisy before my eyes--this I cannot stand; this must be corrected.

  46. You dread the unmasking of what you term your hypocrisy less than the discovery of another secret!

  47. People may pretend to believe it, but it must be mere affectation, as bad as the hypocrisy itself.

  48. But I should think such barefaced hypocrisy as this," answered the lady, "would deceive no one.

  49. God is truth, and He desires naught but truth, therefore hypocrisy is loathsome to him, even in the service of religion.

  50. To send it by post, pretending to be ill again, would be hypocrisy he could not support.

  51. She loved him, he was free to love her, there need be no hypocrisy and no self-denial; so he wiped the blood from his fingers, and crept into the blue room of Auntie Nan.

  52. And, throbbing with bliss and a blessed relief from four years hypocrisy and treason, he kissed her back, and they smiled through their tears.

  53. This encouragement of the linen trade here proved a hypocrisy and imposture.

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