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Example sentences for "flouts"

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flours; floury; flout; flouted; flouting; flow; flowage; flowe; flowed; flowen
  1. As a feministe who flouts and defies the marriage code, Paul Hervieu lays himself liable to be classed as a revolutionist, at least a partial revolutionist, however little such a classification may please him.

  2. The governor does not know that I am here," flouts Ben.

  3. But she did all disdain, And threw them back again; Therefore 'tis flat and plain Phillada flouts me.

  4. I shall be dead, I fear, Within this thousand year: And all for that my dear Phillada flouts me.

  5. Phillada flouts Me O WHAT a plague is love!

  6. Now captive or exiled, or silent in death, The forms that so bravely did man her; Her deck is untrod, and the gale's stirring breath Flouts no more the red cross of her banner!

  7. Proud Britain's pennon flouts the skies: Columbia's flag more proudly flies, Her emblem stars of victories Beam gloriously.

  8. It is not the first time that he has been accused of making flouts and gibes at the expense of persons with whom he was more intimately allied than he is with me.

  9. He made a speech at Oxford, in which he indulged in flouts and gibes at my own humble expense.

  10. For now she knows what Plato knows, And lapped in languor she agrees With Kant, and as her soft hair blows, Smiling, she flouts Demosthenes.

  11. Petowe, Henry Petrarca, Francesco Petrarca, Gherardo Phanocles Philaster Philetas Phillida and Corin Phillida and Corydon Phillida flouts me Phillips, Edward Phillis Phillis of Scyros, see Filli di Sciro.

  12. When he first reached London he was no doubt despised for his ignorance of Greek and Latin; he had had to bear the sneers and flouts of the many who appraised learning, an university training and gentility above genius.

  13. Robert Herrick Phillida Flouts Me Oh, what a plague is love!

  14. The great middle-class ideal, which is mainly the ideal of our own people, Whitman flouts and affronts.

  15. The more he denies our standards, the more we know he has standards of his own which we must discover; the more he flouts at our literary conventions, the more we must press him for his own principles and methods.

  16. The "star-spangled banner" suspended above Fort Inge, as it flouts forth from its tall staff, flings its fitful shadow over a scene of strange and original interest.

  17. The gods indulge in hearty laugh; Yggdrassil flouts the sky; Its branches green wave o’er the roof of Valhall gloriously.

  18. Well, here's no knavery; He flouts the old fools to their teeth.

  19. Otherwise it gives no "power"--the clause is mere waste paper, and flouts in the face of a mocked and befooled legislature.

  20. Otherwise it gives no "power"--the clause is mere waste paper, and flouts in the face of a befooled legislature.

  21. Hark, how the traitor flouts me to my teeth!

  22. I cannot speak it but in passion, She is a wicked wench to make a jest; Ah me, how full of flouts and mocks she is!

  23. For the girl who flouts and then flees laughing surely invites pursuit and an inexorable exaction of the penalty.

  24. Would not the Señor Allen fight this fool who flouts him so?

  25. One could not blame her for resenting the flouts and scorn with which she had been treated.

  26. Jack," said Molly, "these are the flouts of which the captain warned us.

  27. As for that, I can bear their disdainful looks and their flouts with patience, I dare say.

  28. Lord Randolph's fiercest invective did not jar upon the 'master of flouts and jeers.

  29. The Prime Minister described the Secretary of State for India as a 'master of gibes and flouts and jeers.

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